Recap: The past fifteen years - a long time fans perspective.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JoeCorrado, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Can this never end? It is as if my Cowboys have become the epitome of a team that no matter what, no matter the circumstances, no matter the score, or the opponent- they are a team that just cannot avoid that final heartbreak in the end. A curse perhaps? For the way Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones teamed up to effectively destroy a dynasty? There was a time when my Cowboys would find a way to win- when my faith was strong till the final whistle sounded. New ways to lose? Watch my Cowboys now. If they can't find it, nobody can.

    With each new season, my hopes rise despite my better judgement, My excitement at the possibilities surrounding this draft pick or that new coach, some new strategy, scheme or concept all grow out of proportion to the realities. And the disappointments just keep coming. My own fault, I know. Even the 1-15 season was easier to bear than this stuff, because then I still had FAITH.

    There is plenty of blame to go around but playing the blame game is for kids, it gets old in a hurry. Making excuses is for losers, it gets old even faster. I have loved the Dallas Cowboys and pulled for this team for over 40 years and it is hard for me to say that this team has been pretty consistent... consistently disappointing- for so long now. So tantalizingly close sometimes, and yet so very far away. Next year... never seems to come. Who is really in charge of this circus?

    This just sucks year after year and my own cheer leading and bravado is getting old even to my own ears. I am one confused puppy. My only consolation is remembering that it took Landry a while to go from expansion team wanna be's to power house contenders who could be consistent. I know- it really does take time. I get it. But with Landry or Johnson (even Parcells) there was a consistency of purpose, a consistency of schemes and player types, draft strategies and steady progress- even if slow. What we have had for most of 15 years resembles nothing more than a indecisive, impatient, one step forward- two steps back approach that provides only confusion all wrapped up with a really swell card that reads disappointment.

    There- got that off my chest. Can't say that I feel any better for it, but there it is. Keeping the faith... I hope.
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