The offensive line excuse is getting old folks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFanSince88, Oct 8, 2012.

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    The Cowboys had some good squads pre-2011 and then went into transition. I thought they were fairly average last year, this year they are playing bad (although against Bears pass blocking was okay) but a lot of other teams are as well.

    I do agree about the excuses, it is what it is... I think talking about trying to upgrade with new players is more of an off-season discussion.

    It is hard, but some teams have compensated for their deficiencies at o-line with play elsewhere to find a lot of success in the past. Steelers with Big Ben buying time, Giants with Eli hitting the hot route to Cruz all day last year, Cardinals with Kurt Warner making quick throws to Boldin and jump balls to Fitz, Bears utilizing a great screen game with some down-field shots, etc etc...
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    Ding ding ding! They also got blown up by Philthy the year before that and they were manhandled by NYG in the aforementioned playoff game. It's ridiculously obvious even if you have another axe to grind.
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    Arizona leads the league in sacks allowed and is 4-1 with a far worse QB than we have. Our offensive line hasn't given up nearly as many sacks as some other teams. Granted, some of it is because of Romo's ability to escape pressure, but the issues with our team extend far beyond our offensive line. How about scoring 3 offensive TD's (not counting Kyle Orton's TD Pass) in 3 weeks? If the OL is going to be held accountable, then so is the rest of the team INCLUDING our QB. I'm sorry, but with all the talent we have, we should be able to score more than 21 points on offense in 3 games.
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    It doesn't matter how bad the OL is, Romo has to be better!!!!!

    solid thought, threadstarter. you clearly have a firm grasp on this subject.
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    Maybe our "talent" that everyone talks about endlessly just isn't that good....
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    Yeah people have been overrating our talent for years and this is no different.
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    Sadly, I think Jerry Jones agrees with you :(
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    QFT! :fact:
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    Neither did the rest of us.
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    I am just amazed its gone on this long.

    But then the OP is someone to whom reality is the undiscovered country.
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    Nice post^^ Our Oline is not the only line that sucks in the league. Other teams QB's can get it done or at least put up more productive numbers than ours with olines just as bad. Constantly blaming the Oline is getting old. We have many other problems besides the Oline. Our oline played average against the Bears. They played good enough for our QB to be productive and yet he still missed throws to wide open receivers for touchdowns and turned the ball over 3 times himself.

    Murray fumbled the ball 2 times and those were completely on him, not the oline. Dez dropped 2 passes and ran the wrong route on another that cost us a pick 6. That had nothing to do with the oline.

    We put no pressure on the opposing teams QB, that has nothing to do with the oline.
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    I disagree, you need a good O line to be successful and run a sucessful offense.. Use the Cardinals all you want, but I can promise you that team is winning NOTHING... WE cant run the ball, we cant pass protect, Our WR arent on the same page as our QB, I can go on and on and on... WE are a mess
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    It only gets old once we get a DECENT O line.

    Until then only morons dismiss the impact a lousy O line has on a team
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    Heard the announcer say that the Jets OL has 3 all-pros.

    Well, the Jets ain't going anywhere soon until they get a QB, several WRs and a RB.
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    I agree, the OL has been used as an excuse far too long.

    Every team in the league has a major area of weakness. The good teams overcome their weaknesses.

    People think that we need to stack the offense with 3 pro bowl WR, 1 probowl RB, 1 probowl TE and an OL w/ several probowlers to succeed. People act as if we need to fill out the offense with as many high draft picks and expensive free agents as possible. Only then will our offense not completely suck and wilt under pressure.

    But maybe the reason our offense sucks and wilts like a dead flower is the guy who designed and currently runs our sucky offense.
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    "You're in the zone!"
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    The trenches does offensive balance. The Cowboys had a balanced offense in one game this year, and they looked like world beaters.

    No doubt Romo has to consistently make better decisions, but that's harder to do with constant pressure & breakdowns. We've even seen it affect the likes of Brady in the super bowl.

    RG Bernadeau for instance, has allowed 3 sacks in 4 games, was the one that whiffed on his block and allowed the Bucs D-lineman to come free and temporarily knock Romo unconscious, and he was also the guy that allowed Melton from the Bears to come free & jar the ball loose that went right to Briggs. There's a reason they were talking about benching this guy before the Bears game, and there's a reason the coaches & players have all acknowledged the O-Line hasn't played well.
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    i fully agree with this post. the same applies to other problems that the team has had over the past decade - e.g., too many penalties, D-line not getting enough pressure.
  19. burmafrd

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    only morons think you need multiple pro bowlers on the O line to be good.
    Only morons thing that a lousy O line is no impediment to being good.
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    :laugh2: :bow:

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