The Night Game--Eli, Manning, Jacobs, Tuck, Osi--Their House!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Well, ladies, and fellas of the zone. I'm here to pick your brain and fellow opinions about what will either be the first game leading us into the playoffs or our exit out, unfortunately. (Thank You, Jason Garrett.)

    My problem here is these guys have been talking a lot of trash. Have they not? I mean, Jacobs pelvic thrust on our star wasn't exactly the most sportsman like thing to do, was it?

    So they have some players who talk trash. Our players really don't do that. Maybe this Sunday, maybe even you Romo... maybe this Sunday our players can talk some trash to the Giants. If we score, let's take it to their logo.

    They have some mismatches that go in their favor, but so do we. Let's make a list of players we have and see what their capable of. We have the talent to beat this team. I just hope we get the swagger. Walking in their isn't a game anymore; it's business.

    We wear suits to our game for a reason. But I think it's time to loosen up our ties and let loose a little bit. I mean, let's party on their logo. How beautiful would it be if Miles Austin did a dirty pelvic thrust to the Giants logo? How beautiful would it be for Romo to write "see you in 2012" on their wall as we part their house and eliminate them from the playoffs. How about Sean Lee rough up Jacobs, or someone take him out--at the knees.

    This hasn't been a friendly rivalry. I hope we intimidate them and I hope we go in there and dance on their star and disrespect the Giants--in their house.

    In 2007 the Giants talked a lot of trash, too. Don't forget about that.

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    I'd love to go in there and just destroy them. That'd shut 'em up. I'm not sure if all this talking is overconfidence of a lack of confidence, but I hope our entire team is up to teh task to shut them up for good this year.
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    I want to see Witten spike the ball in their face after dragging a few with them. I want to see Austin get fancy on THEIR logo. Dez do something to taunt the crowd. We need to dishearten and discourage them early. This game comes down to attitude as much as anything, I think.
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    Sorry, I put this in the wrong forum...mainly because I hide from most of the banter on the main forum. :( Move please?

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