The Samsung Galaxy S III vs Iphone 5...which will I buy next.

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    The wife and I are due for an upgrade on our phones through our contracts or whatever it is called.

    I have been doing research, reading reviews, watching video and so on between the New Iphone and the SIII.

    I wanted to see what phone is better in various aspects and weigh out which one I liked the best over all.

    Please note that I am NOT considering the Samsung Note or Note 2...someone at work has one and although the Samsung is big...the Note is just too big for my liking as it just did not feel right in my front pocket (where I keep my phone)

    I immediately liked the screen size of the SIII compared to the new Iphone.

    I have watched enough videos of bench mark / speed tests between the two and the Iphone consistently beats the SIII in speed although it is only by the smallest of margins so that really is not a major issue to me...a tenth of a second or even a full second is not a deal breaker or maker to sway me to one phone or the other.

    The SIII and the OS just has more options by far compared to the Iphone and IOS. I am not talking about more apps or games...just talking about controls, functionality, ability to change things around for your own personal wishes and over all more options built into the software. You can cover or turn over the phone to pause music. The ability to watch videos and pop out the video to do other things while watching the video and just a bunch of nice little things that are pretty cool yet also would be something you could use on a regular basis. However it appears that the Iphone is still better with the voice command software but the SIII does seem to be improving in that area.

    The SIII has a superior hardware accessories options. The standard micro USB cable, not just for charging but also you can buy some with adapters to HD/HDMI ability to hook into your tv. The ability to have extra batteries that you can swap in and out on your own. The micro SD card where you can add up to 32 gigs of space. Even a cool docking port where you can charge your phone and an extra battery at the same time...or some wireless chargers where you can just sit your phone down on a pad and it will charge although it appears you have to have a special case for that to work.

    The Iphone has a superior quality of build IMO that really seems to show up in durability issues. Sorry but a full back cover that is just plastic is a weakness for the SIII IMO. Sure you have to take it off and on to get to your battery or micro SD Card, sure it cuts down on the weight...but I think something a little better can be substituted for that. I have noticed many drop tests and the SIII was no where as durable as the Iphone. With means instead of a really thin basic case (like I normally have on my current phone and would get something similar if I got the new Iphone) I have already looked at getting a beefier and more protective case for the SIII.

    Screens...Of course the SIII is much larger but it appears the Iphone is much brighter. I don't think the brightness is enough to sway me one way or the other...just an observation. One has the better brightness the other (SIII) seems to have more saturation. Toss up I guess but hard to ignore the larger SIII screen.:D

    The Battery and NFC. I guess this could fall under both hardware and software sections but I will make it again here. I already talked a little about the ability to have an extra battery to swap in and out. This is really a nice thing to have especially if you are on long trips. It can be a pain finding an electric outlet in an airport anymore because they are quick to be taken with so many people charging their phones. You can buy an extra battery (or more) and have them charged up on long trips...when one battery is almost done, you can just swap in another. Now the battery also has the NFC thing going. Where you can just touch other phones with the same ability and you can exchange pictures, videos and I would imagine some other files. This could also come into play for future things within a business situations. The Iphone does not have the NFC feature nor the ability for a user to just swap out batteries easily. I would imagine if you did swap out a battery on your phone without taking it to a apple store, or sending it to one, it would probably void some kind of guarantee or something...aka they don't give you the option as a user to do it on your own.

    One of the main points that really had me worried about a switch is the apps store and cards. I did not know if they had cards (like Itune cards) that I could buy so I could spend it buying apps or music. Sounds silly but I like that option much better than using a credit card or debit card. Would rather pay my money for the card and not have to worry about anything else. Well I found they do sell google play cards. You can't get them at as many places as an Itunes card but they can be bought at target, gamestop and Radio Shack so that is good...wish they could be bought at wall world but no big problem.

    Just a cursory look the last day or so at the android/google app store and I have to say it kind of sucks compared to the apple itunes/apps store. I notice there are some games I really like on my iphone that are not available on the google being fairway solitaire which is odd considering the company that makes it (big fish games) has all of it's other games on there. I also noticed that the google store does not have anywhere near as close to as many apps and games as Itunes store. I also notice that the prices for a good deal of games is higher on the google play vs itunes. I don't understand why a $1.99 Pokie magic slot machine game on itunes is $2.49 on google play furthermore I like on itunes how pokie magic (they make many slot machine games) will have megapacks where you can buy three games for one price ($2.99 for all three instead of $1.99 for each) and the google play does not have that...So I can almost buy three games for the price of one.

    So that would to be the biggest sacrifice for me. I would lose all of my games and apps I have gotten over the years. And some of my favorites I will not be able to get on the new phone and some of the ones I can get I will wind up paying more for them.

    Now with all of that said I have weighed the options in my mind and think it is time to switch to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I think overall it is the better option going forward. There are things I will be sacrificing by switching but overall I don't think Apple did enough of an upgrade to the overall product. I think Apple could do a great deal more and still keep things under their control and keep them simple without unlocking the software. I won't say that they dropped the ball as I still think the Iphone 5 is a really good product and superior in some aspects to other phones on the market...however I think the limitations they kept on themselves instead of expanding in some areas is keeping me from staying with them this time. I can not say I would not switch back to them in the future. Maybe after having the SIII for sometime I will long for the apple product.

    So I am going to take the chance and go with the SIII. The wife however is going with the Iphone 5. She says she likes what she already knows and she likes that it is simple. I was showing her videos of people going into the SIII and how it has so many options and so on and she just did not wanted to have something that is simple and similar without having to learn a good deal of stuff or have a bunch of options that she knows she will never bother with.

    I think that is one area that apple GETS IT for many users. KISS keep it simple stupid. Simple to understand, reliable, does not change much and again reliable. There is nothing wrong with that. However if you like to mess around with stuff and want other options I think the SIII is the better option.

    So there you have it. Unless something changes in the next couple of weeks...I will be switching to the SIII.

    I will get the larger screen.
    I will get so many more software and customization.
    I will get the ability to upgrade storage with a microSD card.
    I will get to have an additional battery to swap in or out.
    The Micro USB cable/port which can work with other external items (TV)
    and probably overall cheaper to get extra ones for charging.
    Google Play cards to replace Itune Cards
    Excitement of a new product to learn all new things.

    Cheap plastic back and not as durable build quality.
    Have to buy Heavier, more protective Case vs a lighter case.
    Not as many games/apps and will lose some that I really like.

    Any other pro/cons or comments that others can think of are welcome.

    Let's just slow down on the love/hate fan boy (either systems/products) type of posts that ruin these types of threads.
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    Pros is it not an Apple product :D
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    For me, the iPhone 5 screen is almost perfect. Any bigger and it would be a hassle. I'll give one example that absolutely drives me crazy. I'm left handed. In the Facebook app, when you open a picture, the "close" button (to close out the picture and go back to viewing timeline) is a small button in the top right of the screen. When I'm holding the iPhone 5 with my left hand, I can barely reach the close button. If I'm holding it in certain ways, I can't actually reach it and I have to reposition my hand or use two hands. For whatever reason, that is incredibly frustrating to me. If the screen was any bigger, forcing me to use two hands, I would rage with anger. I'm not sure why being forced to use two hands on a phone is annoying to me, but it is.

    Also, to me, the build quality, thinness and lightness of the 5 is beyond incredible. When I hold my wife's 4S, it feels like 5+ year old technology it's so heavy and fat. I couldn't possibly imagine going to a device that feels cheap after using an iPhone 5. It is most certainly the best built phone ever.

    Third thing I'd point out -- while both phones have LTE, the great thing about the iPhone is that I have experience no battery drop off due to the LTE. In fact, my 5 lasts longer than my 4S did.
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    You must have baby hands :p:
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    Literally just measured my left hand -- 10 3/4" across. That's on the larger than average side, I believe.
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    When I hold an iphone it's uncomfortable for me because it's so much smaller than my Motorola. I guess I'm just used to it. I have no problems operating it with one hand. Personal preference I guess.

    Sorry BP didn't mean to jack your thread.
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    Like with most things, its whatever you get used to. An iPhone 4, I could see feeling too small. But if you think an iPhone 5 feels small, that seems weird to me.

    These are pretty important differences among phones, so I don't think it's hijacking.
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    The larger screen is awesome. My wife is getting one Friday. I purchased mine the first month it came out. If you have a newer tv, you do not need an HDMI cable. You can transfer info via wifi. Full movies, games, pictures, browse the Internet, etc.

    I think I mentioned awhile back I was given an old iPad. When comparing the two stores the cost of games seems to be lower in the android store.

    The thing I really enjoy about android vs apple if the flexibility. The best site on the Internet is XDA. Once you get a feel for things, the sky is the limit. You can remove tracking software the manufactures build in, speed up the device with simple tweaks and tips, etc. The flexibility is unrivaled. One you start you will become addicted. XDA can be a little overwhelming at first, so if you need some help to get started, I will be happy to help you. Another nice thing about XDA is it is designed for/by software devs. Almost all the software is available there is FREE.

    As far as your favorite solitaire game goes, I am confidant you find a replacement that is as good if not better in the android app store.

    My wife is very excited about getting her phone Friday. T-Mobile is running a special. GS3 will be FREE Friday and Saturday. You can run an iphone on their system now, but they still do not sell them. Anyway my wife is excited about sharing pictures of the kids wirelessly.

    Good choice on the Galaxy SIII. Removable battery and sdcard are huge for me. I purchased a simple little two piece silver case when I bought the phone from tmobile. The Pebble Blue phone and silver remind me of Cowboys colors!

    PS Google maps works!

    PSS... there are several ways to migrate your itunes to android. You can also play podcasts.
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    FWIW, my son has the Galaxy 3 (he previously had the Epic Galaxy) and he LOVES it. It really does look like a pretty cool phone!
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    I'm currently demoing a Galaxy S3 and so far I'm not too impressed with Android (Ice Cream Sammich). The phone itself is nice, but Android has some quirky features that I don't like.

    I am likely going to go back to my iPhone 4s...

    I'm just giving my opinion. I know I'm about to get hammered by the Droid Droids for being an Apple Sider even though that isn't the case...

    Sam's is offering a 97 cent phone upgrade with no upgrade fee or restocking fee if you bring it back withing 14 days this weekend. My daughter likes the S3 because of the screen size so she might get one for that reason.
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    Here ya go: :lmao:


    I love this you can tell, I'm not an Apple fanboi.
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    Unless the build quality is drastically different from the GSII I don't think you will have any durability problems.

    I have dropped my GSII a half dozen times on asphalt. No case. All four corners of the body are dented. It still works like new and the glass is perfect.
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    I have an iPhone 5. It's the white one with a silver bezel. I have to warn you about getting a black iPhone 5. The black model doesn't have the silver bezel. This is where it chips, nicks, dents, and shows horrible scratches on the black model. Sometimes this occurs right out of the box due to manufacturer handling and quality control issues. I've seen reviews that state the black iPhone 5 being very susceptible to chips on the side of the phone with just a few hours of use.

    I've talked to people who had to open up boxes of iPhone 5s to get one in good condition.

    Perhaps the iPhone 5s will be built better with less quality control issues.
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    Watch out for cheap car chargers. If you use GPS / Sat Nav the phone will actually still discharge if you use a cheap one. I currently use my old Branded HTC Car Charger.


    I use Kies Cast a lot for downloading podcasts.
    32GB card allowed me to move my MP3's with no trouble. No MicroSD turned me off the Nexus.
    I'm currently using Jelly Bean OS which I find to be much smoother than Ice Cream Sandwich. I believe there is at least one more OS update for Jelly Bean coming soon.


    The XDA Developers website is great, as someone has already said, but then they do cover the iPhone as well.
    I'd say you will also have to do a lot of investigating and tweaking to get the Battery life to where you want it. I found Google Now and Google+ to really drain the life out of my battery. XDA Developers forum is full of information to cover this.

    Overall I am very pleased with the phone and would say it's better or not than an iPhone. You pays your money and takes your choice. My guess would be they're as good as one another. Of course others may have had different experiences.
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    I've had my Black 5 since around launch date and do not use a cover. I have no scratches at all. I've dropped it a few times and have accidentally put it in the same pocket as my keys a number of times as well.
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    IF you are already invested in the Apple app ecosystem 8/10 times i'd say stay there as you can't transfer apps between the two.

    The build quality is not bad nor is it great (if you want great wait for an HTC phone)
  17. BrAinPaiNt

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    I have seen what he is talking about in some of the drop tests.

    Also seen some other tests where they test the finishes (using a knife) and the black flaked off and sides were scuffed and scratched pretty bad.
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    I wonder if some of this paint issues is not a product of the chinese workers being over worked to try and push these out to fast this time around. Was not long ago a bunch of workers as one of the plants caused some trouble because they were being over worked in order to get so many done...which is saying a good bit if chinese workers are saying they are being over worked.

    So might be an issue where they were just pushing to hard and letting to many go through quality control that should not have.
  19. theogt

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    I've read that it's more of an issue in some phones than others (with an emphasis on problems in the first batch). It probably depends on where and when it was manufactured. Like I said, I've had no issues -- actually, I've been shocked at how resilient it is. I had one drop a few days ago that I knew had busted the screen -- but nothing.

    Any aluminum product will scratch. But it's obviously significantly more resistant to damage than the iPhone 4 with the glass back (which would both scratch and shatter).
  20. CATCH17

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    I got an iphone 5 and I love it.

    Im pissed though about the Zagg cover I bought. The lady put it on and didn't get it on straight and it started to pick up lint so I tried to take it off and put it back on... Big mistake...

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