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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Jan 14, 2005.

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    Cowboys fan and capologist extraordinaire AdamJT13 has suggested the Boys will be due two sixth round compensatory picks this year, for the losses of Ebenezer Ekuban and one other player whose name escapes me at the moment...

    This means that before any trades, the Boys will have 3 sixth round picks, and 1 seventh... I think that trades involving one or more of these picks is likely, but it might be fun to look at a list of likely prospects for late in the draft:

    Dustin Long, QB, Sam Houston State... NFL size, his conference's player of the year... led his team to the semifinals of the Division I-AA playoffs...

    Patrick Cobbs,RB, North Texas... an Emmitt-sized back, with exceptional speed... he got hurt early in 2004, but in his previous 3 seasons he gained 2863 yards on 559 carries (5.1 average), and 30 TDs... led the nation in rushing in 2003, with 152.7 yards per game, and in scoring, with 11.5 points per game...

    Will Matthews, FB, Texas... a big blocking back who has shown a little ability to catch the ball... the Boys could use some help at FB, IMO...

    Patrick Estes, TE, Virginia... TE isn't really a need, but Parcells does love his TEs... Estes is huge, 6-7, 280 pounds... played in the shadow of first Chris Luzar, then Heath Miller... 28 career catches, for 252 yards (9.0 average)... a force in the red zone, 5 of his 28 catches went for TDs...

    Chase Johnson, C, TCU... just looks like a Parcells player-- he's 6-3. 310 pounds, and runs the 40 in around 5.1 seconds...

    Rodney Magwood, C, Albany State... a 340 pound wide load from a small-school program...

    Steven Gibbs, OG, Arkansas State... another 340 pound widebody mauler-type... with Jerry's ties to Arkansas, you can bet that no player with NFL potential in the state has escaped the team's attention...

    Patrick Body, FS, Toledo... has cornerback speed (4.4 second 40), and a 6-2, 206 pound frame...

    Tyler Jones, K, Boise State... has hit on over 80 per cent of his kicks in college, and has a cannon of a leg for kickoffs; in 2003, 54 of his 103 kickoffs went for touchbacks...

    That's 9 prospects, and I'd be happy with any 4 of them in the last 2 rounds...
  2. silverbear

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    Add a tenth prospect, I can't believe I forgot about Chad Owens, WR/KR, Hawaii... why is he on the list?? Five punt returns for TDs last year...

    'Nuff said...
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    P. Cobbs looks interesting.

    Is he similar to J Jones in running style? (i.e., elusive, shifty type?)
  4. silverbear

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    I've seen no film on him, I have no idea what his running style is like... all I have are his stats... haven't even seen a scouting report on him yet...
  5. dstew60105

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    I'm pretty sure that you can't trade comp picks. Plus, I think Oakland has our 7th this year for Kenyon Coleman.
  6. Crown Royal

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    I have seen Cobbs run and I live in North Texas. He is an exceptional running back, and all they have on offense. His season in 2003 was outstanding, and it was ridiculous that he was not even nominated for a Doak Walker.

    That being said, and although I would love him as a backup, his and JJ's styles are rather similar and he would not constitute a change of pace.
  7. silverbear

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    CR, where is it written that the backup has to be a "change of pace"?? I mean, we both know that's often the case, but it seems to me that there would be advantages to a team to find a backup whose running style was as close to their starters' as possible... the offensive line wouldn't have to adjust blocking schemes for him, the offense wouldn't have to change much at all even if the starter went down for an extended time...

    Seems to me that other than filling in if the starter is injured, the main job of the backup is to give the starter a breather during the course of the game... I see no reason why that requires a change of pace back...

    That's precisely why I'd like the Boys to go after Dominic Rhodes this offseason... the guy has experience being the backup, so he's not likely to be a head case in that role, and he cranked out 1100 yards (in 10 starts) in 2001 when he was pressed into extended duty... and his running style is rather similar to Julius'...
  8. junk

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    I watched Dustin Long is the I-AA playoffs. He looked pretty good except for his 2 picks against Montana.

    Also check out Craig Ochs. A little smaller, but might also be worth a look see.
  9. silverbear

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    You see, this is why I post threads like this... I talk about some player most of us have never heard of, and somebody in here is just liable to have seen the guy play, live and in person...

    It's a fun way to get feedback...
  10. junk

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    Unfortunately, it wasn't live. I think it was on ESPN2, but I have seen him play. He threw a couple of pretty critical picks in the game, but moved the ball well.
  11. AsthmaField

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    I'd love to get that guy in one of the latter rounds. I haven't really seen that much of the guy, but what I have was impressive.

    He's dynamite on returns.
  12. Sitting Bull

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    I've watched a fair amount of Big Sky football. Ochs has all the intangibles but he's a little thin and his arm may not be up to snuff.

    My late-round sleeper is Dusty Daws, long snapper for Montana State. 6'5, 225, he executed 488 punt and FG snaps in his career without a mistake. He's adding 20 lbs before the draft and certainly has the frame to add more. Miami and the Rams are interested but I could see us getting in on the action.

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