The Mock of Intimidation

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Nov 3, 2011.

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    After watching the Cowboys get beat up and pushed around far too often, the inspiration for this mock is intimidation.

    1. Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska- I think where we end up drafting, we will be choosing the 2nd CB of the draft. If Claibourne enters, I believe he would go first leaving us with the choice of Kirkpatrick or Dennard. I go with Dennard because his aggressive play on the field blends well with what Rob Ryan does. Off the field I think he is what Jason Garrett is looking for in a Dallas Cowboy.

    2. Whitney Mercilus LB/DE Illinois- Watch this name come draft time. I don't know if anybody else is pimping him yet but I will. Not only is his name the best for a pass-rusher, but he backs it up with 11.5 sacks, 16.5 TFL, 5 QBH, and 6 FF in 9 games this year. I want to see him with Ware.

    3. Kendall Wright WR Baylor- Our depth at WR has really been exposed this year. Robinson has been a nice find, but he seems to make more plays on the outside than on the inside. Wright's natural position is inside receiver, and his explosive ability would open things up all over the field.

    4. Ben Jones C Georgia- Interior OL has good depth this year, and I believe this could be a steal. Jones doesn't get the same attention that Brewster and Konz do, but I believe he could eventually be on their level. Jones has the size and ability to anchor against big NTs, and while he is not asked to pull much I believe he has the athleticism to succeed in Garrett's offense.

    5. Amini Silatolu OL Midwestern St- Currently plays LT, but his size probably limits him to G in the NFL. Displays good effort, strength, and quickness against inferior competition, but he is probably more physically ready to handle the pro game than Arkin was from a similar draft slot last year. Hopefully with last year's draft and this one, the revolving door on the OL can be closed for awhile.

    6. Eddie Whitley FS Virginia Tech- Church and McCray offer good young depth at SS, but I believe we need someone at the back end with more range and Whitley could be that guy. Virginia Tech has been a DB factory, and they produce good special teams players. Thats what we need here.

    7. Tydreke Powell DL UNC- A solid player overshadowed by all-stars. Powell doesn't offer the same pass-rush as some of the players around him, but as a 3-4 DE I believe he would be a good fit. He is good at getting his hands up when he can't get to the QB which is something we have been trying to do more of.
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    Whitney Mercilus LB/DE Illinois he most likely is going in the first I really like the guy...

    no to the WR in the 3rd and add a guard or center and I really like it if Mercilus can somehow slip to us
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    I have a hard time getting behind a mock that has us not taking an offensive lineman until the 4th.

    But otherwise pretty solid.
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    I don't think Ben Jones will last until the 4th. He could go late 2nd.

    Ben Jones appears to be on par with Konz and Brewster to me. Has anyone watched him extensively?

    The Cowboys really, really need an elite OC. They could get an OG in FA but OC is hard to get.
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    True, I live in Tennessee and watch alot of SEC football. Jones is very good and has the strentgh to be a 2nd round pick. He will be no later than a early 3rd.
    Centers are very rare in FA. There are 32 nfl teams and 5 of them need a new Center. NO, Chicago, Philly, Dallas, and Baltimore, I;m sure Im missing a few more. When you can get a great Center in the draft or one that can start for the next 10 years, you get him.
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    I really like this mock alot.

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