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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lord Sun, May 9, 2004.

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    OFF THE AIR: Too soon to give up on Quincy
    By Newy Scruggs, Star-Telegram

    Quincy Carter has divided my radio station. ESPN/103.3 FM is like a locker room ready to explode.

    The Quincy Haters Club is just too much for me to take these days. I know the kid isn't the next Joe Montana, but Carter quarterbacked the Cowboys to a 10-6 finish.

    Only in Dallas does the media want to replace a kid who finally started 16 games and went to the playoffs. My fellow QHC'ers still aren't over the fact that last year's hope, Chad Hutchinson, didn't win the job.

    Kerry Collins is the hot unemployed name my Good Fellas partner, Brian Estridge, wants as the Cowboys' starting QB to replace Carter. Grand Poobah Randy Galloway, Bill Stinneford and the Little Ball of Hate, Jennifer Floyd Engel, want to see Quincy on the next Greyhound bus out of Valley Ranch.

    The ESPN/103.3 FM airwaves are filled with on-air battles of pro and con about Carter. All we need is Rush Limbaugh to call in and give his two cents, but I think he stopped giving his opinion on black quarterbacks for the ESPN family.

    I don't trust Quincy yet. I am not ready to say he is the franchise quarterback for the Cowboys. I do believe he earned a chance to start the 2004 season for Bill Parcells.

    Last season's offensive unit was average. The Cowboys' ground attack didn't scare anybody, so the team used its first draft selection on Notre Dame running back Julius Jones.

    The receiving corps had to be upgraded. Going into training camp, Flozell Adams is the only offensive lineman the team hasn't put on notice.

    Owner Jerry Jones recently told me that he expects Carter to be better with more talent in the huddle and with the benefit of playing in the same offensive system for a second season.

    Carter played under three offensive coordinators in his first three seasons with the Cowboys. Last time I checked, Jack Reilly and Bruce Coslet aren't calling plays in the NFL anymore.

    This doesn't make me a Quincy Carter apologist. My radio comrades will disagree. Carter has to take his game to the next level or he won't be back in 2005. The Cowboys will give the keys to Drew Henson, and he'll become the Tuna's new bus driver.

    Stay tuned because I don't know if we can all get along.

    Newy Scruggs is the sports director at NBC 5. He can be heard 9 a.m.-noon weekdays on ESPN/103.3 FM's Good Fellas.
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    Good article. I am not a big fan of QC, but I do agree he earned the chance to start this year. He will get his chance to prove he is the guy with an upgraded offensive cast. I do think it is a position that will probably need to be upgraded though. I do not think QC's talent level is all that high, but I could be proven wrong.

    However, the thing that annoys me about the QC fans is their inability to admit to any fault on his part. They are quick to affix blame to anyone or anything else. Many of his ints were his fault and the result of poor decision making.

    I think he is a hard worker and seems like a good guy. I think he wants to be the QB long term. I just don't that his talent level is all that high.

    I think the most telling thing about QC is the relative lack of support that he gets from Valley Ranch from anyone not named Bill or Jerry. I haven't heard a Cowboys player come out and really praise Carter yet. I would expect that from teammates that view him as the answer and acknowledge him as a leader.
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    What annoys me with the QC haters, is how they complain that every statement made in Carter's defense is an excuse and that people are trying to affix the blame on something else.

    Everyone knows that Carter made too many mistakes last year. But that does not mean he does not have a chance to become a good NFL QB.
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    and the beat goes on... Barring injury, QC would seem to be "the Man" until such time as he has been beaten out of the job, injured, cut, traded or walks away from the game. based on any information currently available to me, i can only surmise that injury would be the one barrier to his making every start this season.
    henson appears to be the flavor-of-the-day with those who find carter's work unpalatable. so be it. i, for one, only hope that carter's take on this ongoing "election" has moved from slight annoyance into the area of general amusal. :rolleyes:
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    Correction: Our defense lead us to a 10-6 finish, not Quincy.
  6. Sarge

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    QC has earned the right to COMPETE for the starting job this year. No one has earned the right to start yet.
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    Just couldn't let a thread go without throwing that in there huh?

    And is it not a true statement that Carter was the qb on a 10-6 club?
  8. Sarge

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    What was our defense rated?

    Where did QC rate among NFL starting QB's?

    Let's put it this way, if we had the Vikings defense last year, we would have been 3-13.
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    You're crazy. Is that what Bill and Jerry say?
  10. BlueStar22

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    Hell, I don't recall no one from the defense being on the field when we had the ball. :p
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    Go Carter!

    And take Hambrick with you.
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    True, but when this so-called "quarterback" leads us to field goals instead of TD's that's not impressive at all. It's not as if we faced powerhouse D's last year either.
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    Amen Sarge!
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    Is it just a coincidence that every black journalist out there is a Quincy jock-rider?
  15. CATCH17

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    Barring injury Quincy is GUARANTEED the starting spot on this team. It's his.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    No more a coincidence that every white caller over 35 who calls into Dallas sports radio with a bad southern accent is a Quincy Hater.
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    Moved because it is getting racial.
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    he earned that right qbing this team to a 10-6 record.

    if our defense was like the vikes, we would have had a different offensive philosophy. its pretty simple.
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    Do they discuss the callers race and age before they talk about Quincy? Or are you just stereotyping?

    I'd venture to say that the majority of Cowboys fans are anti-Carter fans. And I'd venture to say that the majority of talk concerning Carter on talk shows is filled with negative comments, simply because he isn't that good of a QB.

    That notwithstanding, and by no means trying to turn this into a KKK-Black Panther party, I was being serious.

    Every article concerning Quincy written by a black journalist is a Pro-Quincy article.

    It's true, and you know it.
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    Geez....been around here since this board started and its still the same stuff posted about how it wasn't Carter but the defence......

    This is a team game.....not the NBA where a superstar can lead a team all by himself.

    Aikman struggled without Irvin.....when Emmitt held out....the team struggled.....when our OL got old and less talented......Aikman gained some serious happy feet and struggled.

    The question is.....did Aikman win our SB's?....or was it Irvin?....maybe Emmitt made everyone better......or could it be that our OL was so dominate that it made the triplets what they were.

    Then we had our defence filled with speed to burn and a differnce maker in Haley...sure yardage per game wasn't ranked #1 but damn...they sure made big plays when they had to.

    My point is.....its foolish to blame or even give to much credit to who ever our QB is...when there is absolutely no talent around him. Sure the defence played well....but when the big boys came to town they also struggled.

    The Cowboys finished 10-6 last year and made the wasn't all the defence....and it wasn't carter. Offence,Defence and special teams won those games.....Parcells prepared them well but he didn't make one tackle or throw one give credit to the "team"

    Folks....we were a 5-11 team 3 years in a all of a sudden....its Carter's fault we didn't win the SB... but we finished 10-6 and made the playoffs and it was the defence that did it......blinders....blinders.........blinders.....take them off fellas....we were fortuate last year.....This team still needs alot more talent to even consider blaming a QB for its poor performaces...above average teams do that.....we are not one of them yet.....surely not last year.

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