The one Cowboy you would love to meet?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. RCowboyFan

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    Troy Aikman for me too. But for record, I am not much into meeting stars etc. Unless its like a accidental thing. So I probably would never approach him.

    Second one would be Irvin. Now thats a guy I would love to party with :D Unfortunately I don't do drugs nor can even fathom doing that though ;) Irvin sure seems like would be fun even without any mind altering substances
  2. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    Troy Aikman without a doubt
  3. DA FAN

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    Hos, Roger was also my childhood hero. Now, my DAD is.

    You just never know. You might get to meet Roger one of these days.

    I always wanted to meet Roger, but never thought it was possible.

    When I first started collecting memorabilia and started going to sports cards shows, I learned that he occasionally made appearances, so that gave me hope. 10 years later, I finally meet him.

    Now, I look forward to meeting Danny White.
  4. dougonthebench

    dougonthebench Cowboys Forever

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    I am 100% with you on that one.
  5. cowboyeric8

    cowboyeric8 Chicks dig crutches

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    My man Troy, him and my dad are the reasons I'm a Cowboys fan.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    #12. You really need an explaination?
  7. TruBlueCowboy

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    Jerry Jones.

    He's been there the longest of the current crew.

    I could hear some great stories about the 90's Cowboys, the Parcells Cowboys, and all the crap inbetween.

    If Landry or Schramm were still alive, I'd pick them, a lot longer period to cover.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    Emmitt, easy choice..
  9. dwmyers

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    Roger Staubach would be my first choice. Barring that, I think I'd like to talk to the Cowboys-turned writers, myself. Guys like Pete Gent and Pat Toomay come to mind.

    Finally in deference to the Cowboy my dad liked best, I sure wouldn't mind sharing a Coors with Bob Lilly.

  10. felix360

    felix360 Active Member

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    the playmaker, seems like a guy u can have a few beers with, he;s a people person
  11. diehard2294

    diehard2294 America's Team

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    hands down Emmitt,I'm going to his Canton cerimony
  12. The Answer

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    Current: Drew Bledsoe

    Past: Emmitt Smith

    ~The Answer
  13. Dallas4ever

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    Very tough question.....but I'd have to go with Roger Staubach.

    I would have to try to figure out how to tell him that I love him, without giving him the wrong impression.:huh:

    On second thought.....maybe I'll keep that to myself.:D

    Drew Pearson
    Randy White
    Charles Haley

    Would be choices as well.
  14. demdcowboys#1

    demdcowboys#1 Well-Known Member

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    Roy Williams, i got 4 of his jerseys, lots of memorabilia, etc on him
    My favorite player, i'd love to meet him!
  15. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

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    I had the pleasure of meeting Troy Aikman back in 1995. I just exchanged a few words with him and had my picture taken, but it was a great memory.

    Of the all-time Cowboys, if I could have a real conversation with one guy, it'd have to be Emmitt. He seems like he'd be a great guy to sit down over dinner with and just shoot the breeze.

    Of the current Cowboys, I can't think of anything more fun than playing a round of golf with Drew Bledsoe.
  16. bewareofdware

    bewareofdware New Member

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    defintely roy williams cuz i haven't watched football that much so i don't know nearly as much as you guys do about the old cowboys and he is definitely the face of the new cowboys
  17. DezBRomo9

    DezBRomo9 Not enough blitzing..

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    Crawford Ker-Nevermind, I can talk to him whenever I want, his Winghouse Restaurant is right around the corner from where i live!

    On a serious note-Coach Landry or Emmitt. Pretty easy choice for me.
  18. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    anyone of the cheerleaders i am not gonna be picky:)
  19. J-DOG

    J-DOG Active Member

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    I consider myself lucky having met and collected autographs from Randy White, Tom Landry, Drew Pearson, Jay Novacek and Duane Thomas.
    Drew is my favorite player of all time and he came down to do a speech for a fund raiser for the local YMCA and he talked for about an hour and took questions from the crowd. Great stuff hearing about the Staubach vs. Longley fight in the locker room which eventually led to the dismissal of Longley.
    I have to say that when I met Coach Landry I was awe-struck. I mean I am old enough to remember his coaching show that was on TV back in the day.
    Looking back on it I wish I could do that meet and greet over again. Landry flew down in his plane to do an autograph signing at the local mall promoting his autobiograhical book about his life. He was going to be there from 8 am to 10 am and I was the first guy there with nobody else around but Coach and me. I mean looking back on it what a great opportunity to ask the man some questions or listen to him talk about players or coaches he was involved with.
    Coach couldn't have been more nice to me. I think he knew I was nervous. But I was totally intimidated and was just tongue tied the whole time. Looking back at that experience I understood why everyone respected Coach Landry so much...He was a great person.
    Back to the original question....
    4.Emmitt and Troy
    5.Tony Dorsett
  20. DA FAN

    DA FAN Active Member

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    I bet it was an awesome experience.

    I wish I would've had the opportunity to meet Coach Landry as well.

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