The Problem on Offense is our Playcalling and Predictability

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Are you the same CowboyRoy from my old board? :cool: I know he also liked pounding the rock and this team is never going to score enough points to win consistently trying to force the run. I'm not saying abandon the run but you can't force it when it's not there. The Cowboys are going to have to throw the ball to make the playoffs.
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    They renamed it the flea flicker, so Garrett hasn't been able to find it on the Ipad.
  3. ConstantReboot

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    That pressure happens because we kept trying to pound the ball un the middle on every 1st down.

    Then on 3rd and long, Romo is pressured in a long passing play.

    The pressure comes because of our predictability. Stop running on all the time on 1st down. Mix it up a bit. Throw it on 1st down while they are expecting run does wonders to our oline and our offense.
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    Play calling isn't the issue. I ageee its overrated. I can watch any game and 90% of the calls I can tell you what they are gonna be. Its the play book that is the problem.
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    If a D loads up the LOS and dares you to pass you can still try to run the ball. If they are scheming the run and you can still run then they are in deep trouble. If they stop the run which is what generally happens in that situation then you'd better be able to pass the ball and make them pay for loading up for the run.

    Then if you can't pass the ball well because you have poor field position necessitating long drives and add in all the penalties you have a problem. Then add in their front four is putting undue pressure on your QB because you can't pass block well enough. That's a recipe for a big loss. You aren't going to call a lot of magical plays to beat the other team when you can't block.

    I know this gets no traction because its not we suck he sucks they suck but this is the real problem Jason and the O has.

    Again football comes down to blocking and tackling-Vince Lombardi
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    When I say playcalling is overrated, I mean playcalling from lay fans like you and I.

    Can you intelligently discuss blocking schemes, techniques, route combinations, formations, coverage schemes, personnel limitations, packages, defensive fronts, etc.

    I know I cannot.

    I know it sounds good to say: run play action but I cannot help but think that a good playcalling decision needs to have all of what I just mentioned and more in the the decision.

    I am an empirical reductionist so I guess generalizations like 'the playcalling is the problem' are not going to do much for me. I hear a lot of fans claiming that but when I read Sturm, Vela, Broaddus, CouchScout, Laughenburg, etc they do not say that and quite frankly they know better than us.

    Sorry but i just do not believe that calling play action is suddenly going to make Cook not get blown up by the NT most running plays, Free suddenly have feet that are not in mud, Witten be able to anchor or catch passes that hit him in the hands etc.

    You can call play action but who is to say that they can execute that either. Blaming Garrett and something as nebulous as 'playcalling' just doesn't do much for me. I think trying Parnell at RT and signing Holland to play RG would do much more than a couple more play action passes.
  7. KJJ

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    Romo gets pressured regardless what down he passes on this OL can't pass protect. The Cowboys are getting whipped up front. As for the running game Murray has nowhere to go he has to bounce plays outside and use his cutback ability to try and make positive yardage. That's what's caused him to have so many negative plays.
  8. Omegasupreme

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    So you are saying that even if an opposing team knows exactly where the ball is going, 5 All Pro O linemen will cause success? I have a difficulty making that logical, or even reasonable.
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    no no no
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Umm, that was what the cliche of the 90s Cowboys was: they rant the same few plays but executed them so well that it didn't matter that the opposition knew what was coming.

    They won 3 SB.
  11. nalam

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    JGs problem is he is calling 90's plays and expect the same execution without the 90's line. Notoriously he lacks ingame adjustment and so the opposing D's say he is predictable.

    Having said that no OC can account for Witten's drops , Dez's drops in seattle, Doug free's poor poor play etc.
  12. ScipioCowboy

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    There's a reason for that. Your question is predicated on an assumption that you have yet to prove.
  13. KB1122

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    The problem with our offense is we can't block.
  14. ConstantReboot

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    Did you see the Green Bay/ Seahawks game?

    Green Bay lost the game. They were getting whipped up front also in the 1st half. However, they adjusted in the 2nd half and got the Hawks defense guessing. This is one way of controlling and neutralizing the passrush.

    They controlled it by mixing the run with the pass on 1st down and they also used quite a bit of quick slants, play action, and roll outs. Green Bay didn't leave Rogers in the pocket to be a sitting target. They devised plays that confused the defense.

    Even the announcers mentioned that "the ability to run on 1st down is neutralizing the passrush." With the Cowboys, they just continue on without ever changing the plays around.

    Like I mentioned before, removing the predictability of our plays on offense will lower the penalties, confusion and the pressure on Romo. It will make this team much harder to defend because they won't know whether to run or play the pass. Garrett has done a terrible job of disguising our plays.
  15. Idgit

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    The problem is not the play calling, or what some fans consider the predictability. It's the execution and getting into low-percentage situations. Also, we've played some good defenses.
  16. ConstantReboot

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    The best example I would think of was the Green bay vs. Seahawks game.

    Did you notice how much pressure he had in the 1st half? He was getting killed.

    In the 2nd half look how their offense was managed. It was less predictable - they started running the ball and started using quick slants, roll outs and play action.

    The Packers is a perfect example on how to run an office and how to adjust to pressure. As far as I know we didn't even giv up 8 sacks in one half.

    By the coaches adjusting in the 2nd half, the Packers was able to dominate the Seahawks. The Cowboys didn't adjust. Thus the reason why we lost.
  17. Thatkidbob

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    I disagree with the OP's premise.

    I also disagree with those that say the line is the primary problem with the offense.

    The main thing I'm seeing is that the offense is out of sync. Romo is seeing the field differently from the receivers. The receivers aren't making the most of their opportunities (ie: Drops). And the penalties... All the penalties.

    Yes, the line could give romo more timye. Yes, romo is getting hit all the time.

    That said, the penalties & drops are killing drives, and the miscues on offense where Romo expects receivers to go one way and they actually go another way, those are what are killing drives.

    In spite of our woes on the offensive line, we still have tons of opportunities to move the chains & score touchdowns. This team just isn't executing, and THAT is the problem.
  18. Idgit

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    If we'd fielded that Packers offense, JG and JJ would be getting excoriated.

    And it's hilarious that you don't know for sure that we didn't give up 8 sacks in one half.
  19. ConstantReboot

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    I rewatched the game and most of our inconsistencies and pre snap penalties was because Romo was doing an audible and changing the plays before the snap.

    This to me IMO is because the defense knows what were going to run thus Romo having to change the play to counter the defense. Know if our offense wasn't so predictable and we carried on with a play that Romo was comfortable with, there would be no audible or switch and we can run the play smoothly.
  20. slomoxn

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    What happened to the gameplan of the first game when they were worried bout Romo getting sacked. Slants, three step drops, quick outs and such. They spread the defense out and were able run also. Did they all if a sudden forget that this team has a weak oline? But looking at GB tonight it seems to be a problem for not just us.

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