The Mosley Afternoon Report begins NOW..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Aug 17, 2006.

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    August 17, 2006
    The Mosley Afternoon Report begins NOW...

    This morning's practice had it all: Bill Parcells went off on everyone who crossed his path, rookie linebacker Oliver Hoyte and D'Anthony Batiste livened up a special teams drill and a reporter was wiped out by an inside linebacker. Oh, and T.O. continued to drop passes. It's all here in this fast-paced afternoon edition of The Mosley Report:

    Bill Parcells began the day with an animated conversation with trainer Britt Brown. Then he shouted at strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek for taking more than his alloted stretching time...After J.R. Tolver dropped a pass during Todd Haley's entertaining 4-cone drill, he spiked the ball over the fence and onto a golf course. Tolver began climbing the fence, but Haley stopped him. "That's like a prison fence," said Haley, the Don Rickles of assistant coaches...

    Terrell Owens dropped at least three balls in Thursday's practice. In the short amount of time we've seen him, he tends to struggle with balls thrown slightly behind him...T.O. did make an acrobatic catch on a deep ball from Drew Bledsoe during team drills...Rookie safety Abram Elam destroyed rookie running back Demetris Summers in a drill designed to teach backs how to pick up the blitz...Guard D'Anthony Batiste lit up linebacker Ryan Fowler during a 2-on-2 drill. I heard Fowler complaining later about how Batiste was trying to be a training camp hero. Players who have been around for a couple of years hate it when rookies try to overdo it during camp. Last year, that rookie was Justin Beriault...

    Greg Ellis broke through the line to disrupt an inside running drill...Parcells told running back Marion Barber to "take his high heels off" after one inside run. He shouted at Barber for not using a stiff arm...DE Marcus Spears has been getting the best of OT Marc Colombo for most of camp, but Colombo fought back this morning. He drove Spears into the ground during 1-on-1 drills...DE Jay Ratliff lit up guard Cory Procter during 1-on-1 drills, prompting a loud celebration from the defensive line...

    Thomas "Pepper" Johnson made left guard Kyle Kozier look bad during 1-on-1 drills...LT Flozell Adams did not appreciate rookie defensive end Jason Hatcher celebrating during team drills and let him know...It's starting to look like Drew Henson will not play against the Saints on Monday. Judging by practice, Matt Baker will receive the leftovers.
    Much, much more to come.
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    Afternoon Report Update...

    Thanks to Cowboys trainers Jim Maurer, Britt Brown and Greg Gaither, I'm back on my feet after taking a big hit from linebacker Akin Ayodele during this morning's practice.

    Fortunately, the cameras were not rolling during that portion of team drills.
    I'm now putting together one of the most thorough afternoon reports in club history. Stay by your laptops, folks.
    You're 20 minutes away from the full report.
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    What's to become of Henson?
  3. Cochese

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    Execute him? :confused:

  5. superpunk

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    Probably the same thing that's been becoming him for a while now.

    He'll be the third string QB.

    It's not rocket surgery.
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    Sounds to me like Henson is on the block and they aren't working him because he will be part of a deal already laid out.

    New Orleans, perhaps?
  7. RCowboyFan

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    Actually I am starting to think he will be released or at best traded soon. I just hope he doesn't start doing real good elsewhere though. I don't believe a word BP says about having lot of time left to evaluate or that he is in no danger of being released.

    I pretty much think Henson is done with Dallas now.
  8. superpunk

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    I don't buy it. He doesn't have that contract to just be released. It makes ZERO sense. There's no reason at all to do it. Don't buy into it RCF. ;)

    Come to the naive side......
  9. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    Is that anything like brain science?
  10. WoodysGirl

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    Mosley Afternoon Report continued...

    Tony Romo and rookie receiver Sam Hurd have established some nice chemistry. Romo's been releasing the ball before Hurd comes out his break, which indicates confidence in a receiver...Jason Witten hasn't been as sharp as usual the past couple of days. He dropped a perfectly thrown ball from Drew Bledsoe in the end zone during red zone drills this morning...

    DT Jason Ferguson taunted T.O. during red zone drills. After three consecutive plays on which Owens didn't get the ball, Ferguson shouted, "They just want you to clear everyone out, T.O., that's all!" Two plays later, Owens dropped a pass from Bledsoe...Parcells shouted, "Gotta hit him, gotta hit him!" after Tony Romo threw behind tight end Ryan Hannam in the end zone...Kevin Burnett used a nice spin move to sack Romo...

    Cory Procter worked at first-team right guard during team drills Thursday, but Parcells said it was just so Procter could know both guard spots. He's been working at left guard for most of camp...Bledsoe hit Terry Glenn on a well-thrown deep pass. Bledsoe continues to use what amounts to a crow-hop before throwing deep balls...Parcells took his anger out on right tackle Jason Fabini late in practice...Asked to evaluate T.O.'s performance in his first two practices back, Parcells said, "I would say normal."...

    Parcells said he wouldn't decide Owens' status for Monday's preseason game until Saturday. He will also wait until then to decide how to rotate his quarterbacks. He did say Bledsoe would play for sure...Parcells' news conference was interrupted by a loud radio talk show host from 1540-AM The Ticket out of Los Angeles. "What's he selling?" Parcells asked...

    RT Jason Fabini will play the entire first half against the Saints and will be replaced by Marc Colombo in the second half...Parcells said he was pleased with what he's seen from LB Kevin Burnett, who has struggled with injuries since being drafted in the second round last year...Here's hoping The Habit Burger Grill finds its way to Dallas someday. By the way, the owner of IN-N-OUT just died and there's discussion of whether the small chain will move into more states. Currently, the popular burger chain has stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

    Back in a few.
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  11. TheKey

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    Way to go Fergie, tick TO off and destroy the team.

    Can anyone answer why a report from one media source from today, although I dont know which one said TO looked like he was pacing himself and couldnt get separation was different from one from today which also was from today that said he was constantly open, are so different.
  12. Cajuncowboy

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    Is that something you heard Joe Thiesmann say???
  13. NMfan

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    I love In-N-Out burger. The owners have suffered some tragedies in their family.
  14. JackMagist

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    I have a favorite expression for this situation. "F' him if he can't take a joke."

    If he is too sensitive to take a little ribbing from teammates then cut his *** and let him go on down the road kickin' cans.
  15. baj1dallas

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    Why do you think that? Why is it so hard to believe they'd keep him as 3rd string?
  16. JackMagist

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    At some point it is going to click for Henson and he will make a good player for us. He will be at aorst a decent backup for Romo down the road and at best will more likely challenge him for the starting job in a year or two. The tools are all there that he could even put it all together and become a great QB...but I'll settle for a solid backup.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    I think the report you read was about yesterday's practice. I think it was probably Archer's practice observations.

    Today's a new day...and maybe he's shaking off the rust.:confused:
  18. Chocolate Lab

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    So Petitti won't play RT at all this game? I thought he might at least play there a little bit after he spelled Flo at LT.

    Does anyone think this is a sign he's not that close to starting at RT on opening day?
  19. JackMagist

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    I'll answer that after the next preseason game. So far Columbo has had one first half and now Fabini is getting the first half. It stands to reason that Pettiti would get the first half in the next game. And with them getting closer to the season they will likely go with the guy they plan to start. Maybe they are just saving the best till last ;)
  20. NextGenBoys

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    Henson will never do anything as long as Parcells is in his head. He sometimes is too hard on his players and they are too afraid to fail. He doesnt "dont think, just do"

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