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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Jan 1, 2005.

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    Has set me to thinking about quarterbacks in this year's draft who just might be prospects to switch to other positions, like WR, RB, S or TE... watching the Steelers this year, I have grown increasingly impressed with Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle-El, both converted QBs... I also really like Patrick Crayton, the Cowboys rookie who caught the game winning pass against the Skins... he was also a QB in college...

    So, with all that in mind, here are the 5 best QB prospects who might switch positions in the pros... they are rated in the approximate order of their current draft grades:

    Bryan Randall, Virginia Tech... 5-11, 225 pounds, 4.55 second 40... Bryan has rushed for 1400 yards in his college career... his build suggests that he might be best off at RB, though his speed is marginal for that position...

    Matt Jones, Arkansas... 6-6, 230 pounds, 4.45 second 40... this is my favorite player on this list, the one with the most Hines Ward-type potential, IMO... his speed is good, his size is excellent... this guy was born to play WR in the NFL... he had over 1300 yards rushing in his career, and even caught 4 passes... there was some talk about moving him to WR for his senior season...

    Stefan LeFors, Louisville... 5-11, 206 pounds, 4.55 second 40... probably the best pure passer in this bunch, but he's just too small to make it in the NFL... has 680 yards rushing in his career, on 134 attempts...

    Rasheed Marshall, West Virginia... 6-1, 195 pounds, 4.55 second 40... after rushing for nearly 2000 yards in his college career, it looks like his best chance of making the NFL is at running back... however, he also played some DB in college...

    Darian Durant, North Carolina... 5-11, 216 pounds, 4.55 second 40... again, with his physique he looks like he'd be a good fit at RB...

    Of these 5, I'd say that Randall and Jones are likely 4th-5th round prospects, LeFors and Marshall 6th-7th round prospects or undrafted rookie free agents, and Durant is a likely undrafted rookie free agent... of course, all of this is subject to change...

    As I noted earlier, my favorite is Matt Jones of Arkansas... if he's still on the board when the Boys pick in the 4th round, I'll be praying that they snap him up...
  2. Zaxor

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    What I would be curious in knowing is why Jones didn't make the switch... was it because there was no decent back-up or that he can't catch or run routes
  3. silverbear

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    I think that it's mostly because the youngster they planned on replacing him with didn't pan out the way they'd hoped...

    Or maybe it's because of that "loose" shoulder that was the reason for talking about moving him in the first place... they might have been afraid that shoulder wouldn't stand up to too many licks over the course of the season...

    I'm quietly hoping that Jones' shoulder scares off some teams...

    Happy New Year, old friend... how are things in Germany these days??
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    Nice post SB. I got another angle on QBs in this draft from Rush 2112. I think he raised a really valid point. Due to his late injury Andrew Walters of ASU is likely to drop in the Draft. In him there exists the greatest possibility for a similar situation to Losman last year. If the a team picking early decides to trade back up into the 1st round to our Buffalo pick he is a player they might want to grab. I would think Miami, Arizona, and Cleveland all might be on the phone to Dallas offering for that pick.
  5. joseephuss

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    How about Marcus Vick of Virginia Tech? He played QB and WR for the Hokies. I know he was suspended this year, but I would think some NFL team will be interested in him.
  6. Chuck 54

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    Let's not try to find a pig in a poke any longer....let's stop trying to find a GREAT QB in a low round and for a GREAT price....either we need a QB or we don't....if we do, then stop trying to hit on the unlikely...use a high pick and get a guy that everyone wants...there's a reason they all want him, and while it does happen, it's less likely that a QB everyone is high on will bust than it is that a guy everyone was worried about and you got a great deal on will bust.
  7. SuspectCorner

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    every current bio i can find on lefors has him listed at 6'0".
    i'm not suggesting that a team that is overloaded with inexperience at the QB position already (cowboys) - should
    give him much thought. but he could be a nice project for a team where the QB position is more stable. lefors is a very good passer. and, tho he is athletic, i disagree with the suggestion that he may be tried at another position.
  8. Fletch

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    Nah, Marcus is too busy taking snaps from 15 year old girls. :rolleyes:
  9. Duane

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    I agree with looking for quality starters at QB in low rounds but I think that SB's post had more to do with converting college QBs to play other positions.
  10. trickblue

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    Sun Devil Apologist... :rolleyes:

    That being said... our own Drew Pearson was a converted QB... it is certainly not a reach...

    I stated earlier this year that I felt Matt Jones could be another Jay Novecek type... (d@mn you to those who made fun of me... ;) )

    Wasn't Jay a QB at one time? Richie Anderson was as well...

    The QB is usually one of the more well-rounded athletes (star pitcher, star QB, star hoopster... we all knew them in HS)
  11. Hostile

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    Oh you know how to hurt a guy. That was cruel.

  12. AdamJT13

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    Too small ... just like Drew Brees?
  13. blindzebra

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    Or Vick 6' 215?
  14. Zaxor

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    The kid would be worth a look see as a FA but we have so very many needs it might be hard justifying a draft pick for him

    A Very Happy New Year to you as well my dear friend

    Germany has been berry berry good to me...

    though at time I miss home badly... but my Dad is very old and my Mom is long gone and my sister was murdered...

    no I take that back... I think there is no home there for me anymore as I have been here now off and on for over 20+ years and I have my 2 boys (Caleb and Jacob) that I have been left alone to raise... I think I will be staying... but then you never know...
  15. Bobo

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    I coulda swore I read Matt Jones already has played some WR at some point....maybe it was HS....
  16. lkelly

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    When was Richie a QB? From what I remember, he played Running Back in high school in Maryland. I know he never played a down at Quarterback at Penn State (even in practice).

    To me, Jones the Razorback is a pretty long strider. He has very marginal quickness and change of direction. I'm guessing his shuttle time will suck. Maybe he can grow into a TE, but no way he gets any separation on NFL DBs at wideout.
  17. Bobo

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    Sounds like Drew Bennett, who's a 1000 yard WR and also played some qb in college, then swapped to WR late and didn't have enough time there to look good coming out of college.

    I wouldn't count him out just because he's a long strider and I wouldn't say there's no way he won't get seperation.
  18. Sarge

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    ..............thank you.
  19. zagnut

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    LeFors looks like a QB. Might only be a backup, but's a living. I don't believe 4.55. I never watched him and went, wow he's a good athlete. Looked like every moderately mobile colege QB.

    Matt Jones truly shocked me the first time I saw him. I was expecting MAYBE college era Brett Favre-level athlete. He's somewhere around a Steve McNair-level athlete. It was criminal to keep him at QB. I've seen him outrun SEC cornerbacks too many times to count. Early 4th is too early for me though. I'd be ok anywhere from late 5 to 7 round. I'd prefer undrafted, but I don't see him lasting.
  20. Bobo

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    4.55 may be exagerated for LeFors, but I've seen him outrun db's this year, just like Jones. LeFors definitely is not just your average mobile college QB.

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