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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Richmond Cowboy, Nov 6, 2006.

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    I haven't noticed any mention this, and I was shocked that the announcers didn't point it out but the safety should have been challenged. JJ's knee was clearly on top of a Redskin's body as he was going down and he actually was not down until the ball crossed the plane of the goal line. Anybody else notice this?
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    Great....this just ADDS TO THE hurt.....
  3. alancdc

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    Yes. From the initial angle it looked like he was in the end zone, but from the end zone angle he clearly ended up across the goal line. I was yelling at Parcells to challenge that play. In a league where they typically go out of their way to spot "safeties" on the 1 I thought it was a bad call. Now, who knows where we would have ended up, but would have liked to have had the chance to run 2 more plays.
  4. SteveOS

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    Yeah, I belive there was a long thread about this yesterday, but I was too pissed off to read it. There were many head scratchers in the game, but in the end, the Skins came out on top. Whether that be a bad call, or whatever, the Skins beat us. We need to move on to Arizona.

    Sure we had a few things go our way as well, including a huge drop from Cooley, almost phantom holding on Ware, negating a huge 35 yard pass (seriously, there was holding the entire game, I was surprised they called it.)

    There were so many players (Roy can't cover, T.O. drop) and coaches (Parcells for 2?) to blame, but when all is said and done, the Boys need to blow the doors off of Arizona to get ready for Indy. If they lose to either AZ or Tampa, they are done. I can see them beating the Colts, I hope the Colts come in undefeated.
  5. WV Cowboy

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    This is true, I was shouting to challenge the play.

    Plus I don't feel Barber gets tackled there on that play.

    Don't get me wrong, I love JJ, but they are two different style running backs, ... and MB3 runs way more physical than JJ.

    Short yardage, goal line, and coming out of my own endzone I run Barber.
  6. CaptainAmerica

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    You are right but the question is why did FOX wait to show the critical angle that proved he was over the line until it was too late to do anything about it?

    Youy would think the goalline view was the first one they would have gone to.
  7. Champsheart

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    Yep, I noticed it to. That should have been challenged, we would have won it.
  8. TEK2000

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    JJ's helmet was on the ground when the ball was still in the endzone.
  9. firehawk350

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    What Fox shows has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game. It's not like Parcells has a little TV on the sideline to watch the replays to see if wants to challenge.
  10. riggo

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    i didnt know that. of course, i only saw the one replay and i was looking at his knees. i thought it wasnt a safety.

    does the helmet on the ground mean he's down, though?
  11. joseephuss

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    That is a good question. Off the top of my head(pun semi-intended) I would say no.

    Parcells said that the coaches upstairs saw the replays and thought JJ was down and it would not be worth challenging.
  12. RedskinNation

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    I was actually nervous about this as was a close call. The thing that may have sold it is that 2 or 3 refs all gave very confident safety calls that may have swayed Parcells into not even questioning it. It looked like Jones may have been inches out of the endzone...the ball rather...when Marshall got to him.

    Add to the fact a TV timeout followed...i was 4 certain they would review it.

    It goes both ways, it looked like Romo was passed the LOS when he dumped to Barber for a big gain on what i think was a 3rd down play. Gibbs didnt review it.
  13. Marktui

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    How many guys here think that was not a safety? I thought that it should have been reviewed by the Cowboys. The ball was across the endline when he got tackled!! His knee was in the endzone, but the ball was outside of it!!

    What do you guys think?
  14. TwoDeep3

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    I have a DVR and have stopped the replay - the one they only showed once from the opposite side of the field - and clearly Jones touches the ball inside the playing field before his knee touches in the endzone.

    Spilt milk, my friend.
  15. TEK2000

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    It was a safety... his helmet was on the ground when the ball was still in the endzone.

    I'm still looking for the rule but, as far as I know, pretty much any part of your body that touches the ground besides your Hand or Feet rules you DOWN. I hope someone else can clarify this for me.
  16. MossTDMossTD

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    even an ankle on the ground means your down. its hands and feet only.
  17. joseephuss

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    Forearms, too. Saw it in the game between the Giants and Chiefs last season when Toomer kept his balance with his forearm on the ground and ran for a TD. They announcers said that if the elbow would have touched, he would have been down. That leaves it open to whether the helmet is down or not. I do not know.
  18. vicjagger

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    Too bad the OL didn't "challenge" the defender that made the play. He was unblocked.

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