The Process, Romo, and Father Time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Nov 19, 2012.

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    You can imagine how Aaron Rodgers must feel. And he can escape pressure with the best of them, yet he wins and top rated QB. I guess the excuses don't pertain to Rodgers.

    Keep the excuses coming though, it comes with being a Romo fan.
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    If this team were an mob informer I would zip tie it's hands and feet and throw it off a boat. And if it does'nt win a superbowl before I die, I'll come back and haunt the bastids.
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    Might as well just come out and say it: he's skittish, and it's causing him to make some terrible throws.

    It's in his head that he's going to get pressure every single down, so he's constantly rushing things -- even when the pressure really isn't there.

    Years of trying to orchestrate the offense and compensate for a bad line have caught up to him. It's might be fixable, but it's clearly affecting his play right now.
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    Take a look around the league, it's littered with young QBs who are or have stepped in year 1 and played well. Things have changed, there are more quality QBs coming out of college than ever before. There is life after Tony Romo.
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    Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here.

    Because Romo won the game in the second half when the defense stopped the Browns.

    That TD to Dez was something of beauty.

    I think external circumstances affect his play by cutting the time down for him to make a play. I also believe the team surrounding him, specifically some receivers, cannot keep up with the cat and mouse game of audibles Romo plays and the adjustments the defense makes on any given play.

    I'm also not saying Father Time has caught up to Tony, yet.

    Just pointing out the landscape we're current on, and asking does this team have the time with this quarterback to wait on Opie to get a clue, and Jerry "Tie-Breaker" Jones to fix the line?
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    All of this is why you don't re-sign Romo after 2013 combined with the culture it's fostered, he is aging and I think its happening quicker for him because he gets hit alot more.

    I think Romo has still got a few good years left and maybe even beyond with a good line but I don't want a shell of a guy at QB and no future in waiting.
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    Thank you. Excellent post.
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    Here's a stat for you...

    2 4th quarter comebacks last Sunday...when it mattered.
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    And that is why you at the very least franchise this guy if you want short term.

    Give Romo the Brown's line, a healthy Murray and a WR to push Austin to the slot and this team is not only a play-off team, but a serious contender.

    Then we'll see if Mr. Romo can get that ring.
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    Oh stop. Quit taking Romo for granted, QBs like him are NOT a dime a dozen. How long had we been looking for a QB after Aikman? How long did the Redskins look? Broncos? I could rattle off 20 teams right now that have NO chance of winning a SB with their current QB and the vast majority of them have been looking for a looong time. And if your QB isn't talented enough to get you a title, you're just spinning your wheels. Quality is one thing, there are any number of guys who can be labeled as such, but to find one who is actually able to rise above all others and take your team to the promised land is ridiculously hard to find. Romo is talented enough to win a title, I would not dismiss that so casually. Unbelievable how quickly people forget just how bad it was before Romo came to town.

    Hey, no worries, we'll just be like Philly who booed McNabb right out of town. How's that working out for them? About to lose their long-tenured coach, about to lose Vick and they will have nothing. Let's see how long it takes them to find a championship quality QB. The clock is running.
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    And the other thing you're failing to understand, even IF there are more quality QBs coming out of college than ever before, it's all relative because these teams all play one another. It's not good enough to have a quality QB if everyone else does, you need to have a QB that is better than those other quality QBs in order to break from the pack.
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    Please do. The Jets went to back-to-back AFC Title games with Mark Sanchez, who's a bottom 5 starter in the league. The Niners went to the NFC Title game last year with Alex Smith who was labeled a bust and another bottom 5 starter. And in case you missed it, they just smacked the Bears last night with Kaepernick. It's been proven you don't need an elite QB to be a contender in today's league, it's more about building a good team.

    This year, the Ravens, Niners, Seahawks, Vikings, Bucs and Bengals are all playoff contenders and none of them have top 10 QBs.

    How do you know the QB we have after Romo won't be talented enough to win a title?

    You don't.

    I never said he wasn't, I hope he can... but my point was that the Cowboys franchise is not going up in flames after he's gone.
  13. TheFinisher

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    No, you need to have a better TEAM.
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    Oh please. Here are the QBs from the last 9 SB teams...

    2004 - Tom Brady
    2005 - Tom Brady
    2006 - Ben Roethlisberger
    2007 - Peyton Manning
    2008 - Eli Manning
    2009 - Ben Roethlisberger
    2010 - Drew Brees
    2011 - Aaron Rodgers
    2012 - Eli Manning

    What do all of these QBs have in common? Yeah, they're all considered elite QBs. Yes, every once in awhile, a team will come along (Ravens, Tampa Bay) that wins a SB without having an elite QB, but it is rare and will become increasingly rare because of today's emphasis on the passing game. This is a quarterback driven league, make no mistake about it. And I put Romo in this category. The man just needs some protection.
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    To me the use of the term "process" by Garrett means they are in a rebuilding mode and/or doing things differently. If you hear "its a process" pertaining to trying to change or turn around an NFL franchise, wouldnt you be thinking 1-2 years minimum before seeing the results that you want ?
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    I think if they can just get to the playoffs and speed up the tempo of this offense then they can do something this year.

    If they don't change anything and try to run the 92 Cowboys offense then expect more of the same chaotic mess.
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    Romo hasn't played as well this year as last overall, but I thought he was superb in the Browns game (I missed some of the first half and haven't gone back to watch it all).

    He was tremendous at getting the ball out quickly before his protection broke down. However there is also a danger when you are harassed and hit as much as he was that day that you don't hang in the pocket long enough to make plays down the field. Tony stayed in the pocket at times when the protection held up and made some nice plays (like the TD to Dez). If we could ever protect Romo like the way Aikman was protected in his prime, I bet we would be amazed at the results.

    Every cowboys fan should be ridiculously thankful that we are still in the playoff race, because if Romo hadn't almost singlehandedly won a couple of games for us, we would be out of it.
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    Don't bother, you didn't miss anything. Yes, when you're constantly running for your life, it does tend to affect the accuracy a wee bit.

    Romo is awesome. Undeniably awesome. Last year, this year, next year, every year.
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    Operating under sane ownership.

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