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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Meat-O-Rama, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Are you sick and tired of civil discourse? Fed up with a media landscape populated by soft-spoken commentators droning unflappably about complex, nuanced issues? Exhausted by the societal norms that require you to treat others politely and with respect, even when you disagree with them? Then I may have just the website for you. It’s called ShoutRoulette, and it bills itself as “the fastest, simplest way to yell at people you think are morons about the things you are right about.”
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    Meh...I can yell at people here just as easy.

    Or I can do like I did the other day in the post office. The post office lady was talking to some lady I had never seen before. However the post office lady had told me before that the lady in question was a contrary woman who thinks the world bows down to her.

    So they were having a conversation and in the middle of the conversation I just blurt out...I LIKE PANDAS.

    Her expression was priceless. I got a bit of a bonus when she actually asked what like panda's had to do with her conversation. To which I quickly moved to victim status and said...quit picking on me.

    I see this as a real life version of hijacking a thread and then playing victim when someone yells at you for it.
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    That's crazy, .. you did that?

    Where are you from anyway?
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    :laugh2: Yeah the post office lady knows I like to goof around like that.

    I figured I could deflect the other woman some. She had already called in complaining because she came to the Post Office the day before and they had not put some letter in her box...of course the day before was Columbus Day so they did not have mail that day. Plus the idea that apparently she is a very rude woman.

    So she was kind of distracted and got her stuff and left instead of staying there complaining to the mail lady who clearly was having a heck of a day already.
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    Huh? Civil discourse? People get nasty of smart phones and fat tv reporters... Every forum is a Shout Roulette.
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