The most optimistic I've been about a season since 2007

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Aug 26, 2013.

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    Parcells did a good job getting us good. Wade had a couple good years before the team quit on him. From about 1999-2003 or so was hard to watch. As it probably was from 1987-1991. The last couple years with Garrett haven't been all that bad compared to those years.
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    There were definitely some unbearable seasons in there. The only point I'm making, is that not all 17 years were bad years by a regular definition of the word 'bad.' Qualifying for postseason isn't the goal, but it's hardly the measure of a bad team.
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    I can't say I'm confident. I just can't. On a similiar thread I said I am cautiously optimistic and that is probably how I'll remain until 4 games into the season; by that 4th game, I think I'll have a better idea of where these Cowboys are going. I've been watching preseason long enough to know you just simply can't assume you will see the same players in the regular season. When games start counting, some players fall off and others respond.
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    Don't forget Church.
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    Every year there's at least a few FANS make bold SB predictions like this regardless of how the Cowboys ended the previous season. Not trying to knock those like you who do this but I do find it amusing. Haven't seen as many bold predictions heading into this season because so many FANS have been humbled by what's happened the past 2 seasons. Bold predictions like this are all about being a FAN or trying to look like a genius but they end up making FANS look silly. These bold predictions always end up being the kiss of death because the Cowboys aren't close to being a SB caliber team. They have talent but the Cowboys lack a lot of what championship teams are made of which is why they haven't even made the playoffs in 3 years. I could understand some optimism heading into the 07 season. Romo had just taken over and led the Cowboys to the playoffs the year prior so you could see the team was heading in a positive direction.

    The current team has been up and down for 3 years and keeps ending up the same way. The Cowboys first have to learn how to win consistently then win on the road in critical games. The Cowboys have never come out of nowhere to reach a SB. They were a very good football team and had been for a number of years prior to reaching SB V. Even when the Cowboys reached their first SB under Jimmy you could see the team was heading in the right direction. The year before they reached their first SB under Jimmy the Cowboys made the playoffs and beat the Bears on the road. It's going to be a challenge for the Cowboys just to make the playoffs this season it they can do that they'll be some reason for optimism next year.
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    When I look around the league especially the NFC it's hard to like our chances because you have several teams that are up and coming that have young playmaking QB's that have energized their franchises. You can see Atlanta is on the brink having made the playoffs the last 3 seasons under Matt Ryan. Seattle has become a serious contender with Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks to the playoffs last season. Washington has become a viable contender with RG3 and SF is going to be in position to challenge for the SB every year with Kaepernick.

    Those teams are going to get better and the Cowboys are going to have their work cut out for them trying to overtake any of those teams. I agree the Cowboys have to get something going this year at least a playoff birth or they have no chance of ever winning a championship with Garrett or Romo. Seattle, SF and Washington are going to be contending for a long time with the QB's they have and the clock is ticking on Romo. It has to happen soon with him or it's not going to happen.
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    There is plenty to be optimistic about with the team. The only problem is the same monkey is still running the show. When that changes, I'll jump on board with the Super Bowl predictions. I just don't see that changing.
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    This is a good point. I don't know that I can look at this team right now and say it's better than Atlanta, SF, or Seattle. I don't think I'd trust us to go into Green Bay or Seattle in the playoffs and win.
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    I witnessed the glory days of the 70's and 90's which is why I'm not optimistic "heading" into this season. Had the Cowboys beat Washington in week 17 last year and made the playoffs I would have some optimism heading into this season. The glory days of the 70's and 90's didn't just happen out of nowhere you could see something special coming. It takes improving every year with more and more wins to get there. When Jimmy arrived he went 1-15 his first year and 7-9 his second year. He went 11-5 his 3rd season which led the Cowboys to the playoffs and a playoff win. Even a realist like myself started thinking SB after that season because I could see the team was moving in that direction.

    The past 2 seasons the Cowboys have been spinning their wheels at 8-8. I'm just hoping the team can somehow make the playoffs and start gaining some playoff experience. If they miss the playoffs for a 4th straight season while teams like Atlanta, SF, Seattle and Washington keep gaining postseason experience the Cowboys are simply never going to contend with Romo and Garrett. With all the changes the Cowboys made this offseason we have to see significant improvement with this team or they'll be stuck behind several teams in the NFC for a number of years. When Russell Wilson, RG3 and Kaepernick are reaching their peak Romo will be on the decline so the Cowboys have to start making a move NOW.
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    i do not see a superbowl team here. I still see the same 8-8 team from the last two years. i am standing by that prediction.
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    Soon? Really? He's got at least five years barring serious injury. This is all predicated on you speculating that Romo and Garrett can't do it when everybody else can. You have no idea of the variables that will play out this year. What makes you think Matt Ryan can do it when he's failed to do it with TWO different 13-3 teams? I also think it's a stretch to assume RGIII is ever going to approach the game the way he did last year ever again. He will have to prove that he can develop into a consistent thrower of the football, not 14 attempts per game. When it comes to WIlson and Kaepernick you are also assuming that the read option won't be figured out. It already has to some extent. In watching the 49ers/Vikings they went into length talking about how the Ravens did nothing but hit Kaepernick and ignored the handoff. Kaepernick admitted that it had an affect on him. I'm not saying they won't become great but taking that aspect out of their game, especially as they get older is no guarantee of success.

    You're also assuming we will stay status quo. How do you know the defense won't evolve to be really good to great? The Giants defense carried them to two Super Bowls why can't ours? We've had a top ten offense on average with a horrible offensive line and a poor running game. Romo and Garrett's careers are not written yet, let's not bury them before their time.
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    man those teams from 87-89 were just awful to watch. the teams from 99 to 03 if the cowboys could have had a quarterback with those teams we might have made a playoff run in one of those years.
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    I'm judging the Cowboys off the past 3 seasons. Hard for me to enter a season optimistic after what we've been seeing the past 3 years. We'll find out what kind of team the Cowboys have this season starting in a couple of weeks. How I feel about the team heading into this season may change once I start seeing them play during the regular season but I have to have a reason to feel optimistic. I have to start seeing consistency and solid play on the field. So far in preseason the Cowboys continue to be a 500 team under Garrett. The NFC is a tough conference and the Cowboys are behind several teams whether FANS want to come to grips with it or not.

    The Romo's, Ware's and Witten's aren't getting any younger so if the Cowboys are going to make a move it has to start happening this season. QB's like Rodgers, Ryan, Wilson, Kaepernick and RG3 are going to be playing at a high level for a long time and the clock is ticking on Romo. Once his skills start to diminish it's going to be very difficult to compete with those other teams. Hell, itt's hard to compete with them now.
  15. KJJ

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    Romo having at least 5 years is all speculative. I'm not saying he's going to be done after this season but if the team misses the playoffs for a 4th straight season while Seattle, SF, Washington and Atlanta are once again battling in the playoffs for the SB it's pretty unlikely the Cowboys are going to overtake all of them anytime soon because time isn't on the Cowboys side. The Cowboys still have trouble beating the Giants in critical games now they have Washington to deal with within their own division. It's certainly not a stretch speculating Romo and Garrett will never win a championship if the Cowboys once again falter under them this season. The teams they're competing with in the NFC are gaining playoff experience and giving themselves a chance. You can see the potential Atlanta, SF, Seattle and Washington have. SF just reached the SB with a second year QB who was starting for the first time in 2012.

    I have more faith in Romo as a QB than I do Garrett as a HC because Romo is a proven top 10 QB. Eventually age will rob Romo of some of his mobility. A big part of his game is slipping and avoiding defenders which is what makes Russell Wilson so effective. Once Romo reaches 35 his ability to Houdini spin his way out of trouble is going to diminish and he's going to start taking more sacks. It's his ability to get outside the pocket that makes him such a great playmaker so the clock is ticking on him. As for the defense even if it improves it's still an offensive league dominated by QB's. The defense does appear primed to get more turnovers this season but your offense still has to capitalize and score. The player safety rules have handcuffed defenses everything is bent to help offenses move the football and score.
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    Because he's led TWO different teams to 13-3 records and he played plenty good enough to win in the NFC title game last season had it not been for his defense giving up a big lead. Ryan is only 28 years old and has already played in as many playoff games as Romo who's 33. Ryan has a lot of years left and is playing on a legit SB caliber team.

    Who said he was going to approach the game the way he did last year? I doubt the Redskins want him to approach the game the way he did last year or he'll end up injured again. RG3 will develop as a passer I have no doubts about that. He may start off rusty this season due to rehabbing his knee and not playing in the preseason but he's a dynamic player who'll make Washington a contender for years to come. He beat the Cowboys on one leg last season with a playoff birth on the line.

    The Cowboys defense may get better but it won't ever be good enough to carry them to a SB. The Giants defense didn't carry them to their 2 SB's it was a combination of good defensive play and Eli not turning the ball over. In 07 Romo shredded the Giants defense for 8 TD's in their 2 regular season meetings. The Giants defense gave up 80 points in their first 2 games that season. They had defensive issues that season some of which were due to having to defend Eli's 27 turnovers. Once he stopped turning the ball over in the playoffs it helped his defense. It was the same thing in 2011 when Eli was turning the ball over the Giants defense struggled. Neither Giants SB win in 07 or 2011 was won with their defense on the field having to make a stop. The Giants were behind in both games and Eli pulled the games out in the final minutes which is why he was named the MVP in both SBs.
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    I think - cautiously optimistic is a good view of what I think of this team. I do like Garret, and think he is turning things around. I think we are one more good draft away from really competing. And yes, this was a good draft. When healthy I think our back 7 can be above average, depands on the safeties stepping up - which they can. Corners and LBers look great. Receivers, T.E.s, Running backs and Quarterbacks are all solid to very , very good.
    My concerns are the same for 3 years now - both lines. With Ratliff on PUP, we will not be as strong as we thought we would be. I don't like moving Free this late in camp, to a position he's never played and with little depth at guard and tackle. We have plenty of bodies, but do we have real depth. As always, we will go as far as both lines will allow us. I remain cautiously optimistic ... I think we can improve over the last few years. But we do need A legit 3 tech. and an End. As well as tackle and guard depth in next yeras draft.
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    It should us something about how spoiled we've been offensively with Romo that middle of the league in scoring is considered anemic when we had a bad oline and a running game second to last in the league.
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    Over 640 drop backs and only 19 int's should be considered an achievement. Most QB's would hit the 19 int mark before they get to 500 throws.
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    You can't say one way or another but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make an assumption that the loss of all those players made the defense give up 25 points a game. If that team had given up 20-22 ppg then perhaps that affect the offense enough to score 25 ppg. Not hard to imagine being in different game situations there is less pressure to score esp if behind or even not trusting the D to hold a lead. So many variable you can't say for certain but many would think the team gets another win or two and that makes the playoffs. It's almost disingenuous to believe it made no difference.

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