The Mozart of Chess

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    Any chess fans here abouts? I can play but am by no means good. But I recently started following the grandmasters at their best, during the World Championships a few months back. The youngest #1 ranked player in the world, Magnus Carlsen of Norway, beat - nay, DESTROYED - the multi-year champion Vishy Anand of India.

    So, Magnus has the highest ranking of a Chess Grand Master. Ever. And he's still getting better.

    Just the past few days, he has been playing in Zurich with seven other top players in the world, including Anand again, Aronian (world #2), and top ranked American Nakamura. He won.

    Turns out 60 minutes did a special on genius "kids" a few days ago that I just now found. If you are interested, this will blow you away at how great he is. Watch him own Garry Kasparov when he was just 13...(since then, Kasparov has become one of his staunchest supporters).

    Zoom to 25:20 of this video to catch the segment.

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