The PERFECT Dallas draft...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. TheSport78

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    1A) DE/OLB Shawne Merriman (alternate: DeMarcus Ware)
    1B) Trade down at #20 and get 2nd and 3rd rounder this year
    2A) FS Brodney Poole
    2B) CB Marlin Jackson (we NEED depth at corner..what if Newman and/or Henry get hurt..AND Jackson could possibly play some safety for us also)
    3) WR Terence Murphy (ran a 4.39 at the combine this year, could be a great #3 for us this year because lets face it, Quincy Morgan isn't going to cut it)
    4) OT David Baas (will be a very productive player for us for many years)
    5) LB Michael Boley
    6) RB Maurice Clarett (why not?? lets give the guy a shot..if anyone can set this guy straight it is Parcells)

    then we have another 6th rounder and a 7th...doesn't really matter at this point?
    This draft is very deep at CB, WR, and RB. I really think we should trade out of #20 and get some real productive players for us in the 2nd. Lets just hope Poole is still on the board. We NEED leadership in the secondary and on the defense in general. What do you guys think?
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    :welcome: to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here.
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  4. TheSport78

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    thanks guys glad to be here, ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY!!!!
  5. KDWilliams85

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    Welcome to the forum. Time to nitpick. :D

    1) In the fourth round, David Bass won't be there. I guarantee it.

    2) We have plenty of depth at the CB, just not experience.

    3) I don't think we should stay at #11, we should go down to 15 or 16 and grab Ware or Troy Williamson.

    4) In the second round with your trade, we should get Justin Tuck and Josh Bullocks.

    5) If Terrence Murphy is there in the third round (which we don't have), he'll have to slip to the fourth for us to get him.

    6) Maurice Clarett does deserve a chance and I think we should give it to him.

    Other than that... nice draft. :)
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    Welcome to the Board, 78. I hope you enjoy your time here.

    Now bend over fish:

  7. StonetheCrow77

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    and to elaborate... Baas will not be a OT... he'll be a OG or C...
  8. ghst187

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    sign me up with some minor changes,
    1) Please no Ware at 11, way too high for him, make Spears the alternate
    2) if we get MJ, we don't need Poole because Henry and MJ will be interchangeable. Use our first second on Marlin and late second on Jonathan Goddard.
    3) Murphy in the third would be a steal.
    4) Baas is the most underrated OL in this draft, in fact he may be the surest thing of all of them, he just doesn't happen to play RT. Love the pick.
    5) LOVE the Boley pick. He very well could get forgotten in the shuffle, what a player.
    6) Don't mind Clarett in the 6th, we have another 6th so let's use it on Sproles (while we're dreamin)
    7th, let's take the best small school prospect out there
  9. speedkilz88

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    The Cowboys have two sixth round picks.
  10. Billy Bullocks

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    Baas goes late 1st early 2nd. You ever seen your boy Murphy play? Cuz if not, i suggest you stop even trying to vouche for him. Let's see his football speed 1st. I doubt we completely trade our 20th for a 2nd and 3rd, maybe slide down 5-8 spots for a 3rd, thats about it
  11. TheSport78

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    my bad guys i forgot Baas is a guard/center. How about getting OT Ray Willis in the 3rd and getting WR Murphy in the 4th?? That looks like a siiick draft!
  12. ShiningStar

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    Welcome to the board...good thinking on that draft...very well thoughtout.
  13. dools

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    i dont think we should get poole and jackson. If we just got jackson, he could compete for safety, and give us depth at corner.
  14. silverbear

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