The More I Look At This Draft...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by preacher238, Apr 27, 2012.

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    ....the more I wish we would have drafted like we did in 2009. Completely trade out of the second round, and draft all kinds of camp bodies in rounds 3-7. You know, cause that worked out so well for us.....

    Seriously, a small minority on here just annoy me. We get the BEST defensive player in the draft to help shore up a VERY WEAK secondary, we get a DL pass rusher that folks were clamoring for, and all some can do is whine???? We traded our 2nd round with it!!!

    Folks, JG is in control of this team. We are headed in the right direction. I do hope that JG improves on game management this year, but still...we are SO MUCH BETTER at this point then we were last year.

    But this is America, and America's Team, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. You just have the right to be wrong!

  2. skinsscalper

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    The amazing thing is that we went from one of the worst secondaries in the league to one of the best in less than two months. Carr and Claiborne would have been the difference in at least one of the games in which we led in the 4th quarter and lost. One more game was all we needed to punch a ticket to the dance. Can't wait until next year.
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    Amen to that, Jerry, Jason & the rest of the crew have done a great job in my eyes just need to keeping plugging holes & adding competition to this team, only way to make this team better. Hopefully we snag a C & keep going Defensive the rest of the way. The way this draft is going with all the reaches in the 3rd there are gonna be some dog fights for UDFA's.
  4. gimmesix

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    I fully expect Jenkins to be gone before the trade deadline, but if he isn't, a depth chart of Claiborne, Scandrick, Carr, Jenkins looks mighty good.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    More than one. Closer to 3 perhaps.
  6. skinsscalper

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    Agreed, I was just demonstrating how close we were to the playoffs and these guys would have been the difference. All we needed was one more game.


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