The Mosley Afternoon Report begins NOW..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Aug 17, 2006.

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    I don't believe ANYONE really knows.......honest
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    Yeah, they might keep him as 3rd,but if you are going to keep him as third, you better get him reps, I would think in TC. More and more, seems like BP doesn't like whatever he is seeing from Henson.

    Its also pretty evident, that after we read reports of Henson being getting better last week, all of a sudden, his reps decrease and pretty much has been the case since last Thursday.

    Its puzzling really to me. If you don't think the guy is going to get any better, why not look for his replacement? And maybe thats the answer, i.e. maybe Baker is auditioning for it for future. Maybe Henson will remain 3rd for this year, since there is no point right now. Either way, I pretty much think, after that 2004 Chicago game, it seems like its been downhill for Henson. Even if he did fairly well NFLE.

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    What sound is that?
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    Players who have been around for a couple of years hate it when rookies try to overdo it during camp. Last year, that rookie was Justin Beriault...

    Just so I understand...rookies aren't supposed to show the coaching staff their potential? I mean you only get one shot...I like that these guys leave it all on the field to make the team.
  5. JackMagist

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    I'm with you one this one and I be tthe coaches like rookies like that.

    But I can see where the vet would get a bit testy about it. For one thing the kid is trying to take his job or perhaps the job of one of his friends. And he (the rookie) is going far harder than a vet would be willing to do in training camp because the vet knows that he has to have some left for the season. They feel like they are being shown up by a kid that couldn't hold a candle to them in a game situation and it pisses them off. I'm not sure that it's right but I can see their point of view.
  6. JackMagist

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    LOL I just saw your sig line. He needs to have the name change done in Jersey so his new birth cirtificate will show he is from there. :laugh2:
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    Nahhh...he can just tell Bill his folks are from Jersey. Should be good enough. :D
  8. dmq

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    Good stuff. I wouldn't read anything into Henson not playing except he is not gonna play at all this season. We are just trying to see if the #4 guy is worthy of a practice squad position.
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    That has to be Papadakis. Loudest radio personality EVER. You may have seen him on the FSN Pac 10 game of the week last season.

    If In-N-Out moved to Dallas I'd be stoked... however I have to say the Habit is much better. Can't we have both??

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