The narrative for training camp (and likely the season) is cast

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by erod, Jul 17, 2017 at 12:53 PM.

  1. erod

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    How appropriate is it that Jerry's grand enshrinement will be overshadowed by the looming suspension of Zeke Elliott and the cast of other Cowboys in detention? It sums Jerry's football career up perfectly.

    The dye is cast on this training camp already, and maybe the season. Every single day from here to Week 1, the daily reports on NFL Network and ESPN will lead with Cowboys suspension chatter and updates at a Brett-Farve-retirement pace. It will be dripping off of everything to the point of constant nausea.

    God forbid Dallas has a bad injury or two during camp. The Giants will be facing a team with both hands and a foot tied behind their back. This season could get off to a very ugly start. As in, 1-5 type of ugly.

    Goodell will probably put Zeke's Sunday night UFC exhibition on hold for now so he has another anvil to hold over the Cowboys all season long. My guess is, he'll apply a 2-game suspension now, then another 2-4 games down the road after he finishes his investigation on Sunday.

    In the meantime, Zeke will be free to do whatever he wants while he's suspended. That spells trouble. Mara is wringing his hands in glee.

    I should be excited about camp this week. Football is finally here! Instead, I'm just shaking my head and wondering when another shoe will drop.

    Sadly, this team is full of really good players who are really good guys. But there's always something around here.

    Somewhere, Tony Romo is breathing a sigh of relief.
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  2. shabazz

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    The other 31 teams have their share of issues as well but how the hell can we have such bad luck at the defensive end position? It's beyond coincidental
  3. LOBO7

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    Zeke paying a couple of game checks for the price of acting stupid could be a good thing, a lesson learned, if we survive while he is out. Especially if the back taking his spot takes off and plays well.
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  4. Verdict

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    I have said all along that Dallas should have doubled down at running back and got another good one. Besides injury concerns, Zeke is really reinforcing that he is either a target, has really bad judgment or both.

    I would not have risked pissing off this season because we are thin at running back. Morris is DONE. We have Zeke, McFadden and probably nothing else. McFadden would be better than most think, but he's not Zeke. I don't want to piss off this line's best years because we ran out of premier runners.
  5. mrtxstar

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    Jerry's enshrinement overshadowed? NEVER! Jerry's bad boys will serve their suspensions and be welcomed back with a chip on their shoulder just like Tom Brady did last year.
  6. EGG

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    Sorry, but that's the nature of the NFL these days. Suspensions and injuries and horrific officiating coupled with a tabloid media that sensationalizes everything. They're toying with your emotions man, it's not Jerry's fault.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Oh please. The suspended guys will return, the season will continue and you won't hear another word about them.
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  8. Sydla

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    Here's what I want from camp:

    1) Prescott to look sharp
    2) No major injuries
    3) No suspension for Elliott
    4) The rookie DBs push that bum Carroll to the back of the bus at CB
    5) Smith shows he's ready to assume the MLB spot
    6) Tapper stuns everyone with his athleticism from the edge
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  9. erod

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    Just how long will this investigation on Sunday night be drawn out? All season?
  10. Section444

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    Yup, well deserved, he clearly doesn't take any of this very seriously.
  11. jwooten15

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    Probably until mid-December when the league rules that Zeke will be suspended for the playoffs.
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    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Everybody stay positive. We all need to stick together more than ever! Let's fight through this guys! :thumbup:
  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I don't allow the mediots to set the narrative. That is a driving force for my early season Fuzzy Thoughts. Screw them and the ignorance they rode in on.
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  14. Idgit

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    My thinking is it's largely a forgotten issue by the time games start, and completely forgotten by week 6.

    All-told, how many games are we talking about here? It adds up to a blown 2nd round pick and, collectively, half a season ending injury to a decent player maybe in terms of games lost? I mean, that's a big deal, but hardly the end of the world in terms of the process of putting a team together.
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