The original 88 thinks we will be in the Super Bowl!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys=SuperBowl, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Drew Pearson predicts that the Dallas Cowboys will be playing in Super Bowl XLVII**************%2Fresources%2Fimages%2FSD-logo-50.jpg%3Fs%3D52&r=G
    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor
    4:51 pm on July 2, 2013 | Permalink




    Former Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Drew Pearson is very optimistic about the upcoming Cowboys season. The Ring of Honor member and three-time Pro Bowler predicted Tuesday that his former team will win 11 games in 2013.

    “It’s time. They’re due,” Pearson said. “Everybody else has had a chance, let’s get these guys their opportunity. I just think there are a few missing pieces on offense. Get a running game going, keep people healthy there, improvement in the offensive line. Romo passed for over 4,900 yards last season. It’s just a matter of getting that ball in the end zone.

    “I just think they have what it takes on offense, and then defensively, the improvements there, I think the Cowboys have made the most upgrades with this football team as anybody in the NFC East. So I think they got a great shot. Keeping people healthy is going to be a big thing.”


    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...oys-will-be-playing-in-super-bowl-xlvii.html/
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    I'll believe it if Roger says it.
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    If we are in the SB, I hope we play the Texans.
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    It's more believable with Drew saying it he's a lot more candid about the team than Roger.
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    Can't wait to start PLAYING. The day to day predictions are getting tiresome.
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    I discount the they're due comment since due has nothing to do with it.

    However, I hope he is correct. He tends not to allow his past affiliations with the team color his commentary on the team.
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    There you have it folks.... We are going to the super bowl!
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    Well its certainly not an analysis with any depth to it. But whatever. I loved Drew as a player. I don't find much value in his commentary on the team now.
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    If this team stays relatively healthy we have just about a good a shot as anyone. We aren't quite in the Denver, New England, Baltimore, San Fran, Green Bay, Seattle teir yet but we'er just as likely as the other teams that have a solid QB.

    My biggest question is that we dont have any guys with Super Bowl experience, sans Parnell on the NO practice squad - and I think this crop of guys always have a bit of doubt and worry start to creep in around December each year, that whole 'here we go again' attitude.

    If they can put together some meaningful wins in December and January I can see them going toe to toe with anyone.
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    It seems to me that Jason Garrett is slowly changing that whole "Here we go again" attitude. IMO that's a HUGE step in the right direction.
  11. Apollo Creed

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    I'd like to believe that but he's been here since 2007, he's just as much a part of it as anyone else. That's why if they don't go to the playoffs this year he's almost 100% gone.

    I like what he's done in terms of cleaning the locker room up, his draft approach, and adjusting the teams philosophy - but Red needs to improve as much as anyone else.
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    Hope he is right, how defense plays I think will be the key to success or failure
  13. CoCo

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    This team has players with meaningful wins in December. See the stretch run in 2009 and even the Pittsburgh & Cincy games last year.

    I think the folks who struggle with "here we go again" are certain fans.
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    I'm not going to rain on anyone's parade, but I think we can make it to the Super Bowl and win it as well. But we could do that every year. Most teams now have that chance. It comes down to Coaching, and QB play. And obviously injuries can have a big impact on that as well. I believe we have great talent on this team. And I believe we've had great talent for years. As good a talent as you can have for this era of football. The 3 most important parts of a football team on any level are the ownership ship (or talent pool) the Coaching, and Quarterback play. Jones is a bad GM. It's like he doesn't have an identity of what he wants his team to be, his drafting is all over the place from year to year. You look at NY Giants, they almost always draft a defensive lineman, because their identity is, they want to get after the QB.

    Garrett is a mystery Coach. On one hand, his plays are pretty explosive, but his details to moving the chain are iffy. Too much chatter at the LOS before the snap, too unorganized for my blood. Sometimes I'm unclear as to who's running the defense, Garrett or Jones. Because one minute he hires Ryan, the next season he cans Ryan and the 3-4, then an ancient coach with a new scheme. (although I love the 4-3) So, you have to wonder if Garrett is running the defense, and if not, does that impede is ability to be a successful coach all around. Also, his game management needs improvement, his attention to short yardage and goal line needs a ton of improvement. Throwing the ball too much when the pressure is heavy, it's like he's just calling plays and not understanding the entire scope of the game situation. He sees his QB under pressure, yet runs no quick slants, or screens, or try to max-protect. How can you be considered a nice up and coming head coach when your only claim to fame is calling an explosive passing game ( cause you were a QB) and making your team play with heart? It takes more than that, mainly how to understand the details of game management from play to play, from series to series. That's where the guy struggles.

    And lastly our QB, which has been documented "fairly" by guys who can see clearly.
    Romo is definitely talented enough to take us there, just doesn't have the lower parts down the stretch. His nerves, he freezes like a deer in head lights in those type games. This is why I kept preaching about guys from big schools who were successful, and had pedigree. Not because they are necessarily better individually than a small school guy, but because if you can play pressure games against the best in College, with monster crowds on national TV in front of millions, and be successful, it means you can usually deal with it in the pros. Notice I said usually, because every QB that comes out from a big school doesn't necessarily do much down the stretch. But when you find a great prospect in the top rounds, your chances of finding a guy who can deal with pressure games, and nothing phases him, go way up. If I were Tony Romo, I'd go to a psychologist and work on controlling himself in those type of games. Either he does something stupid to mess it up, or sits back and doesn't do anything to help the team win, eg (plays safe) And that my friends is nerves.

    Some people are not phased by pressure or big moments, and quite frankly, others are. This includes linemen, receivers, running back, every position on the team, but the QB is the BIGGEST position on the team. We need that guy of all people to stay calm. Here's a small example of a person who showed up in a big game, that would be me.

    It was flag football, which is obviously different from the NFL, but whatever league you play, or have played in is usually competitive. So all year long, I was torching teams badly. Putting up monster numbers during the regular season, teams definitely double teamed me after a while. So we make it to the playoffs, and now we're in the championship game. Their defense put a guy ten yards off the line on me, and the guy would immediately come in and take away anything short. They moved the deep safety all the way over to my side and the MLB would spy me just in case. If I tried to drag across the field, the corner would follow me, and the zone would stay put. So basically, I was a no show all game. The QB couldn't even really throw it my way. So since they were going to play me like that, I decided to run the same route the entire game from a jogging perspective. I would jog at the corner and just turn around. I did this nearly the entire game after it was apparent they were not going to let me do anything. The game went back and forth, and finally in to over time and we got possession of the ball, if we scored we won. It was like 3rd down, we were 45 yards out from the end zone. 3rd and 10, finally in the huddle, my QB asked what play we wanted to run.

    That was the first time he'd asked that all game long. And the other receiver was saying this and that, and finally I spoke up. I told my QB to throw it deep down the side line and we would win the game. He warned me about the coverage on that side, I told him that they were falling asleep because of how I've been running the routes all game long, and that the safety was cheating more towards the middle again and taking his eyes off of me, just send the back wide behind me, flare the back out and we will score the TD, just drop back, and throw the thing deep and in bounds. So I took off jogging at the corner, he took a peak in the back field, and I was gone. He turned around and sprinted after me, he was much faster than I was at that time in my life. The safety had cheated towards to the middle and was trying to get back over towards the sideline, Lance threw the ball deep after avoiding a sack. The ball was a tad too far so I had to dive, caught it with the corner less than a foot behind me with his hands stretched wide, a diving catch in the back of the end zone for the victory. My greatest day in my own personal sports career.

    I learned that day that what counts is what you do when the game is on the line, the season is on the line. I didn't care that the defense was allowing them to score, and they had serious pressure on the QB all game long but he did what he had to do. This is the reason I don't accept excuses because Romo is talented. And if you're talented, you get it done no matter what. And he's been in position to get it done and someone else got it done instead. This is why I don't think Tony can ever win, because he's just too small town, too much of a feel good story, and not enough of what it takes to get through the grind of playing the best of the best in elimination games, which are the entire playoffs. He would have to win at minimum, 3 games in a row against world class defenses and coaching, not to mention possible hostile crowds, millions of people. Not to mention the pressure of being the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, which is a burden in itself to handle. You have to have some HUGE ones to get through all that pressure, and so far, I just don't think Romo has that type of fight in him.
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    Did your psychologist help you with that flag football game?
  16. Doomsday101

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    LOL... this is what it has come to? Oh brother the off season is way too long. lol
  17. 5Stars

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    I did not mean nothing bad about what I posted, but he suggested that maybe Romo needs a psychologist to make him a better football player. I just thought maybe he was speaking from experience. My bad...
  18. Doomsday101

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    Romo has also had success in pressure games, only thing wrong with the Cowboys is the team as a whole. There are things Romo needs to do better than he did this past season but to get to where we want to be is more than coach and QB, it is OL play it is defensive play it is cutting down on turnovers and doing a much better job of creating turnovers which we don't get. Not a secret if a team is taking the ball away from the opponent they are giving their offense more chances to score and fact is our defense does not get a lot of turnovers.
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    I know it will be hard but I really think we need another 8-8 season. One more draft and year of experience for this years rookies.
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    That's for sure.

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