The Playmaker just said Dez will be MVP this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MackNorth, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. MackNorth

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    As per NFLN. I tend to agree, baby! He's gonna have a monster year if he stays healthy.
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  2. 30yrheel

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    And everyone laughed at him.
  3. MackNorth

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    They always do... especially that little Gary Coleman midget, Marshall Faulk. I don't actually think he's gonna get it, but he's definitely gonna have a huge season, and it's not out of the realm of possibility.
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  4. CATCH17

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    He would have to do something pretty crazy to be MVP.

    They like to award that trophy to the usuals.
  5. jobberone

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    Not predicting this but you could see two 1500+ yd receivers for Dallas this year. If they stay healthy and Romo has time to throw then defenses are going to have nightmares deciding how to cover those two and everyone else. Again not a prediction but this offense has the potential to set records.

    If you get the right people in this offense you can't stop it.

    The secret to having a big time vertical offense is an effective running game including inside, a good intermediate game, and the ability to clear the field with two big fast WRs who can also adjust to the ball and threaten deep including to the house.

    Coryell's offense was good with Winslow lining up all over the place. And it all came together when SD acquired RB Chuck Muncie, too. They added those two to Jefferson (later Chandler), Joiner and Fouts and created a monster. I think we can be that good.
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  6. big dog cowboy

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    If Irvin wasn't such a homer I'd call that going out on a limb. With him I'm just calling it Mike being Mike.
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  7. dstovall5

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    I didn't know Michael got back on the drugs, this is sad. :(
  8. Lodeus

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    It's really a QB/RB award so good luck with being right with that Michael.
  9. riverside4

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    I just wish he pop fat mouth sapp that would be funny. Cant believe they let that tool talk so much sounds like his mouth is still full of food.
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  10. ColeBeasley11

    ColeBeasley11 BruceCarter54

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    Come on guys it's not a possibility let's be realistic here. Of course he potentially could and likely will have an MVP calibre season but will never get the award.
  11. rocyaice

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    The thing about if Dez has a monster year though is that if he does have something like a 2000k yard 20 TD year then how does Romo not get it over him? That would mean Romo had a MONSTER year as well.
  12. Galian Beast

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    A wide receiver has never won the MVP award. That says it all right there.
  13. MackNorth

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    I'm not sure that's necessarily true. Romo could finish with say 4500 yards and 40 TDs. Those are not MVP numbers per se, but Dez could be in contention with 120/2000/20. I had to chuckle just now as I typed those numbers, but I truly believe they are attainable for the kid(err, man-child). If we go 11-5, he's got a shot. Just seeing the way he finished last season, and the partnership he seems to have formed with Romo in the off-season, sky's the limit. Ok. Now I'm done.
  14. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

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    4500 and 40 TD's isn't MVP numbers? It all depends on what the competition does. You just never know with qb's but 4500 and 40 TD's is DEFINITELY A MVP YEAR.
  15. Toruk_Makto

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    The point is he has all the talent in the world.

    I'll be happy with an All Pro Season.
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  16. SHAMSzy

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    0% chance.


    And I love Dez to death.
  17. BanditHiro

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    if he is in any position to win it that means Tony Romo would also be in the running and they would give it to a QB before they would give it the WR.
  18. Questfor6

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    Real recognizing real, I had to rewind it just because I couldn't believe he actually said it. Glad Deion wasn't there to run his trash mouth about him, along with his boy Faulk. Dez healthy along with Romo healthy and improved Oline play should be in line for a MONSTER year but WR's don't win MVP's, sorry Michael.
  19. Gameover

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    Mr. Rice won it
  20. Galian Beast

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