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    It's a warm night in April and Jerry Jones is comfortably asleep in his bed after spending the day discussing 2017 draft strategy with Will and Stephen. Jerry is dreaming of future Cowboys football. A smile forms on his sleeping face as he hears an announcer gushing about the latest Cowboys victory as John Stephen Jones leads them to another victory. The announcer Tony Romo matter of factly states, When Dak retired early after 6 straight superbowl wins to form a coalition to end world hunger and find a cure for cancer I thought Dallas would be in real trouble. Tony's fellow announcer Mickey Spagnola Junior chimes in, you know Dallas always does the smart thing and has never made a mistake but what a stroke of luck they were able to trade for John. He is a real winner worthy of the Jones name. Jerry is so excited he almost wakes from his pleasant slumber but drifts back into REM as the halftime show is showing he outside of the stadium. What is that? Staubach stadium? What the heck? Announcer Romo says to announcer Mickey Jr. Dallas fans are lucky Roger stepped up and bought the team from that vegas casino Stephen lost it to in that game of Texas Hold em. Mickey chimes in, Yeah well Stephen did the right thing. How was he to know the house would get an Ace on the River? Tony retorts, darn Mickey who in their right mind would bet the Cowboys on a card game? Mickey says, well o.k. Stephen is not the genius Jerry was. Stephen is human. Jerry sleeping body starts convulsing as he awakened in a cold sweat. He leans over to the nightstand and pours himself a double of Johnny Walker and begins to formulate a plan to make sure he is never forgotten!

    Draft day 2017 is here and Jerry is in the war room with the cast of characters. He stares over at stephen and says, hey will you go see what your sister is doing? Stephen leaves the room and Jerry bolts up and locks the door. Will looks at Jerry and says, what is the matter. Jerry says, I have been thinking Charlotte is the smart one and Stephen seems to think I will be passing this team on to him. He has another thing coming. Will says, but Jerry the three of us have been working on this draft for months. Stephen has been right there with us. Jerry says, I am not dead yet! Let's do this!

    The draft starts and few surprises are happening. Jerry and Will are discussing who it is going to be at 28. We agree this is a good spot to nab our future Strong safety right. Will responds, yes Adams, Hooker and Peppers are all off the board here at pick 25. We are up soon. I really like this Budda Baker kid. Jerry responds, I like him too but that KId out of NC State Josh is really charging up the boards lately. He looks like a bigger version of Budda. He has all the good attributes of Barry Church but is a much better athlete. If we could pair him with Byron I think we would have the best safety tandem in the league. Will says, yeah I like him too. He has been a real late riser and he seems to have just about everything Budda has but in a bigger body. I can see him not only being good in coverage but man can that kid can lay the wood!

    PIck 28 The Dallas Cowboys select SS Josh Jones from N.C. State.

    High fives around the war room and Will and Jerry smile at each other while Stephen is staring through the glass window.

    The second round is clicking by and they are discussing who to pick at 60. Well we helped the defense there in the first round and we will continue to do so but I want to give the offense one more weapon. Will says what are you thinking? Jerry responds, I want a WR that is Dez like. One that could be the no 2 right now but if something happens to Dez, he could step in and team with T Will and be the no 1. I want a Dez with some speed! A real freak that just dominates games. Can out jump you or run right by ya. Will says, So I guess your not talking about Kupp then. Jerry retorts, na. That kid has skills but is too slow. I want Zay! Will like it. Put it up there Jerry. If he is there, he is our man.

    Pick 60 The Dallas Cowboys select Zay Jones WR from East Carolina.

    High FIves are happening while Stephen can be seen crying through the glass window.

    Round three picks are going through while Will says to Jerry, you know that is some coincidence that our first two picks are both Jones's. Jerry replies, well how about that. I didn't even notice so what do we want to do here in the 3rd? Will says, this looks like a good spot for a CB and they are flying off the board. There are a few good ones left but we are still several picks away. Jerry says, your reading my mind. Call that Doctor that did the operation on that CB from Washington that we were looking at in the 1st a few weeks ago before the injury. Will says, oh come on now Jerry. Do you want to draft him because he is another Jones? No of course not. I want to draft him because he is a 1st round talent still available in the 3rd. Will responds, but he is injured. Jerry says, call the Dr! Will hangs up the phone. Looks at Jerry and says, the dr says he will miss substantial time. Jerry says, is there a chance he can be available late in the year when we are making the push? Will says, yes but it is only 70% probability and what do we do until then? Jerry says, we have Carroll for a year. More if we want him longer but I wrote that contract in a way that we can cut him in a year. We can draft another CB but all the early starters are gone. I would rather wait on Sidney then wait on a lesser talent to learn the position. PLUS he might be available when we need him most! Are you sure Jerry? DO IT!

    With their 3rd rd pick the Dallas Cowboys select Sidney Jones CB Wash.

    High fives in the room while Stephen is curled up in a ball on the floor outside the room.

    4th rd picks are going through and will suggests maybe this is a good spot for a swing tackle to back up the often injured Chaz Green. Jerry says let me look at the board. He rifles through the names and comes back with I don't see anyone I like here. Will says, what position do you have in mind. Jerry says, I want a big run stuffing DT. A real space heater. Will quips, Marinelli doesn't really like those types. Jerry responds, who signs your checks? Will says, whatever you say boss. Who did you have in mind? Jerry - I like that Nazair kid out of North Carolina. Will - Nazair JONES? Are you kidding me. Jerry - NO! Whatever you say boss. I will call it in. But tragedy strikes and two picks before Dallas Nazair is drafted by another team. Will laughs and in his mind thinks, THANK GOD. NO JONES THIS ROUND. Jerry says, that's too bad. I really wanted that guy but that kid out of Notre Dame is even bigger. 316 and 6 foot 6. A real monster. Will says, Jarron JONES? Jerry - that's right, send it in!

    With their 4th rd pick the Dallas Cowboys select Jarron Jones DT Notre Dame.

    Jerry is high fiving himself. Will is thinking he is in the twilight zone. Will says OK jerry, that is enough jones's. Jerry says, we will see. Are there any of them so far that you think can't help this team? Will responds, I have to admit Jerry, these are some fine players and they are all good fits. Jerry says, great let's not rule out players just because they share the last name of Jones. Will says fair enough. Stephen is now at a bar slamming shots of tequila.

    It's a long wait for the 6th round pick. Will is looking at tons of options. Jerry is sleeping. Stephen is getting into a bar room brawl with some biker named Spike. Will says, how about an offensive tackle here in the 6th. Jerry says who do you have in mind? Will says that Justin Senior kid has some attributes we like. I think we can work with him. Jerry says, I like where your mind is. We need to do a little something for the offense but I was thinking of a running back. Mcfadden is only here one more year and we lost Dunbar. Will looks at the board and without even asking who Jerry has in mind he sends it in.

    With their 6th round pick the Dallas Cowboys select Aaron Jones RB Texas El-Paso.

    Jerry smiles. Will stares at the wall. Stephen is being peeled off the floor by the police.

    The first pick in the 7th round is coming quick. Will says, Jerry we have not added a pass rusher at all. Jerry says, I know. We have Tapper this year and DLaw on a contract year and with our additions at DT we can continue to use Irving and even Tyrone Crawford at DE if we need too. Plus Mayowa is starting to put it together and when we need him most we just might, fingers crossed get Gregory back. Will says, I agree the cupboard is not bare and we have a lot of "ifs" but I really think we should add one more. He doesn't even have to be an every down DE. Maybe a one trick pony speed rusher for situations. I like this Darius English kid. Jerry says, he sure is fast but NFL tackles will kill that skinny kid. I have been saving a little something for you. A real high character kid that has some pass rushing skills and can also play middle line backer in case Jaylon doesn't get healthy and something happens to Hitchens. Worst case he is a special teams demon but he has a really nice swim move and get after the QB plus did I mention he is big and tough enough to play in the middle? Plus the story about how he turned down bigger schools to play close to home to take care of his ailing mother will just melt your heart. Well shoot Jerry who is it? Jerry- He's a great kid named Javancy. Will - let me guess. Javancy Jones? Jerry - Send it in.

    With their first pick in the 7th round Dallas selects OLB Javancy Jones Jackson state.

    Jerry is in heaven. Will doesn't know how to feel. He thinks if is beyond bizarre that every pick is a Jones but at the same time, he is loving this draft. Almost everything they need. Stephen is passed out in the police holding cell.

    Will- Well Jerry just so I can feel like I have done something here today and I don't live in bizarro world can we please pick a player other than a jones with the last pick. Jerry says, I am going to leave this one up to you. I have what I need. Will starts going through the remaining players. He doesn't see any OT's he likes. He starts thinking one more defensive back would be good. Maybe a guy that could possibly take over for Scandrick down the road. Maybe a guy that can also play Safety in a pinch. But he needs to have some special attributes and there are few of those still around here late in the 7th. He's reading, researching, crunching numbers when a player catches his eye. Plays CB and safety. 4.43 40 time. 34 inch vertical. 4.3 shuttle time. Look at this 11 interceptions in his last 2 years of college. He needs some work but wow what a piece of clay here late in the 7th. Will excitedly calls out to Jerry. I found a really good candidate here Jerry. He rattles off all of the measurables. Jerry says, Sounds good Will I trust you. Call it in. Will gets on the phone and calls it in. The voice on the other line says, what's the name Will. Will says, Kid out of Richmond. David - - - he pauses. The voice says, David who? Will says, Jones!

    With their 2nd 7th round pick the Dallas Cowboys select David Jones CB/S Richmond.

    Will hangs up the phone and looks at Jerry. Jerry winks at him and says, I knew you would find him! Stephen is sleeping in a pool of vomit. Jerry go's home. Climbs in bed and has the sweetest dream he has ever had.

    1. Josh Jones SS NC State
    2. Zay Jones WR East Carolina
    3. Sidney Jones CB Wash
    4. Jarron Jones DT Notre Dame
    6. Aaron Jones RB Texas-El Paso
    7. Javancy Jones OLB Jackson St
    7 David Jones CB/S RIchmond
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    I seen what you did there.
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    I need a drink!
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    Well shoot I like it but don't know anything about any of the players coming out. Question though, why doesn't Stephen get a pick and why doesn't he like it?
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    You put way too much effort into that
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    Josh Jones is who would fit nicely at SS for us under this scheme since Marinelli probably wouldn't utilize a Buddah Baker or Peppers very well. I don't care if Jones is seen as a reach at 28. Might as well get us a Barry Church 2.0 that can cover/make plays on the ball as well as handle clean-up duty with the tackling.
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    Magic Eight ball draft Legacy Cube
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    Boring day?
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    Don't reach on jones with montae Nicholson available at 60. Just sayin.
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    Took 10 minutes. Didn't even waste time correcting punctuation and spelling mistakes.
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    Its too bad, because it looked like a B+ draft, but I had to deduct for punctuation leaving you with a B-
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    A for effort and execution

    B- for draft
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    WTH. After reading all that...l think l got eye cancer!!
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    B minus for the draft is not so bad when limited to players with one surname. IMO
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    Speaking of punctuation, where's the period at the end of your sentence? :lmao:
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    I admire your effort sir!
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    Legendary post.
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    I am glad you enjoyed it.

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