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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysFaninDC, Nov 9, 2010.

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    the race to the top of the draft board. I hate to see my boys like this. but this is a lost season. I don't believe in garrett as a coach and its a race to the top of the draft with Panthers and Bills, both of whom need a QB.

    I would love to have that top pick and draft andrew luck. yes we have other needs, but its obvious now that we are not one season away. we are at least 2 seasons away from being competitive again and then 3 season to really compete.

    with a new coach, new schemes, having needs on the OL, MLB and saftey position, etc. and going at best 3-13 this season we are not going to be ready to make any kind of a run. Plus Romo is going to be 32, and at most has another 2-3 good years. so I hope we get the top pick and draft Luck from Stanford (he looks really good), groom him for a couple of years and then turn the reins over to him so we don't have to suffer through another few years of not having a QB in dallas.

    McGee just doesn't cut it.
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    I think Romo has another 5 years at least. With the overall #1 draft pick, a stud QB is the best way to go and I don't think it's the right move for us. We need to rebuild the trenches, the foundation of the team. You'd be surprised how quickly things would turn around if we had a decent OL. I'd be OK with trading a high #1 pick for many many lower picks.
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    Now that Garrett is the coach I hope we don't have the worse record. If a coaching change can't get this group going, then I'd have to say this core will never be winners.
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    This core is not winners. Good stats, but not winners. Time to build new.

    If Luck is there draft him. QB is more than stats. Romo has great stats, but he very far from being a leader. Aikman and Staubach were leaders, White and Romo put up good stats.

    Romo has 2 years, draft Luck and go from there.

    Luck, Bryant, Austin, Choice, Jones, Phillips is the core group 3 years from now.
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    The Panthers aren't going to draft a QB in the 1st round and neither are we.
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    this core is not as good as you think. we as fans way over rated the core. we are not as bad as 2003. but we are not as good as you think. The core is

    Elite: Ware, Austin, Dez -

    Very Good - Romo, Ratlieff, Witten, McBriar

    good - Free, Jones, Spencer, Jenkins, Choice

    average - Spears, Olshansky, Barber, Williams, Newmann, james,

    with potential: AOA, Sean Lee, Brent, Lessimore,

    the rest are very very average at best. 4/5 of our line sucks. the MLBs are both over age. we don't have a 3rd down LB. our safties are awful. the DEs are bad to average. rebuilding an OL, MLB and Saftey spots with only 7 picks next year is going to be tough. at most we probably will sign one or two FA OL men and if we get mankins (big if) then he is the only elite.

    its going to take at least 2 or 3 years to be truly competitive.

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