The Pieces Are Coming Together (opinion and probably not a popular one)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SDogo, Oct 9, 2006.

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    It's no secret I'm not a big fan of Parcells. With every heart breaking lose the only positive I find is that maybe just maybe it brings Bill one step closer to walking at seasons end and taking his retreads with him.

    Living in Steelers country the fans around here are not doing much better. The basic opinion around here was to win 1 more before Cowher stepped down. The season started rough with rumors that Cowher wanted out and now they are even louder. All the local radio shows are projecting a mid season firing. People close to him are saying he's not happy with the Steelers off season approach.

    There a few current NFL Coaches I would be interested in walking the sidelines for the Cowboys next season but Cowher is one of them! I would love to see what he could do with the players we have in the 3-4. He's not afraid to play young guys including QB's and he has more energy then we have seen on the sidelines for a while.

    I'm not ready to pack in the season but I can't say I'm not looking to the future unlike the current coach.
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    I don't know who I want next as our coach, but I would like to see us aim more longterm this time around. This, year in, year out, he's going, he's not, he should, is really starting to get old. Cowher is a good example though, he's been with the Steelers for a long time now. So has Fisher over in Titanland. I'm kinda starting to wish we hadn't gotten rid of Sean cause his transistion would have been the most seemless.
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    Though I'm not ready to dump Parcells, I was one of the people that wanted Cowher to be the next guy. Or Fisher.

    Cowher has a fire and knows the 3-4, but his 3-4 is so effective because of what Lebeau (sp?) does with his guys. Polamalu blitzes any day from any where. You know Roy is coming since he walks up first, Polamalu just flies in. Pitt blitzes both MLBs whenever they want, we use them to run stop. It's just overall aggressiveness. Pitt doesn't have better CBs than us, but they stop the pass real well since they apply instant pressure.
  4. SDogo

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    I hear ya, it is starting to get old. I want to go from one season to another knowing who our QB and Coach will be. Let's face it, they might be two of the most important people on the franchise and Dallas has not had stability or a future there in a while. There is no telling how long either Cowher or Fisher will want to coach but I'm betting we could lock one up for 6 or 7 years and gain some stability we have not had in a while.
  5. Juke99

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    I've been extremely vocal about my dislike for Parcells.

    A LONG term plan would be nice.

    I've always respected Cowher...he's kept that franchise competitive for a long time and last season he got over the hump when he won the big one. The knock on him was that he couldn't.

    I've been ready for a change for three years.
  6. GlitzCowboy

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    Let's look at it this way, too, both Fisher and Cowher would be excellent pickups for the other spot we need to solidify, the QB. With Romo emerging, I believe those two would be two of the best at knowing how to play a player of his style.

    And I also just love both their enthusiasm(sp) over on the sidelines during games. In that perspective, a throw-back to Jimmy almost. They motivate and they're not afraid to get in a players face. Though neither is Bill, but he just does it in more of a "godfather" fashion of silent intimidation.
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    There is no way Cowher will be the next coach here. Fisher, though is a possibility. No more old coaches!!!
  8. dbair1967

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    I dont think there's any doubt now that Parcells isnt going to lead us back to prominance as a HC...maybe he can stay and help as a consultant in regards to the draft and personnel, but he is a liability on game day as a HC now

    I feel bad for Jones though...he did what he thought was right (and what all of us believed was the right move) by throwing down huge bucks and giving up control of the decisions being made (which is good no matter what) to get a proven HC, but Parcells has been a huge bust

  9. noshame

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    Fisher is one of the coaches who does more, with less talent. If you watched the Titans yesterday they were amazing, they came into Indy and fought their butts off. Of coarse they were totally out-classed and in the end it showed, but they were well coached and they battled.

    Then there are coaches that seem to do less with more......we had breakdowns in every area yesterday. No excuses. Too much talent.
  10. Doomsday

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    This team is 2-2 after 2 tough road losses and you are already packing in the season?
  11. CrazyCowboy

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    BP will coach this team approx 2 more seasons in my opinion
  12. dbair1967

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    OMG I hope not

    I really wish he would have retired this past offseason

  13. chinch

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    i don't really like Cowher myself, but unless Drew is BENCHED or has some miraculous "out of body" experience at QB (and turns into Tom Brady thru Feb winning the superbowl) i would not object to Tuna being removed as coach.

    it's sad to see another season wasted by horrendous quarterback play (quincy, vinny, drew, drew).

    all the coaching in the world is useless when you have a dumb quarterback.

    see joe torre (best reliever in history is useless when you starters go 3 innings and give up 6 runs time and time again in big games).

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