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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mperfection, Sep 5, 2005.

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    is the ability of the coaching staff to make adjustments in their game plan over the course of a game. To me, this was the real difference-maker in our Super Bowl years, especially when Johnson was the coach. I still remember vividly our ability to create "momentum changers" (as Johnson was fond of calling them) to turn the tide in our favor. Such was the case in the '92 NFC Championship game vs. SF. Although the game was tied 10-10 at halftime, the Cowboys made some crucial adjustments, coupled with key momentum changers, that eventually won the game for us. The same happened in the 2nd SB against Buffalo. I believe we were down 13-0 at the half in that game, and again made some key adjustments defensively and offensively--coupled with some key momentum changers (i.e., J. Washington's fumble recovery for a touchdown and his subsequent INT; Aikman's deep passes to A. Harper) that won us the game.

    In this age of ever-increasing parity, the ability of coaches to make key adjustments over the course of a game is sometimes the major difference between winning and losing. This year's team--on paper--is perhaps the best we have had in about 6-10 years. If Parcells and Co. fail to make necessary adjustments, we will see more losses than wins. Yes, we are a fairly young team, but so was that '92 team. I believe we are too talented to allow coaching glitches to cost us games.
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    That's a given. The table is set for BP to shine as a play caller for this team. The fact that he had very little talent to work with afforded him the nod in regards to strange play calling and over all strategy. This year, if everyone is healthy, he should shine on numerous occasions. If not, we as a team have a new set of problems to talk about.
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    Score more points :D
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    Actually, if you don't mind an opinion from an outsider, I see the real key being their ability to come together as a team. They made some great moves but sometimes it's not that simple to throw guys together and create a better team.

    Remember when Parcells said the team was stupid and basically called them uncoachable last year? Did he get rid of all the stupid ones? That, to me, is part of the problem. How will he get these guys to come together when these rookies start making the mistakes that they're bound to make?

    I'm not trying to be negative or critical. I follow the Cowboys very closely (even though I'm a Skins fan). I think the rookie class looks good but there's a learning curve. The question is, how much patience will Parcells have with them?

    I can actually see the Cowboys being very good this year if they play smart (not a given) and the rookies and FA's really play as well as advertised.
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    I think beyod the stupidity, there was a general lack of talent, so that didn't help at all.

    This year, I think Parcells will shine again too. There is no doubt that he can still coach, it was all him when we went 10-6. Last year, trick plays didnt matter. Too much inconsistency, and we gave up 405 points. You're not gonna win alot doing that
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    I have been very impressed with Bill Parcells as a game day coach. He does make the right adjustments, and I think we can count on having the coaching edge in just about every game that we play this year.

    The real question, in my mind, is whether Bill can put these players in the best position to be successful. He did that in 2003, but I'm a bit worried that he's trying to force the 3-4 on a 4-3 team. Hopefully he is flexible enough to change his scheme if it doesn't work out.

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