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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 4, 2006.


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    Everybody thinks Leinart to Tennessee but I think Young to Tennessee would be a great match. Norm Chow is about as good a QB coach as there ever was. You put Young together with Chow and he probably turns into the best QB the game has ever seen. JMO.
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    Yep, if Steve Mcnair has any influence, I could see this happening, as Vince Young and he are very close.
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    I'm the biggest USC fan around, but I won't diss Young by that. I do think he has lots of developing to do, and having wide open receivers and good protection didn't exactly make him look like a passing god...did anyone notice that about 1/3 of his passes were caught by WRs on their knees despite having no one one them? I won't run him down because he totally destroyed my favorite team...he deserves props.

    But think about this...Leinart had to face a team playing 6-7 DB's and DB-like LBs all night, which is also what opened up the power game for White...Leinart adjusted in the 2nd half and put up huge numbers in bringing his team back from a 16-7 deficit. He roped perfectly thrown slants to receivers with defenders hanging on their backs on 3rd and long again and the first half, his first big pass to the FB down the sideline between two defenders was a thing of beauty, as was his throw to Jarrett for the final USC TD. Let's also remember that he was under pressure on almost every pass he threw.

    The few times USC got pressure on Young with the blitz in the 4th quarter, he threw passes that bounced.

    Again, not putting down Vince Young's superman performance, but imagine putting Leinart in the Texas offense as it ran against USC and putting Young in the USC offense against the Texas defense. Which guy would look more like a successful NFL QB?

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