The "I Met Someone Famous" Thread

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Ultimategamer5567, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Ultimategamer5567

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    Ever met someone famous? Want to share your experience/experiences? This is the place. Doesn't matter if it were a musician, an actor, or even the local weather guy!
  2. Bevo

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    I met Micheal Waltrip once at my local golf course. A super nice guy and his brother Darrell was BF with my Uncle and remembered him.
  3. RamziD

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    Last week, I treated a former NFL offensive lineman who used to start for the Eagles and Saints. Muhammad Ali picked up my fiancée in the Las Vegas airport when she was an infant. Lol...that's all I got...
  4. Ultimategamer5567

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    I've met Michael Irvin and Larry Allen. :D Have also met Dimebag (R.I.P.), Ozzy, Chuck Norris, Michael Young, and two Cowboys cheerleaders.
  5. TheSport78

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    So, God does exist.
  6. vta

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    Back in the day there was a record store in Clark, NJ called Rock n Roll Heaven, where a bunch of (at the time) unknown bands would show up and sign things. I met Overkill and Pete Steele of Carnivore/Type-O-Negative. Not too famous, but never the less... Pete Steele was a giant of a person.

    I also met Jay Novacek and he signed a painting I did of him, Emmitt and Troy and I slapped Emmitt Smiths hand as he walked by. :)

    I did do some preliminary drawings for a Jeff Koons exhibit at the Guggenheim, but I never got to meet him. Or see the finished product.

    I must not get out much. :/
  7. Faerluna

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    I waited on Fuzzy Zoeller and some player for the Yankees whom I can't remember when I was a server at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse many years ago.
  8. Ultimategamer5567

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    I happend to ask him what he thinks of those Chuck Norris memes on the internet, and he laughed and said that they crack him up. :p
  9. TheSport78

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  10. Ultimategamer5567

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    My reaction was just that.
  11. Hoofbite

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    Not really.

    Played ball with the son of a famous MLB player but never talked to his old man.

    Missed out on Taylor Swift once.

    Actually just tried to hunt down Bill Murray the other night. Even at an old age he makes moves from bar-to-bar pretty quickly.
  12. Sam I Am

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    I've met many *famous* people. I have yet to figure out why 99.9999999% of them are worthy of meeting.
  13. justbob

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    Sat on the tailgate of a pickup,dipped snuff and talked to Walt Garrison at a rodeo one time .
  14. wittenacious

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    Met Bart Starr, as a kid in a swimming pool on Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.

    Met Henry Kissinger... a "Hello, Sir" exchange is all.

    Met Phil Knight (Nike Owner) who casually met and talked w/ me for a brief few moments. He ended up giving me his business card with the hand-written name of the "Give her a call" person in charge of hiring salespeople at the time... Mr. Knight said to call her directly and tell her he'd told me to. Wanted very much to accept, but couldn't take a sales job w/ Nike, Inc. at the time. Long story.

    Got to meet Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, Detlef Schrempf, Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, up close and personal, during the time my dad piloted The Sonics BAC 1-11 Team Jet— when Barry Ackerley, of Ackerley Communications, Inc., owned the team — many years ago.

    Side story: During the summer of '95, my brother (who was co-owner and lead-artistic brain trust of a commercial sign company, Twin Falls Sign Company (TFSC), at the time, painted the brand new Seattle SuperSonics logo on both sides of the Team Jet's tail, while sitting on the tarmac at Twin Falls, Idaho's municipal airport — Magic Valley Regional Airport — before the plane was flown to Washington State for the unveiling of the New Team Logo to the media, and world at large.

    Very hush-hush, by contract, when the job was done in little ole out-of-the-way Twin Falls, ID, at the time.

  15. big dog cowboy

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    Flying through Atlanta a few years ago I ran into Dallas Diamond Page. Had a real nice conversation with him. Saw a few others but didn't "meet" them in any way.
  16. lane

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    back in 1994 eric martin held a celebrity golf tournament here in little old bay city, texas.

    got to meet:

    eric martin
    michael jordan
    jeff bagwell
    enos cabell
    kevin mack
    keith woodside
    rickey jackson
    allen leavell

    one other celebrity i was really wanting to get to see at the tourney but was unable was.... jason garrett.

    really missed out there.
  17. wittenacious

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    Photo correction to my earlier page-1 post. Pilots and/or Jet buffs would know the difference.

    This is the BAC 1-11 the Seattle SuperSonics owned at the time my brother painted the new team logos on when they were first introduced:


    The pic I included to show the logos in the earlier post is of the Boeing 727-2B6 the Sonics later traded up for:


    Just keeping the accuracy of the presented facts straight. :)
  18. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I met Tony Parker, Bruce Bowen, Malik Rose, Brent Barry, and David Robinson. That's it. :(

    I've never met a Cowboy or Laker.
  19. ninja

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    I've met Eric Burdon - Animals/War Lead Singer/songwriter at an airport in Pittsburgh and Franco Harris in a sushi restaurant in Pittsburgh.
  20. WoodysGirl

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    Michael Irvin came to my HS to sign autographs and stuff when he was either a rookie or 2nd year player. It was definitely before the superbowl years.

    Montel Williams came to my HS to give my senior class a speech. We wanted to bring him back at the end of the year or something, and he made a comment about how we couldn't afford him and that Pepsi (the sponsor) was paying him.

    I've met a few rappers...most local Houston rappers. But I did hang out with Pimp C in Port Arthur one time. And I was back stage during the early Bad Boys days with Puffy, Biggie, Total, and those guys. Tried to get an interview, but they weren't trying to entertain little ol me.

    Met the former mayor of Chicago - Harold Washington (RIP)
    Met a few other local Houston politicians for stories that I was writing for the Daily Cougar.

    Interviewed Star Jones, Loretta Devine, and a couple of other actors/actresses for some news stories.

    Met/shook hands with Jason Witten at his camp last year on behalf of the Zone. I really enjoyed my long convo with Todd Archer the most, tho.

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