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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avery, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Avery

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    Hi guys,

    This will be the official thread for all the picks in the mock draft. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD! ONLY MOCK DRAFT ADMINS/SITE ADMINS WILL POST!
  2. Tobal

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    1 1 Houston Reggie Bush, RB USC
    2 2 Oakland (from New Orleans)D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia
    3 3 Tennessee Matt Leinart, QB, USC
    4 4 N.Y. Jets AJ Hawk, LB, Ohio State
    5 5 Green Bay Mario Williams, DE North Carolina State
    6 6 San Francisco Vernon Davis, TE Maryland
    7 7 New Orleans (from Oakland) Manny Lawson, LB North Carolina State
    8 8 Buffalo Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon
    9 9 Detroit Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
    10 10 Arizona Vince Young, QB Texas
    11 11 Minnesota (from St Louis) Brodrick Bunkley, DT Florida State
    12 12 Cleveland Kamerion Wimbley, LB Florida State
    13 13 Seattle (from Baltimore) Michael Huff, DB Texas
    14 14 Philadelphia Chad Jackson, WR Florida
    15 15 Denver (from Atlanta) Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State
    16 16 Miami Jimmy Williams, DB Virginia Tech
    17 17 St Louis (from Minny) Ernie Sims, LB Florida State
    18 18 Baltimore (from Seattle from Dallas) Winston Justice, USC
    19 19 San Diego Antonio Cromartie, CB Florida State
    20 20 Kansas City Tye Hill, CB Clemson
    21 21 Indianapolis (from New England) Lendale White, RB USC
    22 22 Denver (from Washington) DeAngelo Wiliams, RB Memphis
    23 23 Tampa Bay Chad Greenway, L Iowa
    24 24 Arizona (from Cincinnati) Donte Whitner, S Ohio State
    25 25 N.Y. Giants Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio State
    26 26 Chicago Sinorice Moss, WR Miami
    27 27 Carolina Laurence Maroney, RB Minnesota
    28 28 Jacksonville DeMeco Ryan, LB Alabama
    29 29 Oakland (from N.Y. Jets from Denver) Tamba Hali, DE Penn State
    30 30 San Diego (from Indianapolis) Johnathon Joseph, CB S. Carolina
    31 31 Dallas (from Seattle) Eric Winston , OT Miami
    32 32 Pittsburgh Jason Allen, S Tenn


    Trades thus far:

    New Orleans Saints trade #2 to the Oakland Raiders for #7 and #69
    New England Patriots trade #21 to the Indianapolis Colts for #30 and #94
    Cincinnati Bengals trade #24 to the Arizona Cardinals for #41 and #72
    Dallas trades #18 to seattle for #31, 1st round in 2007, and 4th round in 2006
    Baltimore trades #13 to seattle for #18 and #95
    Jets trade #29 to Oakland for #38 and 2007 2nd round pick
    New England trades #30 to San Diego for #50 and #81
  3. Tobal

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    1 33 Houston Marcus McNeil, Auburn OT
    2 34 New Orleans Nick Mangold, C Ohio State
    3 35 N.Y. Jets Thomas Howard, LB UTEP
    4 36 Green Bay Max Jean Gilles, OG Georgia
    5 37 San Francisco Dqwell Jacskon
    6 38 NY Jets Leanoard Pope, TE Georgia
    7 39 Tennessee Mathias Kiwanuka, DE BC
    8 40 Detroit Daryl Tapp, DE Va Tech
    9 41 Cincinnati (from Arizona) K Simpson, S South Carolina
    10 42 Buffalo Ashton Youboty, CB Ohio State
    11 43 Cleveland Gabe Watson, DT Michigan
    12 44 Baltimore Darnell Bing, SS USC
    13 45 Philadelphia Joseph Addai , RB LSU
    14 46 St. Louis Kelly Jennings, CB Miami
    15 47 Atlanta Mercedes Lewis, TE UCLA
    16 48 Minnesota Roger MCintosh, LB Miami
    17 49 Dallas Mark Anderson LB, Alabama
    18 50 New England (from San Diego) Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame
    19 51 St Louis (from Minnesota from Miami) Claude Wroten, DT ISU
    20 52 San Francisco (from New England) Davin Joseph, OG Oklahoma
    21 53 Washington Spencer Havner, LB UCLA
    22 54 Kansas City Martin Nance, WR Miami Ohio
    23 55 Cincinnati Dominck Bird, TE USC
    24 56 N.Y. Giants Jason Avant, WR
    25 57 Chicago Richard Marshall
    26 58 Carolina Jonathon Scott, OT Texas
    27 59 Tampa Bay Dee Webb
    28 60 Philly (from Jacksonville) Rod Wright, DT , Texas
    29 61 Denver Joe Klopfenstein, TE Colorado
    30 62 Indianapolis Charlse Spencer OG, Oklahoma
    31 63 Seattle Fasano, TE Notre Dame
    32 64 Pittsburgh Abdul Hodge, LB Iowa
  4. Tobal

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    1 65 Houston Tatsui Luti, OG USC
    2 66 Houston (from New Orleans) Pat Watkins, S FSU
    3 67 Green Bay Derek Hagan, WR ASU
    4 68 New England (from San Francisco) Maurice Drew, RB UCLA
    5 69 New Orleans (from Oakland) Brandon Marshall, WR Central Florida
    6 70 Buffalo (from Tennessee) Daryn Colledge, OT Boise St
    7 71 N.Y. Jets Daniel Manning DB, ACU
    8 72 Cincinnati (from Arizona) Cedric Griffin, CB UT
    9 73 Buffalo Daniel Bullocks, S Nebraska
    10 74 Detroit Brian Calhoun, RB Wisconsin
    11 75 New England (from Baltimore) Alan Zapatis, Penn State
    12 76 Jacksonville (from Philadelphia) Jerious Norwood, RB Miss State
    13 77 St. Louis Ray Edwards, DE Purdue
    14 78 Cleveland Antoine Bethea, DB Howard
    15 79 Atlanta Greg Jennings, WR Western Michigan
    16 80 Dallas Roman Harper, FS Alabama
    17 81 New England (from San Diego) Greg Blue, Georgia
    18 82 Miami Brodie Coyle, QB Alabama
    19 83 Minnesota Kellen Clemens, QB Oregon
    20 84 New England (from San Francisco from Washington) Elvis Dumervil, Lousiville
    21 85 Kansas City Jon Alston, LB Stanford
    22 86 New England John Macargo, DT NC State
    23 87 N.Y. Giants Antony Smith, S Syracuse
    24 88 Chicago David Thomas, TE Texas
    25 89 Carolina Tim Day, TE Oregon
    26 90 Tampa Bay Ryan Cook, Ol NM
    27 91 Cincinnati Dusty Dvoracek, DL Oklahoma
    28 92 Jacksonville Hank Basset WR, NM
    29 93 Denver Orian Harris, DT Miami
    30 94 New England (from Indianapolis) Mark Setterstorm, OL Minn
    31 95 Baltimore (from Seattle) Charlie Whitehusrt, QB Clemson
    32 96 Pittsburgh Mike Hass, Wr Oregon
    33 97 N.Y. Jets (Compensatory Selection) Andrew Whitworth, DT LSU
  5. cobra

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    NY Jets Draft:

    A.J. Hawk, OLB Ohio St.
    Thomas Howard, OLB UTEP
    Leonard Pope, TE UGA
    Daneil Manning, CB/S/KR ACU
    Andrew Whitworth, OT LSU


    Picked up Oakland Raiders 2nd Round pick in 2007.

    Their new 3-4 defenses is going to be awesome with Hawk, Howard and Vilma.
  6. brewers47

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    New England Patriots Draft

    Maurice Stovall, WR Notre Dame
    Maurice Drew, RB UCLA
    Alan Zematis, CB Penn State
    Greg Blue, S Goergia
    Elvis Dumevil DE/OLB Louisville
    Jon McCargo DT NC State
    Mark Setterstorm OG, Minnesota

    Thats right 7 picks in the First 3 Rounds (1 in the 2nd and 6 in the 3rd)
  7. Avery

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    Yep. Draft of the day IMO.
  8. stasheroo

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    I really like what Houston did:


    A stud running back and two components to improving their offensive line. Watkins is gravy!

  9. Avery

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    Yep. Another good draft.
  10. Cowboy Junkie

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    I know a lot thought I picked Lawson early but For New Orleans to get

    Manny Lawson DE/LB
    Nick Mangold (Best Center in the draft)
    Brandon Marshall who I feel is the 3rd best WR in draft and has the most upside. I can live with that...

    I do not like what the Cowboys did and I sure hope it dose not go that way
  11. stasheroo

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    I don't like the Cowboys' draft either. If that happened, I'd shoot my TV!

  12. Encore

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    The Baltimore Ravens

    1st - Winston Justice, OT, USC
    2nd - Darnell Bing, SS, USC
    3rd - Charlie Whitehurst, QB, Clemson


    The Ravens were very happy how the draft came together for them. They were able to pick up Winston after a trade down that also landed them a 3rd round pick. Bing and Reed should be a great combo together in the secondary. Finally adding Whitehurst to push for the starting job.
  13. Woods

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    I think the 2nd round pick is o.k., but I didn't like the 1st or 3rd round picks.
  14. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    For the Ravens this was a good draft.
    Very good Olineman .
    decent SS
    and maybe a QB that is better than what they have...

    I would think The Ravens could live with that draft
  15. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    I agree 2nd rounder ok but the other 2 picks ....
    If That first round pick would have came out last year then I could see taking him in the first but this year he is no better than a mid to late 2nd
  16. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    Thanks Avery,
    Draft was a lot of fun and thanks for taking my guy for me..
  17. Cajuncowboy

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    Oakland Raiders Draft:

    I liked swapping my first with the Saints. Essentially getting the best player in the draft in exchange for my third rounder. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is the only guy who was worth making the leap in the top half of the draft. And I only gave up a third to do it.

    Then swapping a second round this year which was simply improving the slot into the first round in exchange for the Raiders second rounder next year for what could be one of the top end rushers in Tamba Hali was a very good swap. I know I could have gotten three players if I stayed pat but in the end I got two great players and really all I gave up was two picks.
  18. junk

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    There will always be second guessers. I guess I would have considered the second round pick to be the one people complained about.

    Picked up a first next year and regained a fourth this year.

    Winston is graded as a first round tackle. Fits what the Cowboys are doing better than McNeil. He could also compete at guard. Who would you have taken instead?

    Anderson is a terrific athlete. He is one of the few DE converts that could probably play the strong side. Nickel rusher as well.

    Harper was the highest rated safety on the board in the third.

    Had I not moved down and not gained the first next year and the fourth, I would have taken Carpenter/Colledge/Harper.

    When you are drafting in a Cowboys mock, players that the Cowboys might actually target are overvalued and drafted higher than they would in real life. Highly unlikely that Lawson goes to NO at 7. Lawson, Wimbley and Carpenter all off the board at 31. FS is a waste in 1 and there wasn't anyone of value there.
  19. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    I will say one thing Junk , That had to have been a lot of pressure picking for the Boys on a Boys board...

    I did like your 2nd pick but I thought we did not get that real good player.
    1st pick have Questions about health and if he will be the same before injury.
    2nd rounder a bit of a project.although I like the player
    3rd rounder a player that I thought was a reach just because we lack in the position.
    But At first I wanted the Cowboys but than after I thought about it not so much ...I couldnt take that kind of pressure
  20. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    While I could see trading down for a 4th rounder this year, why would you trade down for an imaginary 1st round pick next year which for all intents and purposes doesn't exist?

    Not to mention the fact that I feel these Cowboys are in a "win-now" mode rather than looking to stockpile future draft picks.

    Just curious as to your thinking in that regard?

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