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    Updated: Jan. 4, 2006, 11:27 AM ET
    Texas' Young leaning toward dodging NFL draft

    By Len Pasquarelli

    Vince Young hasn't studied the 2006 NFL draft nearly as much as he has the Southern California defense that he will face in the Rose Bowl on Wednesday evening, in a game that will determine the national champion.

    But the University of Texas quarterback and some of the people advising him about his football future have perused the composition of the top 10 teams in the draft. And the makeup of the top 10, especially the franchises with the first five choices in April, might be enough to convince Young to return to the Longhorns for his senior season in 2006.

    The Heisman Trophy runner-up, Young has indicated this week that he plans to return to school to complete his eligibility, and sources close to the Texas quarterback confirmed to that he is clearly leaning that way. One reason he would return to Austin, those sources said, is the sense that, despite his enormous potential, Young might not be selected among the top five picks in the NFL lottery.

    Many of the teams in the top 10 of the draft order have invested heavily on quarterbacks in recent years, and they might not be ready yet to give up on those picks, or inclined to use another high choice on the position. Of the teams in the top five, just one, the New Orleans Saints, who own the second overall pick, have a dire need at quarterback.

    The New York Jets, with the No. 4 pick, are uncertain about the physical status of starter Chad Pennington, a first-round pick in 2000 who has undergone two shoulder surgeries in less than a year. But the Jets have a considerable financial investment in Pennington and will likely sign a veteran free agent as a contingency plan.

    Three weeks ago, reported that Young and his family, working within the NCAA guidelines, were determining the process by which the Longhorns standout would meet with potential agents and evaluate suitors seeking to represent him. Key players in the process were Houston attorney Major Adams and Young's former high school coach, Ray Seals. But the process has not moved forward very much in recent weeks, primarily because it appears Young will eschew the 2006 draft.

    Young has not completely decided against going into the '06 draft, and could revisit the notion, sources said. Notable is that Texas coach Mack Brown has demonstrated a rare ability to keep underclass prospects from bolting early to the professional ranks. Underclass players have until Jan. 15 to petition NFL officials for inclusion in the 2006 draft.

    No matter how Young performs in the Rose Bowl, he and the people counseling him feel he probably won't move ahead of Matt Leinart, his counterpart from Southern Cal in the game, in the eyes of NFL scouts. League talent evaluators privately harbor some doubts about Leinart, especially over his arm strength, but he is still viewed at this early stage of the draft analysis process as the top senior quarterback prospect.

    For all his athleticism and play-making skills, there are scouts who acknowledge that Young has some areas of his game, like his release point, that need work and that he would benefit from another college season. There are, however, no guarantees Young will be the top quarterback prospect in the 2007 draft, either, given the presence of Notre Dame star Brady Quinn.

    Young, 22, has completed 414 of 678 passes in his college career, for 5,773 yards, with 44 touchdown passes and 28 interceptions. He has also run for 2,927 yards and 34 scores on 438 carries.

    Senior writer Len Pasquarelli covers the NFL for
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    The Saints drafted a young QB last season in Adrian McPherson in the 5th round. Just because they didn't have to use a high draft pick on him does not mean they don't see promise in this young man. I also don't see the Saints as having a dire need. Brooks isn't a great QB, but he has done some good things in New Orleans. They have plenty of holes on that team. It would be great to get a better QB, but it is not what I see as dire. Kind of like Dallas.
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    Vince Young Will not repeat Will Not be a good NFL QB.... He like Alex Smith last year come from a primary shotgun Offense which does not translate to the NFL. Smith was a look for the pass first run second but Young will be a run first and will not have the patience to wait for plays to develope and wind up running more than he should. He will be no better than Brooks in N.O. and prob worse IMO....
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    I will be the first one laughing at you after he wins a MVP award in the NFL!
  5. jksmith269

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    Don't hold your breath because I doubt it ever happens
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    I'm also a member of the Vince Young won't make it as an NFL QB club.
  7. Qwickdraw

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    count me in as well.

    A poor man's Aaron Brooks.

    And Brooks isn't even that good.
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    I don't know guys. This was my first chance to watch V. Young play and I came away awfully, awfully impressed.

    Somebody mentioned that he seems to have that "it" and I agree.....
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    I believe Vince will be successful in the NFL and I am not a fan of his.....but the fact is....Vince is big, strong, fast, and improving daily with his passing add it up!
  10. Hiero

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    I think he can be a good QB in the NFL. He knows how to make the right decisions and doesnt make bad throws. Very good qb rating and efficiency for a running QB.
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    Star written all over the young man. His intangibles are special and what seperates him from the pack. The man is a winner and a born leader great charisma and he step up his game when the team needs him. Jimmy Johnson use to say he loved getting player that the bigger the game the brighter they shine he's in that category
  12. joseephuss

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    Jimmy once said on FOX that he would have drafted Charlie Ward. He couldn't understand why no teams spent at least a late round draft pick on Ward and if he were coaching he would have used a 5th or lower pick to grab him. Vince Young is better than Ward. I think Vince still has some issues, but I have to say I am more impressed with this young man the more I watch him. I think he still has some upside and looks capable of improving.
  13. burmafrd

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    He will need to go somewhere where they will have a coach that can teach him what he needs to know and be patient with him.
  14. RCowboyFan

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    I will hold my breadth about it actually. Last year, I would be with ya. I have watched him closely this year. His Long ball, is suspect and so does his throwing motion. But I think he does that to have better touch ball, since he has really strong arm from what I noticed.

    But he does need about 2 years sitting on the bench in NFL to correct machanics, IMO. I really think he has something you can't measure. Whatever they call IT, which my definition is, a player who rises up to the challenge. I have seen Vince Young do it again my Favorite Team Michigan last year and this year to USC.

    Thats just something much more than just athletic ability or throwing machanics. He just has that intagibles too, in my opinion. But I do understand you can never say for certain he will suceed, but he has a real good chance to be star in NFL, if as I think, he can correct some of his machanics.
  15. RCowboyFan

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    Different opinions make the world go round. I am of the opinion that Young will be a good QB in the NFL. He has things to work on but there is nobody with more potential for greatness then this player (in college football) right now.
  17. koolaid

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    im on the Vince will be great in the NFL bandwagon
  18. baj1dallas

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    Byron Leftwich operated out of the shotgun at Marshall..
  19. Hiero

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    me too.
  20. playit12

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    I agree that his long ball and mechanics are suspect (although I think fixing the second would fix the first) but what makes VY a good prospect to me is his strength and elusiveness. He reminds me a lot of McNabb in his ability to break tackles in the pocket and throw the ball even after being hit. I would not change his mechanics personally. I'd turn him into a Mark Brunell type passer that uses his feet to create time in the pocket, keeps D's honest with an occasional run out of the pocket, only throws the Deep ball when the reciever is wide open, and makes his living on short to intermediate passes. In this role I think he could be very good. A bit like Chad Pennington, but much harder to sack.

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