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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tunahelper, Dec 26, 2006.

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    This is nothing new for us. We have been used in most games this year vs. against solid offensive teams. Our defense is overrated and the LB's need more speed and awareness.

    James is the most overrated in my opinion. He is solid vs. the run, even though he misses tackles in space. He is even worse against the pass (screens, dump offs to the RB's).

    Henry has shown us he is consistently beatable deep. He makes a few plays that keeps us hoping it will improve. He is worth keeping, but still is going to be up and down. I think he should be moved to FS and I do not care about money just some better play. FS is a joke!

    Williams cannot cover and I believe we overpaid for his services. I like the guy, but his abilities are overshadowed by his flaws. Maybe if we had a superior FS, ala CHRIS HOPE anyone we would be O.K.

    Lastly LOLB is non factor in getting pressure. I also never thought Ellis was the answer either. He is to tight in space and this leaves us at risk. His pass rush was a big help, but upgrade is needed.

    Hatcher needs to start over Canty/Spears. Pick either of them you want, they make no plays and get turned on to many off tackle runs.

    I hope some of our younger guys can improve over the off season or some free agents can be signed.
    If not this is an athletic group of underachievers...

    Sounds like a Super bowl defense?

    The off season is going to require change in order for Dallas to take the next step...

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