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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ceasaleo88, Jan 14, 2012.

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    along the same OL of thinking....

    and how Wes Bunting has rated the top 5th best pro prospect in draft

    1-Luck 2- Claiborne 3- DeCastro 4-Richardson & 5- Konz

    definately these are all plug and play choices for many yrs to come

    Now, need to protect Romo, since w/o him, the Boys are toast.....

    I sense an urgency to build a protective wall around Romo...his health is prime to the future of the Cowboys- this investment is treated like a rag doll by our opponents...jeez

    Give Romo some love....get him Nicks (Saints- All Pro-OG) in free agency - DeCastro at 14th and move up from second round into first round and get Konz....that way we're done with the offensive line for remaining Romo yrs in one swoop and OL is also set for a decade.:eek:

    Smith... Nicks ... Konz ...DeCastro ...Free

    Yeah, the defense suffers but lets get it fixed in the following 2 yrs. Not like if we're a player away from the SB with that train wreck.....:bang2:
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    First Jeremiah Ratliff to OLB now Calais Campbell, wth is going on with this board lately?
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    to replace spenser as the 2nd pass rusher
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    The big problem with Spencer is that he doesn't have elite speed, elite power or good pass rush moves. You usually need at least one of those skills to be a good pass rusher and a great pass rusher usually has two of them. The true elite might have all 3 but that is very rare.

    It is only this year that Ware really started to show some more moves as a pass rusher with his interior counter move.

    Spencer can't get by OTs with burst around the edge, he can't overpower them and he just ends up handfighting them most of the time. Most of his pressures and sacks occur from him pursuing a play or cleaning up someone else's pressure. That's why he is so bad in this role and why we have to seek to upgrade the pressure upfront.

    We can keep Spencer at OLB but then we either have to find someone else to be the edge rusher or find another disruptive player for put in at DT. The best candidates in the first round are likely Ingram and Brockers.

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