The Numbers Do Not Lie! Romo is Clutch!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I think your posts effectively places a period on this discussion! This is exactly what people ignore. Clear facts. I would love to see what Eli Manning's defense did for him statistically during his two Super Bowl runs.
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    LMAO, no argument from me.

    Mostly, I just roll my eyes and stay out of most of those ridiculous threads. :D
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    Im just glad im not bitter about it..

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    So clutch yet no championship and only 1 playoff win to show for it.
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    I'll clear it up for you it's the same arguments against Romo from those who choose to be honest. Anyone who's followed Romo's career and isn't in denial has a pretty good idea of what his positives and negatives are. Some can't admit he's an excellent QB and some can't admit there's some chinks in his game. There's arguments for and against him but at the end of the day he gives the Cowboys a chance to be successful and that's pretty much what all 32 teams are looking for in their starting QB. These threads get shutdown because they eventually turn volatile. If they didn't want these Romo threads on the board they would be immediately deleted or there would be a sticky not to post them.

    They're allowed to go one until the bickering becomes tiring for everyone especially the mods who have to stay on top of them. If fans would enter these threads without throwing the word "hater" at everyone who doesn't think Romo is perfect like they seem to think and just discuss the guy peacefully without getting personal they wouldn't shut them down. It's these exchanges like we're having that help get the plug pulled on them only to have someone start another one.
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    I understand your point about protecting the ball and its a good one. This is my area for criticism for Tony and has been since 2006. I just find the all or nothing thinking about this topic to be unrealistic. There are plenty of times Tony gets intercepted and its clearly not his fault. This problem is not unique to Tony. Of course there are times its completely Tony's fault. And I'm sure, statistically speaking, there are times when you could assign some blame to Tony and the receiver as well as the game situation including pressure. There are times when an official blows a call resulting in an INT. Without knowing what route Tony was expecting and whether that receiver ran the proper route this is just not something a fan is going to be able to know with reasonable certainty although some are more apparent than others. Fumbles are a part of the game for QBs. There aren't many times when Tony is that loose with the ball you can completely blame him. Of course there are times Tony puts himself in the position of being stripped or fumbling when perhaps he could have chosen better; like throwing the ball away at times.

    I find the same all or nothing thinking as well in Tony has never won a SB. In fact he's never gotten to the SB much less won one. In actuality he's never gotten to a NFC CC game winning only one playoff game and 'losing' three win and in games! The guys a choker and he sucks!! This is just too simplistic a view of the reality of a football game that has so many variables. JMO. And in analyzing a game even the best have to go to the tape and talk to the player. I do agree that a great number of fans do rely on the bottom line of wins and loses as well as finding blame when their team fails to win a SB.

    SP has made the proper argument why good QBs can fail. Not only are the stats telling but we get right back to the old adage that turnovers are the single best predictor of winning in the NFL. Look at the odds of winning when you turn the ball over more than once. He's just added another part of the equation which is to win in the NFL these days you have to pass better than the other team AND stop the passing attack of the other team better. Passer ratings give one a reasonable first look at how well the QB and team are working. QBs in the top ten is a very reasonable marker for success but you can't use it in isolation.
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    What exactly do you think you're "clearing up" for me, KJ? You just admitted exactly what i've been saying. Its the same arguments, over and over again.

    ..and also like you just said, anyone who's followed Romo's career has a pretty good general idea of what his positives and negatives are, right bud?

    Yet there's still a new thread every day that gets 300 posts arguing about it.

    That's why its silly, and that's why these threads get shut down. There's no point to them anymore at all. Like i said, you can't rehash garbage hundreds of times and make it smell like roses.
  8. KJJ

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    It's the same arguments against Romo so there must be something to them that's what I'm clearing up for you. No matter how many arguments are made in favor of him the same arguments will always be made against him and will continue to be made against him until he at least starts having some playoff/elimination game success. The fan base is frustrated with the team sitting home for the playoffs for a 3rd straight year and Romo receives the brunt of the frustration.

    Say what you will these threads get shutdown because of all the complaining about them and the bickering that ensues. If there was no point in them they wouldn't allow them. It's going to be the same garbage until Romo shuts up his detractors and wins a championship. I don't start these threads I contribute to them and so do you.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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    Its the same arguments for and against Romo.. just like it was 20 threads ago. That's the point, big guy. Saying something 200 times isn't helping anyone, and the arguments aren't changing.

    I feel like a few of you on the board are in the movie "Groundhog Day" sometimes.. willingly.
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    There's the same arguments about a lot of Cowboys related topics don't you think? We hear the same complaints/arguments about the OL, Garrett, Jerry and so on. Don't complain to me I don't start these threads. Like I keep saying if they bother you don't click them on you're just helping to keep them alive.
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    I wasn't complaining to anyone about these threads, let alone you. I just made a couple statements, and you took them personally for some reason. That's honestly all this is.

    I hear what you're saying.. you don't want me to click on these threads if i don't think i'll like them. We all got that 3 pages ago. The thing is, i could say the same to you. If you don't like what im posting in these threads, then stop responding to my comments. Im gonna continue to read the threads that get posted on this board, and if i see more of these silly Romo threads where the same 5 or 6 of you are arguing the same points again and again in some kind of insane, self imposed deja vu.. im going to continue to make little comments about how silly these threads are and how silly you guys sound saying the same things over and over.

    If you don't like what i have to say, feel free to skip over it and move on to the next post where you'll read what you just read a minute ago and respond the same way you just responded a minute ago. Have fun, brother.


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    If Romo was a #1 draft pick and put up these numbers....well.... come on now lol
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    Romo is an 8-8 NFL quarterback that plays for the 8-8 Dallas Cowboys. That's all he is to me....damn the stats. People say the team would not even be 8-8 if it were not for Romo (and I agree). However, I say they also could have been better than 8-8 if it were not for Romo....that's Romo.
  14. RoyTheHammer

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    What does where they were drafted (or not drafted) have to do with their play?

    If anything, i'd have much higher expectations for someone who was a #1 pick than for someone who wasn't even drafted.
  15. CowboyFan74

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    The entire argument is moot.. Romo needs a better supporting cast to go deep into the postseason because clearly he can't carry them that far...

    So why not focus on filling in the missing pieces? Many teams have won Championships and Super Bowls with far inferior QB's than Romo so it's not totally hopeless, build around the franchise player and move fwd....
  16. Clove

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    if you're trying to tell me and the rest of the world that Romo has never had a team around him good enough to go to the Superbowl then you're simply dreaming. Romo's been here for going on 8 years and he's had multiple teams and some were good enough to at least go deep in the playoffs.

    Do you make excuses like this for the rest of the players on the team?
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    If Dez Bryant and Miles Austin weren't on the sidelines when we needed them most, Romo wouldn't of been dumping passes off to Murray. We probably would of drove down the field to score. Blame Romo all you want, but he was just put in a bad situation. No offensive line, No receivers, No running game, No defense. I feel sorry for the guy. What more do you want him to do?

    I hope someday Romo has the pieces around him in place so he can show the world what he's really about.
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    You've been in 2 of these Romo threads the past week complaining about them when all you have to do is ignore them. You've said it's the same posters making the same arguments and went on about how it's the same old garbage so it sure sounds to me like you're complaining. The only reason you've gone 3 pages hearing me tell you not to click these threads on is because you keep responding back. Just move on!

    I'm going to keep discussing this topic and if you're going make comments lumping me into a group of a few posters I'm going to respond and repeat the same thing I've been telling you for the past week don't click the thread on if you don't like the topic. I've said my say and you've said yours so no need to respond back.
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    Thank God Romo is a mere mortal and he cant play forever...I really don't think I can take anymore excuses for this guy and people trying to make him out to be what he is clearly not- Elite...unbelievable!
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