The Last Two Super Bowl Champions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Sep 16, 2013.

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    The Cowboys have only played 2 games this season I was referring to last season. This team has to pass when they're behind or they won't win games. The strongest part of the team is the QB and receivers they generate most of the offense and points. The Cowboys have only had 13 rushing TD's the past 2 seasons. They don't have a good run blocking OL or an elite runner. As for the Lions game in 2011 it was Romo's 330 yards and 3 TD's that got the Cowboys that big lead. He had a Jekyll and Hyde performance that day.

    None of our backs put up a single point in that game. Granted the Cowboys should have run the ball more once they got the big lead but the running game wasn't effective. Once the Lions got the momentum from Romo's back to back pick six's the Cowboys had to throw because Stafford and Calvin Johnson were playing pitch and catch carving up the Cowboys defense in the 4th quarter. It's a passing league the Ravens won the SB due to Flacco's performance in the postseason. He had to put up 1140 yards and 11 TD's in the playoffs and SB.
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    You thought it would end sometime? Comon' man you know better than that.
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    We also have the missed the playoffs by 1 game the last 2 seasons.

    Yea, early season games dont matter if you lose them....................................LOL
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    I read a similar thread after we lost to Seattle in week 2 last season....................................they said it was no big deal either..............we missed the playoffs by 1 game last year..................LOL
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    for some reason it's ok to compare the cowboys to a completely different team from several years ago but as soon as you compare offense/defense woes of this current team to last year's team you're told "stop living in the past....last year has nothing to do with this year....this is completely different team...etc" LOL
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    Yeah but do those teams have Jason Garrett as coach?
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    This passing trend, ahead or behind didn't start last season though. As for the 13 rush TDs, see my 1st and goal from the 5 & passing rant. That passing in goal to go situation didn't start last season either. Are we to blame the OL in those situations too? If you only give them minimal opportunities, it's hard to put it on the uglies. Thats manhood time andGoal line passes dawg is why our rush TD is low! We've even in the past thrown on 1st and goal from within the 5 Only to TO the ball. So this having to pass to win is nonsense to me. WE ARE A PASS FIRST REGARDLESS OF SITUATION BOSS, WHETHER UP, TRAILING, TIED, 3RD AND 1-3YRDS, ON THE OPPONENTS 2, OR OUR 2! All caps not meant toward you, but the thought of JG/ROMO always tossing the rock.

    I fully expect Murrays quotes to get blown up and the run game improves with the irony of Waters taking over RG soon. The pressure will be on JG to run more. If they have success, Waters is gonna get most of the credit and ill refuse to believe he (waters) will be the difference in an improve run game, when the issue is lack of touches for the backs overall in the run game.
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    Judging by the persistent propensity for the Cowboys to implode at a moments notice, it surely won't be parsimonious how the panic button gets pushed between now and the post-season, only the degree of vehemence that is displayed in doing so. Moreover, will it actually be a surprise?
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    The pressure is always on Garrett to run more, but doesn't actually do it now does he? He pays lip service to running the ball but surreptitiously he can't temper his seduction for the shotgun formation, where he can signal the opposing defenses what to expect and when.
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    The willingness to indulge in optimistic assessments regarding the Cowboys is commensurate with the level of emotional entanglement, and that my friend is an egregious place to inhabit. Could you trust these guys with a potato gun???
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    The passing trend for the Cowboys started when Romo took over in 06. Other than the 2010 season where he missed most of the year with an injury he's put up over 4000 yards and at least 26 TD's. We're seeing the passing trend throughout the NFL 4000 passing yards have become common. The Cowboys run blocking has gotten worse over the years with all the personnel moves and they haven't had an elite runner since Emmitt. You certainly can't abandon the run but the NFL is a passing league and to score enough points to beat the likes of a Peyton Manning and an Aaron Rodgers you have to score a lot of points. With all the rule changes that have handcuffed defenses even the best defenses are having trouble containing the premier QB's so you have to be able to score a lot of points.

    The Cowboys got down 7-0 early to the Chiefs on Sunday and had to abandon the run because it was getting them nowhere and leaving them in 3rd and long situations. They couldn't afford to get down by 2 scores on the road in front of a hostile crowd so they had to take to the air. Although the running game wasn't very good vs the Giants on opening day they were able to commit to it longer because they were up by 17 points at one point. They eventually had to abandon it once the Giants started closing the gap. To be able to commit to the run you have to average at least 4-5 yards a carry. The Cowboys currently rank 24th in total offense and 25th in total defense. You can get by ranking low in total defense but you're not going to win many games with an inefficient offense that doesn't generate many points. KC ranked 24th in total offense last season. Defensively they ranked only one spot worse than the Cowboys but they only scored 20 or more points 4 times all season. They never scored more than 27 points in any game and scored in single digits 6 times. They had serious QB issues and couldn't generate many points.

    Mark my words if the Cowboys don't start generating more offense this is going to be a very long season. They have to get the ball in the hands of their playmakers and score TD's and not have to settle for FG's. The 15-1 2011 Packers had little running game and the 32nd ranked defense but they could score and score often because Rodgers had a phenomenal season. They put up 40+ points in 6 games. They scored over 30 points 11 times and it was all due to their passing attack. The Cowboys are going to have to put up at the very least 30 points to beat Denver and Green Bay. Manning is going to pick the defense apart with Welker and Romo will likely have 45+ attempts that day. I'm sure they'll be other games the Cowboys will have to put up at least 27 to get a win. It's going to be on Romo to be on his game because until the Cowboys get better run blocking and a consistent runner they're going to have to throw the ball to score and win games.
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    I didn't say the 09 season didn't count but that was 4 years ago and the Cowboys have done nothing since. The team quit on their HC the following season resulting in his firing and went 6-10. We haven't seen the playoffs or had a winning season since 09 that's the pattern this team and HC has developed. In 2 full seasons Garrett has only won 6 more game than Dave Campo whose teams weren't half as talented as Garrett's teams especially at QB. What we've seen since 2011 has been a clear pattern and a very discouraging one. The same HC coach and many of the same players have produced back to back 8-8 seasons which have included back to back elimination game losses in week 17. How's that for a "pattern?"

    Cowboys FANS are so desperate for something positive they scoff at the pattern their own team has developed and look at the patterns of other teams because they've led to championships. :rolleyes: Regardless of the troubling trends the Cowboys have developed I continue to watch the games and hope just like the rest of us.
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    Good article by Broadus on the running game. Basically says they aren't going back to the running plays that work. The Packers run the ball when it isn't working all the time. If you don't the offense becomes one dimensional. When I watched the playoffs last year two things stood out to me. The teams that were successful were able to run the ball and minimize turnovers.
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    I was not looking to suggest that because past champions have struggled that The Cowboys are future champions. More that every team in the NFL, even great teams, have games like Sunday, and games worst than Sunday over a 16 game season. Win-Loss records in close games historically tell you nothing about how well a team is going to play the next week, and that been proven to be fact by several studies. I understand the thought behind the "same old Cowboys" mantra, but we don't know enough at the Week 2 mark to call this a bad loss. Bill Parcells used to say you don't know anything about your team until Thanksgiving. People around here are calling for Kyle Orton already and saying that Garrett needs to go after 120 minute of football.
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    Stop, just stop.
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    Never said the games don't matter. I said they don't necessarily paint a true picture of where the season will end up.
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    You proceed from a faulty premise. The Cowboys are not like Green Bay, New Orleans, Denver or New England. Their offensive philosophy is an atrocity looking for a place to park itself on most Sundays. They don't have Rodgers, Brees or Brady behind center. Moreover, those aforementioned teams certainly don't a have a pusillanimous head coach pushing them to be no better than pedestrian.

    Romo is as likely to have 40+ attempts in a blowout as he is in a grinder. The Redball offense is a chuck-ball, end-all affair that is not particularly nuanced or methodical on too many Sundays to mention "historically". It is going to be on Romo because it has always been and the Cowboys will sink or swim on his arm, bruised ribs or not. "Until the blocking gets better"? Do we really have to wait until the stars burn out in a rambunctious reversal of the Big Bang to see it happen?
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    The Cowboys will sink or swim off Romo's arm just like Green Bay, Denver, New Orleans and NE will sink or swim off the arm of their QB's. That's the NFL today for a lot of teams because a lot of games especially big games come down to QB's having to make plays. Denver was an 8-8 team before Manning arrived. Remove Aaron Rodgers from the Packers and they're an average team. No QB in the league has done more with less than he has. He's been the most sacked QB the past few seasons. The Saints were the aints before Brees arrived and NE would have zero SB wins without Brady. Belichick would have ended up coordinator somewhere without Brady.

    The Ravens had better defenses in 08 and 09 than in 2012 but couldn't get over the hump in back to back title games because Flacco couldn't produce he was a bus driver back then. The Cowboys depend on Romo just like a lot of teams depend on their QB because it's a passing league. You can't pound the ball and depend on your defense to win games in this era it's mostly on the QB to produce.
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    may be true but this team is not near super bowl wow they are 8 and 8 last two years middle of the pack team how would they fair trying to beat seahawks for niners or packers or saints

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