The Outcome of the Packers Game Was Unchangeable?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasEast, Feb 12, 2014.

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    I think the only problem with this is you can't say the rest of the game would have flowed the same way time wise. I do agree with the premise that they should have run the ball more. They made a few time management mistakes that in all likelihood cost them the game. But that's an assumption.
  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    The Packers players couldnt even believe what the Cowboys coaching staff was doing in the second half.
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    And this coaching staff has another year to add more of this records....
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    You pick 4 incomplete passes to test your theory. What about all those completed passes that led to 10 second half points. Some of those passes could have been running plays as well and maybe they don't pick up enough yards to get a first down, let alone scoring points. You can't run out the clock for the entire second half.

    Dallas had scored on 8 of their first 10 drives and you still want blame the offense and Garrett. The DEFENSE lost the game, it should have never been that close. They let up 5 straight TD scoring drives, totaling over 320 yds and it took less than 15 minutes of game time. Just because Aikman was parroting your thoughts it doesn't make them any more correct.
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    If we kneel the ball three plays in a row and punt, we win running the ball JG opend up the door for the inevitable holding penalty.
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    GB was losing by 20+ points beginning of second half yet they had more run attempts in the second half. That just tells you how clueless JG is when it comes to game management.

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    1.) We make zero attempt at ball control.

    A. That leaves our defense on field longer which in turn leaves their offense on the field longer and/or gives them more series/plays on offense.

    2.) We make almost zero attempt to run the ball.
    A. See 1A

    This is a band formula. It's hard enough to win in nfl as it is so we are trying to win very game all gung-ho on passing and expecting a bad defense to "defend" more plays/times than it should.

    Garrett makes the defense worse than it is by putting on he field linger than it should be.
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    Certain? All of them if they weren't Witten on button hooks, Dez on deep curls, or swing passes or screens to Murray.
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    The Garrett homers refuse to admit reality. Basically the same mentality as the Romo haters.
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