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News: The new DC.com is up

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Mr Cowboy

    Mr Cowboy Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    11,068 Messages
    3,816 Likes Received
    Check it out......

    I went there this morning and ...BAM there it is, with a new picture of Mickey.
  2. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

    25,566 Messages
    5,072 Likes Received
    The new site has Drew Henson's number back to #11, so maybe he hasn't changed it after all.
  3. David

    David New Member

    253 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I'm never been one to complain if at all possible, but the side scrolling on the new site is worse than before. :(

    So let me ask for your expertise. I have win 98se.

    Under display properties my color options are 256, 16 bit, and 24 bit true color.

    When I resize my desk top the new dc.com fits my 17 inch monitor just fine, but it forces me to use the 16 bit color option, which is not suitable to my tastes.

    Does anyone know how I can get this version of windows to accept both of the resizing and higher (24 bit ) color resolution?
  4. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

    14,547 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    David, that is just a limitation in your video card. You will have to get a new one that can mainain a high color bit as well as a high resolution.

    - Mike G.
  5. David

    David New Member

    253 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    That was not what I was hoping to hear, but that makes sense. :(

    I suppose I could throw my Compaq out the third story window and buy another brand PC, but that idea does not fit my budget. :rolleyes:

    Anyone else have any ideas that won't cost me money?

    By the way, how much does a decent video card cost?
  6. speedkilz88

    speedkilz88 Well-Known Member

    25,566 Messages
    5,072 Likes Received
    I have a a 3dfx Voodoo 3 card that is about four or five years old that came with my Emonster 500. It can get up to 32 bit color(set my screen size 1024 X 768, 17 in. viewsonic monitor, 98SE) so you should be a able to find an older card for pretty cheap.
  7. CaptainAmerica

    CaptainAmerica Active Member

    5,030 Messages
    22 Likes Received
    Sorry, but I'm disappointed. It's just a variation of the old site. For me the page is way to "busy". I don't know why they can't construct a site that gives you the basic info, lots of pictures and does so in a simple style. Go check some other web-sites out of other teams and you will see what I mean.

    I would like for them to post many more photos of whatever event is going on at the time. That's always been a shortcoming, imo.

    Now you have to change your display settings to a tiny sized type if you want to view the page without scrolling from side to side. That is weak! :( Many other sites get it all in , without having to cram it in and change your otherwise standard display settings.

    I guess I shouldn't complain though, I can remember not too long ago starving for information on the Boys and having to wait for days and weeks to find out what was going on. So, despite the limitations, i'm thankful to get the info we get now on the web!
  8. David

    David New Member

    253 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Thanks speedkilz88

    Thats what I have, a viewsonic A70 17 inch. I'll see what I can scrounge up.
  9. lwehlers

    lwehlers Well-Known Member

    1,656 Messages
    526 Likes Received
    hello. this might be a stupid question. could someone post the web address or a link. i tried to access it and it did not want to load up for me. thanks guys.
  10. David

    David New Member

    253 Messages
    0 Likes Received
  11. BlueStar22

    BlueStar22 Well-Known Member

    8,987 Messages
    1,056 Likes Received
    Site still needs work. I wish it were more interactive. Pony up more dough Mr. Jones and get some experts working on that site.
  12. David

    David New Member

    253 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    I'm finding links that don't work.
  13. viman96

    viman96 Thread Killer

    11,132 Messages
    3,847 Likes Received
    Site looks better. Has a bit of an ESPN look to it.
  14. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

    14,547 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Yep, and the only have about 4-5 Seaons under their History Section. I wish they would upload the teams pictures for 2002 and 2003.

    Cowboysplus.com also changed their format, I just wish they would get rid of all the Java, I would never put Java or Flash on a site that is viewed as much as Cowboysplus.

    - Mike G.
  15. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

    24,188 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Color me unimpressed... it does work considerably better at 1024 x 768, but then I have to increase the text size on my browser, and of course I have to change back as soon as I leave that site... even with my 21" monitor, at my age my old eyes do better at 800 x 600...
  16. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    22,593 Messages
    3,138 Likes Received

    Just grab anything that will fit your motherboard. You may need an older pci slot video card. Depends on how old your pc is. If you have an agp slot then you should have a wide range of options. I'd say just for good graphics but not video editing, high quality photography or games a 50 dollar at most vid card will work wonders. Do not get the pci-express cards, they are brand spanking new.

    Maybe a nvidia mx400 or some such. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc.asp?description=14-139-156&DEPA=1

    That one is 34 bucks if you have AGP. It has a max resolution of 2048x1536@75Hz, which is very good. Shipping is free and there is no tax at newegg.

    IF you only have regular pci slots the same card costs 37 bucks.

    If you arent sure open the case and look at the motherboard. If all the available slots look the same get the PCI card. Unplug your pc from the wall outlet then pop in the card and power it back on and place the cd-rom in the drive and reboot if it doesnt "plug and play".
  17. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

    14,987 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    They suck there.. ever hear of an archive? Why is that endless list of old stories on the front page? They "tweaked" and made things WORSE, LOL!

    DC.com I don't pay for so I'm much less critical, but please, when I see what the Falcons have got going, especially daily camp photo, and email video, and quote, and interview, and story wise, I feel deprived.
  18. Tio

    Tio Armchair QB

    5,205 Messages
    93 Likes Received
    Admire your work at the Rant...
  19. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

    14,547 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Yeah, I really only signed up for the huge archive of old stories and their second to none archive of all the stats of every Cowboys player in history. They are talking about providing a chat feature where we can talk to some of their reporters.

    I dont know about you, I am just not that impressed with alot of the writers who cover the Cowboys. I dont read too many articles by some of the reporters of other teams and maybe my expectations are too high for Dallas Reporters, but I am just not all that impressed. The only one I really pay alot of attention too, is Rick Gosselin, but he seems to like writing about the entire NFL.

    I like JJT, and it seems he seems to get alot of the inside scoops, like he was the only reporter (I believe) who was there for the Henson workout, but I am just unimpressed with his articles at times. I like his Q & A sections better than most of his articles.

    I guess I am more of a history guy. I would like to see someone write an article about the fickle and on and off relationship the fans have had with all of its QBs in Dallas throughout the years (Hmm, I think I have a new article to write :) ).

    They never seem to talk X's and O's. I think there should have been a little bit more technical articles that broke down why Ellis moving to the Weakside was so significant.

    Also, I would prefer that they go into great detail about a specific part of the team instead of having all these long and drawn out articles just touching on all problem areas briefly.

    I have never been to the Falcons' website, but it would be nice to have some of those features you mentioned. The Cowboys have always had a cold relationship with its ex-players. I think they should bring these guys back, have them write articles, give out HSOs (Hot Sports Opinions) and make them accessible to the paying public.

    If I was in charge, that site would overhauled completely. Hell, if I had the access, I wish I could put all this stuff on my site.

    LTN, what are your thoughts?

    BTW, I dont mean to ridicule the reporters, I like Luksa, Mosley and JJT, but I just think they can do better. I know they are very busy, but they are beat writers for a living, so expectations should be high.

    - Mike G.
  20. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

    14,987 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    What is the Rant?

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