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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Apr 30, 2006.

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    One of the many complaints I see is the fact that Dallas has seemed to ignore the offensive line in this draft.

    Of course we do not know what tomorrow - or later today actually - will bring. So the offensive line could be addressed in the second day.

    Yet several comments made by people I respect have indicated to me this staff has a plan.

    The first was Jerry Jones explanation that Dallas will utilize a two tight end set this year more often than in the past.

    The objective is two fold.

    1. To block for a run or passing play with your tight ends. Adding support to your tackles and lessening the protection burden of all the linemen.

    2. To disguise your tight end as a hot receiver by showing a consistent formation that has been the staple for the rushing attack.

    To break this down, we have two WR's and a back go into routes and seven blockers.

    But what if they put eight in the box?

    Wasn't the acquisition of T.O. to counter this fornation?

    If a team decides to rush 8, then someone is manned up. And while there is a contengency which thinks Bledsoe isn't a quality QB. If you revisit the stats from last season, you will note he truly is much better than we have had since Aikman. He can find a receiver.

    And behind a porous offensive line he still posted the second best passing yardage of any Cowboy QB but Danny White.

    The second aspect to this is the chess match which is invaribly what coaches do.

    Now you have two tight ends who catch well. You have a player in MBIII who blocks well along with catching and running well.

    So who stays in to block and who slips out into a route?

    This formation offers max protect and the element of surprise in the passing game.

    The other person who commented today was Ron Jaworski.

    Now I know he is an ex-Eagle. But you watch him break down film and you see he knows what he is talking about when it comes to football.

    His comment that Fasano was a "snot knocker" in the mold of Bavaro should tell you everything you need to know.

    Brand names are great. Believe me when I tell you I was fascinated by Stephen Jackson as a running back for this team.

    I was disappointed when we passed on him.

    But football is more than a 4.4 forty or a guy I have heard of.

    The team wants to protect the quarterback and use two tight ends to do so.

    So how effective will the lead draw work after we have shown this formation and passed succesfully to a tight end a few times?

    When Ireland stated we took the best available player, he surely meant for our intentions.

    We don't see the entire plan until it plays out on the field.

    For us to assume they made a mistake doesn't consider we don't know what they have in mind.

    But was there really a great deal of difference between Lawson and Hatcher other than Lawson's amazing speed?

    Lawson was the player du jour because of his tremendous combine.

    Yet where was he last year?

    Now people will bring up what ESPN thought of Hatcher as a late round consideration.

    But you people need to be consistent about what you say.

    If ESPN is full of shate on their opinions of players that you like.

    Why aren't they full of shate about players that you never heard of?

    Brand names mean nothing or Ryan Leaf would be an all-pro.

    Lawson was nobody until very recently. He may be All-World.

    But I was argued to death about value on this board.

    If Hatcher becomes a solid contributor, then isn't that EXACTLY what you guys were after?

    And we maneuvered so we got another 4th round pick.

    The only three real issues that are different between Lawson and Hatcher are these.

    Lawson runs faster and played for better school.

    Hatcher is bigger and played for a smaller school. Sort of like DeMarcus Ware.

    And Hatcher has the build to add weight if they intend to make him a DT.

    Both have lots of upside.

    Both were risks.

    Now if both bust, which was the bigger hit?

    Lawson in the first?

    Or Hatcher in the third?

    There is a plan.

    Either we trust the plan or find another team.

    The Steelers and Cards had a pretty good first day.

    Should I link their message boards here so you can join them and rejoice?
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    Wow--- Thats well written and I agree. The fact that Jaws actually said Fassano was the best pick of the day is amazing. I am looking forward to going to TC.
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    Well said TD3.

    I started a thread the other day talking about this being a defining draft because we are close.

    Obviously the Cowboy's brain trust is not of the opinion that our offensive line depth is as bad as what many fans believe. I think it will suffice. And I think we'll still grab a couple guys later today.

    Thinking about the TE choice... I think it was a good move. I can see the rational behind it. If Witten went down we'd be toast-- It's that simple.
  4. littlewebs

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    I think we're only taking 1 OL in this draft. Jerry said as much, and I think the staff is more confident in what we have than this message board is. Adams Kosier Johnson Rivera Fabini will start. Columbo Peterman Gurode Gurode Pettiti will back up. Where is the need for OL? Not this year, maybe in the future. They've stated they want players that can contribute immediately. Picking offensive line goes against that. I like what they've done so far.
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    Nice post to wake up to TD3.

    I'll admit I'd never heard of Hatcher so when he was selected in the 3rd round I was pretty shocked. After reading the bios I feel a little better but wonder if he isn't somone we could have gotten with our new 4th round pick.

    The Fasano pick was very good value and fills a need for our new two TE sets. I had seen Fasano going as early as the late 1st and playing for Weis you know he'll be well prepared. I see him as someone like Canty last year with a former assistant giving Bill and the Cowboys a heads up on a quality player.
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    I don't know if Hatcher would have been there. The Goose had him rated the 88nd best player overall. Expecting him to last to nearly the end of the 4th round is a bit of a stretch.
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    Also, on the Ticket, Hatcher said that NO was interested in taking him with their early 4th rounder. I don't think he would have lasted as long as our 4th round pick.
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    Excellent read. The only thinig I would venture to add is that part of the plan is clearly to transform our identity as a football team. Parecell's wants big, tought players that will physically intimidate you and stay in your face all day until the final whistle. These three players fit that mold to a tee, even if Carpenter is more of a wrap up guy than a lay the wood on you type.
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    Agreed---the whole idea behind Ireland was for him to find players,free agents or in the draft. They may not be the ones we thought were right,
    but I bet they fit the "plan". We will have to wait and see. And I will take
    awrap up guy anyday--as long as he makes the tackle
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    No way that Hacket would have lasted to our 4th round DP. He was a very good selection where he was taken at.

    Anytime a team is looking at a guy in the early 4th round on day 1. It is a sign that they see someone who they saw as a 1st day player that slipped threw the cracks. The ticket also said that either Atlanta or Arizona was in love with this kid and thought that they had found a sleeper and were probally tring to trade back up to round 3 to draft him.
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    Nice post.....thanks
  12. Zaxor

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    Nice post TD3.. I wrote something similiar...well actually a lot less wordy and less well constructed...but I think I could have saved me the effort had I read this first...

    But I have a built in excuse...I stayed up till 4 AM ...that is when the first day ended over here... and the family hasn't let Daddy have but 2 hours of sleep...

    Man am I tired and have been sorta skim reading today:)
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    No kidding?!!!!

    You mean Parcells and Ireland may actually have had a plan?!

    And the guys who are professionals may have understood the plan better than us draft geeks who went down to the local Books-A-Million or CVS Pharmacy and bought all the draft books on the shelf, to learn about the propsects?!

    That's a concept I don't think many people on this board understood. Thanks for putting that into proper perspective.

    All kidding aside, very good post!!
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    Great Post!, Great Post!, Great Post!
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    Great Post TD3. Maybe this will make some of the crying stop.....I doubt it but excellent post none-the-less.
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    i look at BP's history of OL drafting and sorry, i have no faith. WHEN he scores on one, i'll give him full credit. till then, he gives us boat anchors on the OL and all i see us doing now is low round boat anchors. in both FA and the draft we ignored this line with "valid" A-Quality players.

    it's gonna bite us much like when we stood pat in FA and the next year they went "oops" and jjones went nuts.
  17. ZeroClub

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    OL remains the weakest link on this team.

    The Cowboys didn't raise the quality of their starting OL in this draft.

    Unfortunately, the Cowboys didn't have that opportunity. -- The Cowboys didn't have a realistic shot at a rookie OT who would have started in front of Fabini/Petitte, for example.

    In the off season, the Cowboys upgraded their OL from "abysmal" to "merely below average." And that will have to do .... It is this unit, the OL, that will determine how far the Cowboys can go this season.

    But having said all that, I still like the Cowboys draft. Carpenter makes a great deal of sense -- he'll contribute immediately to the up and coming defense. The TE makes sense in the development of the conservative offensive scheme.

    The DE is a valuable addition to the 3-4 and is worth even more to the Cowboys than is immediately obvious because Hatcher allows the Cowboys to attempt to get some value for Greg Ellis (who isn't a 3-4 DE).
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    Good thread. My perspective is this.

    Clearly this is not the Jones/Lacewell regime. Those drafts had very well documented reaches. Most of this years Day 1 complaints are not that 'no one had our pick rated this high'. Gosselin's 'league-wide rankings' confirm each player was appropriately slotted. Might this turn out to be a dog draft? Yes. That possibility exists. The draft is never an exact science. But overall I do think Parcells & Ireland are showing a very solid approach that will over the years yield its share of success. This simply is not Kendall Watkins, Shane Hannah etc.

    So while I did my own head-scratching when our 2nd & 3rd picks were announced I understand their logic a bit more now and am buoyed by Gosselin's rankings on these guys. Yeah, I want OL depth too. I want a FS. But at this point I think Ireland & Parcells have earned enough trust to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Did I mention my belief that this is not Jones/Lacewell?

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