The Raiders called Vanderjagt ?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Tex, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Sorry if this was posted. It's from ESPN.Com and I think this was from Jogn Clayton. I thought it was interesting. Vanderjagt best rethink his position and just try and prove he can still kick.

    • A lot of people might criticize Art Shell for not signing Paul Edinger and going with Sebastian Janikowski. But it wasn't as though Edinger showed in his workout for the Raiders that he could kick the long field goal. Janikowski, who had a sore back that left him listed as questionable on the injury report, missed three field goals Sunday. Janikowski kicked on Friday and Saturday and appeared to be fine. The kicker who might have bailed out the Raiders, Mike Vanderjagt, wasn't interested. Vanderjagt told the Raiders he doesn't do "week-to-week'' assignments

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    How does that effect the money that the Cowboys are paying him?

    If at all, I turn them down too.
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    and he doesn't kick off, either. i bet he's finished.
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    He doesn't do "week-to-week" assignments? :rolleyes:

    He doesn't make clutch FGs either, so what's left???

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