The rights of convicted killer?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by 03EBZ06, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Should a convicted killer get life saving surgery at tax payers' expnse?

    Lanny Barnes, who plead guilty of killing a two year old girl is getting a bone marrow transplant, which will be ~$300,000, all paid by the tax payers.

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  2. zrinkill

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    To bad he is not brain damaged or a baby ..... then the same people trying to save him would gladly let him die.

  3. burmafrd

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    Truly obscene. But then that is the liberals for you; so much concern for the criminal; so little for their victims.
  4. jterrell

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    hey, he probably was damaged and his mom was a strict anti-abortionist....

    lol. see if she had made the right call we'd all be free of this scum bucket. :D

    this is a nasty issue because the way the law effects in coverage blanket.

    in this specific scenario this guy should have been given the death penalty imho.

    but not sure we want a law saying criminals; even convicted murderers can not have access to medical care. there are cases of murder that while not justified are borderline and the sentence should definitely not be death.

    someone molests your kid and you cold-bloodedly kill them i'd give you an award but in a court they very well could convict you of murder. in that case i'd want that person to get medical care. especially if he would have otherwise has insurance and been able to get the care outside of prison.
  5. trickblue

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    Nothing surprises me any more. Prisoners are now getting tax-funded sex changes, why not life saving surgery...
  6. ZeroClub

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    IMO, that some prisoners receive better health care than the rest of us is more damning of our health care system than our legal system.
  7. jterrell

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    that is a clear cut case of stupid.
    elective/cosmetic surgery should be outright banned.

    if you wanna kill the dangle do so on your own time after your sentence is served.

    then again if i get convicted i hope i can be accepted into the women's prison. :laugh2:
  8. burmafrd

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    I disagree that it is not an indictment of the criminal system. Minimal health care for all convicted of first degree murder. Maybe a little more for lesser crimes. BUT NO WAY should they get anywhere NEAR the best care available.
  9. arglebargle

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    Tell that to all the guys who spent years in Cook County's death row, only to be exonerated by new evidence (mostly thanks to U of Chicago's law students investigations).
  10. AbeBeta

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    Denying prisoners medical care would be a very cruel form of treatment.

    Humane treatment of prisoners is a hallmark of civilized societies.
  11. Doomsday101

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    Unlike the cruel treatment this inmate had with a 2 year old girl.
  12. burmafrd

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    with the rise in DNA use there are far fewer bad convictions. Its much less likely now that truly innocent people will get convicted of capital crimes. I mean if OJ can go free....
    Let em die.
  13. Seven

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    Yeah, it's called room and board. We ain't makin' 'em bust rocks.
  14. AbeBeta

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    What he did was horrible. But that has nothing to do with whether or not he deserved medical care.

    Denying care like this is a slippery slope.
  15. Viper

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    As much as I feel for the family, as I am sure you do. We can not deny medical care to individuals in our prisons.

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