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    We are less than two weeks away from the start of training camp! That means what happened last year, the year before, etc. is in the past now. We have a new season to look forward to with new players that will hopefully provide a positive impact and a new defensive coaching staff that will hopefully improve our defense considerably.

    Fans have had an entire off-season to moan and groan about what went wrong last year. There's nothing new that can be said by fans or the media that has not been said and discussed a gazillion times this off-season, so it is time to move on and start focusing on the new season.

    What we know is that Jerry Jones is the owner, Jason Garrett is the head coach and Tony Romo is our franchise quarterback. All of the grumbling and whining will do nothing to change that fact, at least for the upcoming season, so it is time to jump off the bandwagon of hate and get on the bandwagon of hope.

    For those of you who find enjoyment or satisfaction in posting or discussing everything wrong with the team, I have created a new forum for you, the Rant Zone. You will be able to rant about the Cowboys as much as you want in that forum.

    With the introduction of the new Rant Zone forum, we will start cleaning up the Fan Zone. It is the "Fan" Zone after all.

    Thank you!!

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