The "We are still a year away mock"

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Under this scenario, Jerra and Red realize there are still too many holes to fix in one draft. So they decide to complete the offense makeover. We will still have a pass rush problem but wow, this offense would kill. Here we go...

    #14- Peter Konz, C Wisconsin. The team tries to move back but no takers. He is a starter from day one. I would take Decastro here but I think he will be off the board come 14.

    #45- Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson. Red loves the 2 TE set and Phillips simply isn't good enough to be a pseudo starter. Allen gives the offense a dimension that MartyB never could.

    #81- Alameda Ta'amu- NT Washington. Team goes for need here and snags a defensive player. He starts immediately and allows Rat to slide to DE which shores up two spots with one pick.

    # 113- Brandon Brooks, OG Miami (OH). The OL renovation is complete. Can play guard, can play RT if Free flames out.

    # 135- Joe Adams, WR Arkansas. Here is your slot WR. Here is your return man.

    # 152- Casey Hayward, CB Vanderbilt. All he did was make plays in the best conference in the country. A little insurance for Jenkins.

    #186- Bryan Anger, P Cal. A tip of the hat to Hos for this one. Another guy who comes in and starts from day 1.

    #222- Patrick Witt, QB Yale. Red gets his developmental QB and an Ivy league guy to boot.
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    I wouldn't be surprised with a TE in Round 2 at all.

    Basically, we lost our number 3 WR - who was producing more like a top WR - and our number 2 TE this off-season.

    I could easily see Garrett trying to replace one of those positions early on in the Draft.

    I don't see it happening in Round 1, but anything after that it's game.

    I was thinking it's more likely to find the TE in Rounds 3 or 4, possibly even another WR around there as well, but a Round 2 pick would not be shocking given how much Garrett values the position.
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    Nice mock, but I don't see it as a year away draft or that we are another year away.

    Ta'amu at NT offers more ops for Ratliff to play DE. That helps the pass rush. We're not two years away.

    I do think we could drop down 4-8 spots and still get Konz.
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    I just thought I'd make a couple of comments.

    If you want Konz, trade down and pick up an extra second rounder in the process. You can trade back to 25 and still get him. I don't like the pick because I think Killa Kowalski will make a very good Center. He is amazing in space - go back and look at some preseason tape on how he gets onto the second level. He'll be so much better next year after an offseason in a NFL conditioning program as he came from a smaller school (Toledo). Konz has his medical concerns (I project about a 30-50% chance of recurrent deep vein thrombosis over the next 10 years so this is a calculated gamble for anyone to take) but also has gotten nicked up a fair bit (ankles) and that worries me because the pro game is so much tougher. He is a good player so it may work out but I'd prefer him in the 3rd due to the above issues and I don't think he drops so the risk-reward is too far off for my perspective. I'd actually much prefer his teammate Zeitler in a trade down to the early second.

    As for the TE, you are anchoring to the old NFL by bringing in Allen who isn't the dynamic athletic TE that is worth taking in the second. He is basically Bennett but a more accomplished receiver. He is even well below Witten athletically. He is going to mostly be a blocker in the pros so I wouldn't touch him until the 4th round.

    As for the NT in the 3rd, I don't think he makes it to the 3rd. Someone will take a flier on him in the mid-second. I just don't think he is an instinctual football player. If you want to put a guy in the middle who can push people around but not make any plays then this is your pick. I do agree that he is a load and a great athlete for his size. If he makes it to the 4th round I'd be okay with the pick but I don't want him in the 3rd and he'll probably already be gone anyway.

    You have Brooks in the 4th but there's no way he makes it out of the 3rd round. If we want him we probably have to take him with our 2nd rounder or trade up from our 3rd rounder. I like the pick but he won't fall as he is on too many team's radar after his workout. If he went to a bigger school he'd be in the discussion of 1st round OL. He is the OL equivalent of Poe in this draft but the kicker is the tape shows that he can play the game. The light switched on for him this year according to Wes Bunting from the game tape review. I'd have no qualms about him with our 2nd round pick.

    I like the Joe Adams pick with the supplemental 4th round pick. He can be our PR and work on becoming our future slot WR. Good value if you can get him here, IMO. Most of the mocks have him around here so this one is quite realistic.

    I like Hayward but I think you're smoking something here. Most people have him coming off the board in the 3rd round and I'd be happy with that pick. He's a good player, good athlete and a good kid. He's not a sprinter for a CB but should be adequate at 4.57. He had a decent broad jump, vertical, short shuttle and 3-cone drill which are more important for a CB. There is just no way he falls to the 5th round.

    I like the punter pick. He'll be a day one starter and help with field position. The sixth round is usually a good place to get a punter. I'm fairly happy with the job that Cris Jones did last season so I don't really consider it a need. They have him at a 4.8 40 and he is fairly big so he should be a decent tackler as the last line of defense.

    I like Witt in the 7th and we need a developmental QB as the McGee experiment has fizzled. The thing that is so frustrating about McGee is he has a good arm, decent accuracy, excellent toughness, excellent in the clutch, excellent mobility but he just processes the game too slowly to be an NFL starter at QB. I wonder if he hangs around another year so they can see him in preseason one more time. I think coming from that option offense just put his developmental curve too far back for him to overcome it or maybe it is just a skill he can never develop.

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