The Mock That Hits Like a Mack

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Oct 3, 2011.

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    The Cowboys are a good football team, but when it comes to getting physical, winning at the point of attack, and pushing piles we seem to struggle. The philosophy of this draft is to help cure that problem.

    1. David DeCastro G Stanford 6'5" 310lbs rJr

    Two years, two significant injuries to Romo and inconsistency running the ball. So for the second straight year we get an OL in the first round. DeCastro reminds me athletically of Tyron Smith. He is very light on his feet, has good agility in all directions, and plays until the whistle blows. He moves like he's 285, but they run right behind him an awful lot and he caves in his side pretty well.

    2. Chase Minnifield CB Virgina 6'0" 185lbs Sr
    2011 Stats: 5 games, 23 tackles, 4 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, 1 Int, 4 PBU

    Minnifield has the height to better match up agaisnt big NFL receivers, he is a ballhawk, and he isn't afraid to come up and make a hit. Most years he would be a first round CB, but with the possible flood of underclass talent this year we could get very lucky.

    3. Kwame Geathers NT Georgia 6'6" 350lbs rSo
    2011 Stats: 5 games, 6 tackles, 1 PBU, 1 QBH

    Our DL is ok right now. They are good against the run because they are good at getting off of blocks and diagnosing plays, but in short yardage they go backwards far too often. Geathers is only a redshirt sophomore, but with the Richt turmoil in Athens he may decide to make the jump to avoid the mess. His stats don't look great, but his impact on the game isn't easy to see in the box score. The Cowboys never seem to be interested, but I think this could be a good addition to the middle of our front 7.

    4. Donnie Fletcher CB Boston College 6'1" 195lbs Sr
    2011 Stats: 4 games, 15 tackles, 1 PBU

    Fletcher is a leader on and off the field, and he's got lots of starting experience. He is one of the taller corners in this year's draft and he won't shy away from contact. He also shows a high tolerance for pain and ability to play through injuries. Hopefully with 2 more CBs in the mix, we can have a quality competition next year and have real depth at the position.

    5. Bryan Quick WR Appalachian St 6'4" 216lb rSr
    2011 Stats: 5 games, 26 catches, 384 yards, 4 TDs

    Quick is a prep basketball player that only played 1 year of HS football so he is just scratching the surface of his talent. He has the hands, leaping ability, and body control of a basketball player. In today's passing league, you can never have enough potential playmakers.

    6. George Bryan TE NC State 6'5" 265lbs rSr
    2011 Stats: 5 games, 9 catches, 95 yards, 1 TD

    Martellus Bennett's contract expires this year and barring something amazing I don't see him returning. Bryan isn't going to impress anyone with his athleticism, but with Russell Wilson as his QB he was quite a pass catching threat. He hasn't been as busy this year, but he is still almost big enough to be an extra lineman and can add an extra push in the run game.

    7. Frank Alexander DE/OLB Oklahoma 6'3" 255lbs rSr
    2011 Stats: 4 games, 22 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 2.5 sacks, 1 INT, 3 PBU, 4 QBH

    With the exception of Victor Butler, the Cowboys haven't had much luck in finding LBs to back up Spencer and Ware. If Alexander is still here he could find a way to stick. He is always near the ball making plays.
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    I like it, but only if we can't get Konz. DeCastro and Konz are my two favs OL right now, bith underclassmen so hopefully Dallas can get each in the next two years. Konz is the one with the best chance to stay this year. DeCastro might be a 2nd rounder.

    Chase Minnifield is also a great pick. I don't know about a NT in the 3rd and another CB in the 4th with Dallas just signing Scandrick long term.
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    looking at a lot of the mocks on here, it seems like people are realizing arkin, nagy, costa are not in the long term future plans?
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    Nobody is really sure, I don't know about everyone else but I don't see anything special in Costa.

    I like Nagy and Arkin but I think they are both a coin flip to being a true long term starter.

    The truth is none of the 3 are truly ready to play right now. All three need a offseason and needs to bulk up and add ton of strength. I think you can put either Nagy or Arkin in the future to replace Koiser, but we still need a ready now OG and C. DeCastro and Konz are both ready.

    Everyone can see we can not get a push in the run game. When you can't get half a yard, thats on your weak interior OL.
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    Not that they aren't in the long term plans, but I think the key is to create competition at each spot. Let the best man win, and hopefully end up with solid depth. I think one of Nagy or Arkin should learn to play C in the offseason which would remove the need to keep Kowalski next year. In my scenario, we would hopefully end up with Smith and Free as our starting OTs, put DeCastro in at RG which is his natural position, and let Costa/Nagy/Arkin battle it out for the two remaining interior spots with the loser becoming the super-sub. That doesn't seem like such a bad outcome, and we would be even younger next year than we are this year but with more depth and experience.
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    Nagy and Arkin both played Center in college. Nagy was actually the back up Center. Arkin has more of the body to be a Center than a OG. Maybe thats our plan there, who knows.

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