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    I submitted my penultimate draft yesterday but also like to produce an "outside the box" draft to deviate from the usual suspects. I'm always wrong with these, so never fear those of you who are outraged by the selections. By the way, I assume there is going to be some moving up or down, so these picks are not necessarily slotted at our exact spot (Martin, for instance, is a trade down scenario). Having said that, I've limited the number of selections to what we currently have.

    Jonathan Martin, OL, Stanford. Thank you for being a suitable replacement for Marc Columbu, Doug Free, but your time as a starter on this team has come to end. You are hereby relegated to backup/tradable commodity role. Bookend Tackles for Romo in his twilight years and provides security on the edges for his eventual successor.

    Chandler Jones, DE Syracuse. Demarco Murray, meet your new sparring partner. Brother of soon to be ex-champ Jon “Bones” Jones (I kid, I kid!) learns the ropes while Spencer plays out his franchise tag and gives us another pressure player opposite Ware.

    Mohammed Samu, WR, Rutgers. Sure handed big receiver gives us a trio of monstrous wideouts to torment corners everywhere. Reliable possession receiver who gives Romo another security blanket in addition to Witten.

    Markelle Martin, FS, Oklahoma State. Smart, swift-footed, and aggressive safety who can both hit and play the ball who is a nice consolation for missing out on Barron with our first pick.

    Leonard Johnson, CB, Iowa State. At this point, need to bring in some athletic CBs to contribute to special teams and see if they can compete for backup roles. Johnson is a great athlete, aggressive at the line of scrimmage, but like many at this point have some flaws that he may or may not be able to work out to become a productive NFL player.

    Rhett Ellison, TE, USC. Fits the mold physically and is already a solid blocker. Is not an elite downfield receiving threat but has reliable hands and can find soft spots in coverage. Perfectly suited as a complement to the inimitable Jason Witten.

    Donnie Fletcher, CB, Boston College. Another body to compete for special teams and backup spot in the defensive backfield. Fletcher has a ton of experience and is a heady player despite lack of elite physical skills.

    Cam Holland, C, North Carolina. Jerry’s concession to the all the fans clamoring to solidify the interior line particularly after the lackluster play of Costa – a seventh round flyer on a big guy from a big school. See how responsive he is to fans?
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    Doug Free is not getting moved to the bench with his contract. I think he'll bounce back with the move back to RT.

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