The natives are getting restless

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 26, 2012.

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    I've just about got to that point as well.

    I'm not going to watch a game just to watch a game when it's constantly a sloppy mess.
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    He pushes that button every season. Ironically.....that vid is representative, literally, of what Jed has done to the Dallas Cowboys. I can't watch it.
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    they did me the same way
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    i was a season ticket holder at Texas Stadium and enjoyed games there.
    i am a season ticket holder at Cowboys Stadium and I enjoy watching games there as well.
    i hate the losing seasons but i really dont understand the complaints about the new stadium.
    if the pro shop being busy bothers you on game day, just dont go near it.
    good grief you have to make a pretty good effort to even get to it on game days, especially if you have already enterered the stadium unless your seats happen to be close to it.
    i have been to most games this year and have yet to even see the Victoria's Secret store so why should it bother me ?

    at Texas Stadium there was a pro shop too, it was always crowded on game days as were all the outside temporary game day pro shops set up in tents outside the stadium.

    i am pretty focused when i get inside so maybe i am missing what it is that bothers some of you.
    sure i wish the water and sodas were a little cheaper. food too, but hey its more convienient than going outside to the Walmart across the street when i get hungry or thirsty during the game.

    as for the tours and stuff during the week ? doesnt bother me at all. I actually enjoy seeing the people all excited to see the place where the Boys play when I go to the pro shop or just pass by there.

    winning cures everything. win some games and I am pretty sure a lot of the complaints will stop about the stadium.
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    And I bet our "stupid" fan base transforms back into the "smart" fan base over whom John Madden gushed in the 1990s.
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    I've watched a Cowboy game standing over Randy Galloway's shoulder in the press box. I've had tickets at the 50 yard line.

    And I have to agree. I feel sorry for anyone buying tickets or Cowboys merchandise. Sincerely...I really do.

    Even if I was making 1 mil per year...I wouldn't play. Not. Worth. It. Not. Fun. Seriously this is no fun at all. Plus, I'd feel like a dupe, a fool and a tramp paying for this.

    I won't pay anything related to the Cowboys...until and unless the Jones family sells out to another party.

    It's foolishness to support this team anyway, under it's current ownership. This isn't entertaining anymore.
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    I seriously want you to ask yourself, Is this fun? Does being a Cowboy fan make my life richer or more enjoyable? I'm asking myself these questions big-time.

    I am very open to changing teams. I seriously might just ride Johnny Football and take my fandom wherever he lands. I bet it would be 10 times more fun than listening to Jerry try to finish a sentence as a 75 year-old alcoholic GM.

    And if you think that things will be better under Stephen better seriously test your assumptions. He's poised to be a next-in-line billionaire owner slash part-time GM. Without the charisma.

    Microsoft is dying. Fast. So are the Cowboys.
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    You are looking at it wrong.

    Ive taken to viewing the Cowboys as a black comedy. America's best 53 man improvisation troupe.

    I watch every game. If they win, cool. If not you better believe they are going to be entertaining you through the best improv comedy around. I still chuckle when I think about Clownshoes icing his own kicker.
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    Well played. If I could get myself to enjoy black comedy on a football field I might be "all in."
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    I was in a grocery store today at lunch loading up at the salad bar.

    The guy at the register--a Seahawks fan-- was joking about the "circus" in Dallas. Please, can somebody show us all a door?

    60-40 I won't be around these parts next season. Go ahead...and let some happy fan post, "Good riddance." Go ahead. Post it. Do it!
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    Well I can only speak for myself.

    I just don't like the place. I have never seen the Victoria's Secret store, couldn't even tell u where they are, never seen the 100 dollar pizzas etc...

    It just doesn't feel like a football stadium to me, it doesn't feel like football is the focal point.

    I do the same thing every game, get there three hours early, stand in line at gate g, get in right when they open the gates, buy a program, a soda and sit down and watch the pregame. I don't move until the game is over.

    There are so many things I dislike about the place but the main one's are:

    You can not freely walk around the stadium, you have to be a club member to walk around.

    You can not go into the lower level and take pictures during pregame.

    You can not freely walk around the outside of the stadium because you have to go in specified gates. Because of number 1.

    They barely if ever show replays.

    We never get out of town scores

    Cell phones do not work in the place, so I can't check scores on my phone.

    there are like classes of people in the stadium. It's like we are divided by income level. It's weird and it creates like a us and them within our own stadium.

    Everything is extremely over priced.

    There is a wine rack at the top of my section. This just annoys me, sorry.

    Things I do like however.

    This year they have opened the doors and roof three times which almost makes it feel like a football stadium.

    Parking on random mill road Is 20 bucks and I walk up neighborhood streets which gives it a cool feel especially in the fall.

    When the crowd is in to it at the new building it is very loud because of the number of people in there.

    I could go on and on. I'm sorry I just do not enjoy it as much as I did Texas stadium. It has nothing to do with winning for me personally. I felt the same way in 09
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    I'll wait until you post a 4th time, that your thru being a Cowboys fan. I just want to make sure.

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    This team could win the next 5-6 Super Bowls and there isn't a shot in hell that I would, or anyone should pay 4K for a piece of plastic in a circus, non football like stadium.

    Course, if the Cowboys actually won a Super Bowl, those prices would go up to 6 -8K..

    Absolutely ridiculous.
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    We all know that the Dallas Cowboys are a very polarizing organization.

    Those that aren't fans, and love them like we fans do, all HATE the Cowboys.

    Knowing how bad you feel season after season, imagine how GREAT the Cowboy haters feel right now?

    I live amongst them, .. not fun.
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    I've been a die-hard fan since I was 9 years old (going to be 48 next month) and have never missed a game until this year. Basically I'm tired of hearing anything about Jerry Jones. He makes me sick to my stomach. Jerry Jone is a great owner but we all know he is not a GM.

    Brian Bellick said it best before the Baltimore game. If Jerry Jones does not wake up in the middle of the night because of a football decision then he's not doing his job. A GM is thinking ALL FOOTBALL 24x7. Being involved in marketing takes way too much of his time to make the Cowboys a better football team.

    A GM has to make hard roster decisions. Jerry falls in love with certain players and over pays with bad contracts. Jimmy Johnson said this is a BIG problem because they get complacent and no one fears for their job. The same applies to the coaches Jerry keeps. You think they fear losing their jobs? They know they answer to Jerry and not the Head coach. That's what Jerry brings to this organization. There's no urgency in every game. Thus, the .500 record for the last 16 years. The roster thinks just because they wear the star they don't have to show up. Its the opposite. Every team looks forward to beating the Cowboys because they get a feel of accomplishment regardless of their record. No one fears the Cowboys. Strahan said it on Thanksgiving day. He said the Giants did not fear the Cowboys.

    I love the new stadium. The Pro Shop, Victoria Secret and the stadium being restricted to entrance and sections does not bother me. If and when the Cowboys come back to being WINNERS again no one will care.

    I am a season ticket holder and paid 5K per seat (4 PSL seats) and spend 4K per season for tickets and drive 3 1/2 hours to Arlington for the games but I will not be attending anymore games until things change and the Cowboys become legitimate contenders. I have and will continue to sell my tickets until I see change (or can't sell my tickets). I cannot believe the money the opposing fans are spending to go to these games. I can just imagine the amount of Stealer fans that will be there. That game just about paid for half of my season ticket cost.

    Do I feel bad? Yes for the team and for our fans that still go to the games but not for Jerry Jones. He needs to see more opposing fans in the stadium to hurt his pride which may lead to a change. He lied about how many Chicago Bears fans were coming to the game because they sold them the tickets. If he has 98% of the season tickets sold (as they claim) then he didn't know. NFL Ticket Exchange makes it too easy for Cowboy season tickets holders to sell their tickets for good money.

    The Saints fans will also invade our stadium.

    I will stop watching the NFL before I ever root for a different NFL team. I have to console myself by saying "I was lucky to see the Cowboys win 4 Super Bowls and have seen them play in six when there are franchises who have never been there". I did not see the first two Super Bowls.

    I only wish my son could see the Cowboys win one Super Bowl. He was born in 1996.
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    I don't understand anything that your saying?

    How would a psl price go up after we have already paid for them?
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    A family member bought me a t shirt when the stadium was being built. It has a picture of what the stadium would look like. Then the words "Ours is Bigger" on it. I wouldn't have bought it for myself, but I also won't return a gift.

    Every time I wear that shirt, someone has something to say about it. And every time my response is the same. "I wear this shirt to show everyone exactly what is wrong with the Cowboys. The fact that our owner spent time, energy and money promoting a new stadium instead of a winning football team is exactly the problem." Never has anyone disagreed with me or done anything except laughed and nodded in agreement.
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    See ya, don't let the door hit ya on the way out :starspin
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    Don't procrastinate, leave now :laugh2:

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