The Playmaker just said Dez will be MVP this season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MackNorth, Sep 4, 2013.

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    No he didn't
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    In 1987, it was John Elway who won the MVP award
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    Can't blame them for laughing a WR has never won the league MVP not even Jerry Rice. Only 3 times in the history of the award did it go to a player other than a QB and RB. It went to 2 defensive players and a place kicker. A WR is too dependent on their QB so if a team is winning games with big pass plays to a WR the QB is going to get most of the credit. Irvin loves Dez he gushes all over him and I can't say I blame him but saying he'll be the league MVP is going a little overboard. That's not as crazy as the comment Irvin made 2 years ago when he said he would take Tebow over Romo. I thought he was back on drugs when he said that.
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    Not as sad as your post. Are you implying that you have no belief in Dez? Because I can tell you from what I have seen of Dez, he has the ability and the talent to take the MVP. Anyone who doesn't see that is probably on drugs!
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    Jerry Rice was named Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP in 87. Elway won the league MVP that year.
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    How in the heck did you come up with that I have "no belief in Dez" from my post you quoted, makes no sense. Coo coo? Anways, I do believe in Dez, but do I believe Dez can win MVP? I'm not sure, but that doesn't matter.

    Tremendous talent, but Dez has only played at an elite level for half a season and people are already making asinine statements about what he can/will achieve. Let the kid play for a couple more years before we judge what he CAN do or even CAN'T do. I understand a lot of people (me aswell) are very optimistic about Dez's talent, but lets tape the brakes a bit.

    Just seems like a lot of people are setting Dez up for failure if you ask me.
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    I like being enthusiastic as much as the next person, but I won't predict ridiculous #'s for anyone...not that they can't do it, but Dez hitting the numbers that are suggested means that the others aren't getting the ball as much...of course, as others have said, if the offense is dynamic and scores 30+ per game, then Romo would be ahead of Dez in the MVP voting (and likely would deserve it)...either way, if Dez gets the majority of the looks, then the offense isn't doing as good and Dez doesn't win the award...if the offense goes crazy then Tony is ahead of him
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    Truth is....If Dez has a MVP caliber year it will be Tony Romo who wins it.
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    No bigger Dez fan than Michael Irvin.
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    Good to see you post again
    We miss your insight. Stay awhile
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    For a Cowboys to win any sort of MVP, not only does he have to perform at an MVP level, but because he is a Cowboy, new has to perform way beyond that. The community who votes on these things have a strong bias against the Boys.
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    Romo would have to pass for 10000 yards and 65 TD's to be considered because of his rep. Bryant would have to play both ways to win it.
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    For me, the fact that Irvin sees the potential that Dez has for this year is even better than him thinking Dez will be MVP. The reason I say that is for the very reason he thinks Dez wins it, apparently Irvin has been watching and listening to Dez and he believes Dez NOW KNOWS how to run his routes correctly, how to read defenses and adjust his routes when required, and more importantly to be where he is supposed to be when he needs to be there. This along with an unbelievable work ethic, and will, drive to win and never give up. That is what I got out of his statement, that Dez will be a force this year and two won't be able to stop him. Ala CJ light but not much lighter.
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    Actually Elway won the League MVP in 1987.

    No WR has ever won NFL MVP. Randy Moss actually scored the 23 TD's, btw, (Rice had the record with 22) and Tom Brady won the MVP that year.

    Generally if a WR is having a monster season it's his QB who winds up in contention and/or winning the MVP.

    I think Dez is going to have a monster season but I don't think he'll get MVP.
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    More kickers have won the MVP than wide receivers. So yeah, it's not happening.
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    They are referring to the 1987 AP Offensive Player of The Year award, which Rice won.

    The AP NFL MVP award has never gone to a WR. The Pro Football Writers Associate NFL MVP award and Newspaper Enterprise Associate NFL MVP, Sporting News MVP and Bert Bell award also went to Rice in 1987.
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    Be great if he was it would be even better if this team is playing in the NFC Championship game come late Jan. This season more than any other I can think of I just want to see this team win and individal accolades can take a back seat.
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    Did he ever get off them?

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