The natives are getting restless

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 26, 2012.

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    I have been a Dallas Cowboys for many years and a season ticket holder for about 10 years. I am enough of a Cowboys fan that I paid a $4,000.00 per seat for a seat license on a couple of seats, just for the right to buy tickets and pay close to $20 for a beer and a hot dog, etc. I drive 3 hours one way just to get to the stadium and then pay $100 just to park my vehicle and then fight the lines to get in the stadium. I'm not saying I am a "super fan", I'm just saying I'm not a casual, I'll watch the Cowboys on TV when its convenient kinda fan.

    Reading this board, there are many who are far more optimistic of this organization than I am, and many who are far more pessimistic than me. For a reference point, if a 1 was the most negative fan imaginable, and a 10 was blind homerism, I would put myself at about a 7. I have been a little bit more optimistic than maybe I should have been over the years, but I'm ok with that.

    I cant imagine how frustrated that guys who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per seat for a seat license just for the right to pay thousands of dollars per seat per game for a ticket must be right now. Everyone likes a winner, and let's face it the Cowboys haven't really been winners since the glory days of the 90's.

    I know we aren't technically out of playoff contention just yet, and I still hold out "some" hope (but not much) that we will get on a roll and start a winning streak that will get us into the playoffs, but the smart money would be betting against us to get it done. I think the odds in Vegas would be at least 3 to 1 on it now and maybe higher.

    I don't know about you guys, but the Redskins loss was more than just a loss in my eyes. It was a sign that nothing is changing and just when you think the Cowboys are doing something to get the ship righted, they promptly run it in the ditch and sabotage their chances of accomplishing anything.

    I don't know if Garrett is the answer or part of the problem. We all know Jerry isn't going to relinquish control of the team (which I have been able to swallow because he is both good and bad). But I am tired of hearing Garrett saying everything is a process, when he really isn't showing any real progress along the way. I am tired of hearing Jerry say what we are going to do or not do (as if he is speaking as the coach) I am tired of us drafting guys like Arkin and keeping him around using up a roster spot that could have been used on someone else.

    I don't see why we didn't get something out of Mike Jenkins, or trade away Martellus Bennett, or why we traded for Roy Williams or Joey Galloway, etc. No organization is going to be perfect, but we have had way too many bad decisions organizationally that have more than nullified the good things we have done.

    You guys can say what you want, but Ratliff's effective playing days are numbered and he will never effectively play out his contract, Romo has a few more good years in him, but could be one missed block away from never playing again. Ware might be the greatest OLB to ever play the game, but his window will be closing soon, if it isn't already. Witten's days are numbered.

    On the bright side we have a few gems in Shaun Lee, Bruce Carter, probably Mo and a few other up and coming guys. That's great but realistically, we drafted so bad for so long, the holes will begin to open up about as fast as we plug them with draft picks. That might be the single biggest argument for not trading up and taking Mo. I'm not saying that it was a mistake, but I don't know about you guys, but I don't really see this mediocrity ending anytime soon. Meanwhile back on the "Valley" Ranch our stars are starting to burn out and fade and our window is closing, if it hasn't actually closed.

    I'm not sure what the answer is .... all i know is that the natives (fans) are really getting restless and will be pushing for change. As much as I want to see us do something ... .hell ANYTHING to right the ship, change might be an even greater enemy than staying the course.

    Even the most blind homer on this board has to be concerned about this organization. At least we seem to be doing better in the talent acquisition process, but that will only get us so far.

    Feel free to throw in your two cents worth. I encourage your input and opinions.
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    i feel sorry for fans like you who pay so much money to watch that team amongst thousands of the opposing teams fans every week. just curious how are your feelings about the stadium? don't you miss the coziness of texas stadium...a REAL football facility.
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    You're not wrong but a guy like you that spends that much money to invest in the team, you're not gonna walk away and that's probably the only thing that would get things to change. Effecting Jerry Jones bottomline in someway might actually wake him up.

    I don't blame you for not walking away.. if I had the money and means I would do the same as you.

    This organization hasn't drafted well, traded well, gotten enough good coaching in 15 years and I really don't see a change for the better coming. So, we as fans have a choice: We endure and hope for the best or walk away.. I know alot like myself will endure but I don't really blame anyone for leaving.
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    :lmao2::lmao2::lmao2:not sure why but that pic had me cracking up
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    Well Verdict, since you asked for it here it goes. I wiil probably only state the following this one time, because, lets face it, we as fans do not want to hear negative talk about our team.

    I have been fan of the Cowboys for over 43 years (I am currently 49) and to be honest, even though I will never root for other teams (I just simply cannot), I have reached the conclusion that as long as Jerry Jones manages this franchise, we are not going to get over the hump and back to greatness.

    It is not only that we have been "unadequate" to say the least, while at drafting. We may have been fortunate with some high draft picks here or there, but overall, the talent acquisition through drafting has been much less that stellar, and we may hear that those are "made with input from everbody" the truth is, or should be, that it lies squarely in the feet of Jerry Jones.

    Secondly, the "structure of command" in the organization is inherently flawed. I do no have cold hard facts about this, though I do have the most definitive and eloquent fact: Our team not only has not done any significat damage in the playoffs in the last 15 years, but we now are the laughing stock of the NFL Network and most of the sport media, and rightfully so, because of all the visibilty attrated by J. Jones.

    Visibility, when you are a good an well managed team, can be a great incentive; otherwise it can be part of your downfall: Why should the players really be concerned about winning championships, if irrespective of how they do, they have endorsements, radio shows and money (lots of it) to spare? Couple that with the CEO of the company "hownding" all that attention and you have a bad mix in your hands;not becasue he does it, but rather because they are present with the media, regardless of how they do. This represente millions to the owner, but no good for the sports fan like you or me..

    I believed (and still want to believe) that Garret was the right coach for these franchise. I believe now that unless things in the organization change drastically, results will be approximately the same; as proof, just look at our last 5 or 6 years and you will probably see the same pattern of inconsistency.

    Personally, even though I am as much of a fan as you will find (certainly not at your level because I do not live in the USA) I simply will cease to invest as much time as I have done in respect of a bunch of guys that evidently (at least in terms of sporting related results) are not as interested as I think they should be in winning.
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    I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. For the first time in my long tenure of being a Cowboys fan, I am seriously considering picking a new team to support. I'm still not sure if I can do that, but I am seriously considering it. The more I think on it, the more it make sense to do it.

    Think about it. Back in the day, when your home team was actually fielded by players from home, it was understandable to be a fan of that team. But now the majority of the home team is fielded by guys from all over the world, so it really doesn't matter what team you like. Which is why it actually makes more sense to pick the team/player/coach that you enjoy watching the most. There is very little about the Cowboys game right now that is enjoyable if anything.

    I still haven't decided if I'm even going to watch next weekends game for that reason. What's the point, if I already know I'm not going to enjoy watching and have things that I'd rather be doing. Oh sure, they might win. In fact, that's the 1 game I think they can win going forward. But it won't be entertaining because if it is anything like the games we have already watched this season, it will be like watching a rerun: The Cowboys will string together a bunch of 3 and outs on offense and will look decent on defense, however, still manage to be down by multiple scores by the end of the half. Then they will completely abandon the run and hand the offense over to Romo to try and save the day. It simply is not entertaining anymore...
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    doesn't matter everyone was in the pro shop after the game buying everything they could get their hands on, I was told the weekend of the Browns game they sold over $750,000 in merchandise. The beers were flowing like mad as well and the stadium is close to be paid off as our guide stated.

    so Jerry's not hurting
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    I was supposed to have a private tour/discussion about tickets with a senior sales consultant with the Dallas Cowboys today. I didn't go. I sent an email to the guy and told him I wouldn't invest that type of money until Jerry Jones steps down as GM. He replied and said I needed to hurry because they've sold 98% of their season tickets. Ok, then Why are you hounding me so hard? That obviously isn't true. I think the tickets sales are already on the decline.
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    and that's why nothing will change.
  11. Bleu Star

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    I may not be a season ticket holder, but I miss the REAL football feel of Texas Stadium. I enjoyed 3 in person games @ Texas Stadium and, although I have yet to make a game in the new stadium, I absolutely despise the Disneyland meets Burlesque meets used car salesman feel of the new stadium on the tube.
  12. DandyDon1722

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    Rynie I always enjoy your posts because you give us an "inside the stadium" viewpoint a lot which gives us a pulse on the fans. Verdict, that is a great post and I'm right with you guys. This team has been the thread in my life for 40 years but this has been the toughest stretch by far, much more so than in the late 80's because this stretch has been a relentless tease.

    Darrin Rovelle wrote a business article that confirmed why the Cowboys are still America's Team through a myriad of polls and stats and I ask myself how can Jerry not get it. If a worldwide fan base hasn't walked away from the last 15 years then they aren't going anywhere. It's obvious by now the popularity (hence the money) will always be there, but Jerry already knows this, now his life is consumed with one thing and one thing only -- leaving his legacy as a "football guy."

    But while he wants that more than anything he isn't willing to do what it takes. Look no further than the Victoria Secret deal which was really a sobering slap in the face for me. Jerry put a lot of time into that, he had to, it's his house, he was involved in the negotiations, in closing the deal and the subsequent media circus announcing it.

    Whatever that time was, whatever the hours it took to do that deal, there were GM's throughout the league doing their job, every day, every hour looking for that edge. Over time that edge is realized. That's what "football guys" do.

    All of them except the most important one to us -- our football guy.
  13. Zordon

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    this specifically is the type of stuff i think about. it's sad to think about all the hours our GM puts into other things like that store, bringing college football games and boxing matches to his stadium, salvation army, etc...etc....all that time, what are other GMs doing with those hours?
  14. TonyS

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    This is probably the best description of why our GM is failing us. He doesn't devote the time necessary to be our GM when he's putting together the business deals, commercials and attending to the other duties an owner must address. There is a void in Cowboys land that Jerry the Owner cannot fill.
  15. theebs

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    we all do.

    the new place is like a monument to what is wrong with the organization.

    Its like they took the stereotype of the jones family and how they do business and made it into a physical living entity.

    I miss texas stadium more and more as time goes by. I am glad to have been one of the last people in there that night we lost to the ravens.
  16. BlueStar22

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    I passed through Irving last saturday for the first time in forever. It was just sad to be on Loop 12 and not seeing Texas Stadium. You can't even tell it used to be there.
  17. visionary

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    great post verdict

    as i said in another post, the situation is "a snake oil salesman and a gullible fan base"

    the cowboys dont need to win for jerry to make money so he has no incentive to change

    as a fan, i dont think i was this disappointed even during the campo years becasue, i guess, my expectations were lower

    i expected a lot from garrett but i realize that he is not the guy right now, maybe 5-7 years from now, but not right now
  18. theebs

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    it sucks driving by there.

    What a sad day.
  19. Dave_in-NC

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    Probably a happy day for Jerry. I'm surprised he didn't push the button himself.
  20. ykc

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    Good point. I am sure he has a dummy GM do his GM duties for extra salary or something like that. I am losing interest in this team by a lot, I have been watching football since 95 and have seen the cowboys win 1 SB in 96. I feel bad for my nephew who roots for cowboys because of me and all he has seen is lousy team after lousy team.

    Even though JG is way over his head, I still believe majority of the problem is with JJ and his approach. I am resigned to the fact that it may be another 10 years before he steps down and I don't know how long after that we will be respectable. I hope we won't become the cubs of the NFL in this century...

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