The most hillarious thread ever!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aikmaniac, Sep 14, 2004.

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    just post it way i'm registering for that garbage.
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    Yeah, Im not registering for that, post it.
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    In summary, he says

    - The Redskins are a formidable opponent who is SB bound.
    - The Eagles displayed their entire playbook in the Giants game, thus letting "all the eggs out of the hen house"
    - T.O. looked shaky in the Giants game. He quit on his routes too much.
    - Ron Dayne (who averaged 3.5 YPC in the game) exposed our run-defense
    - JR Reed (a rookie safety who is returning kicks) should be used at WR to take pressure off of Owens. Basicly he went to the same college as Reed, so he thinks he's a stud.

    If you want to see worse, just look at any post by Jakkstroud on the Giants board.

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