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The Samsung Galaxy S III vs Iphone 5...which will I buy next.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Muhast

    Muhast Newo

    7,661 Messages
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    I went with the Galaxy S3. I really thought long and hard about the Note2. The size of it ultimately turned me off. It fits in your pocket, but not comfortably. I have really enjoyed my S3 so far. No complaints at all. I am pretty annoyed that I bought a case for it from the store that was 29.99, and looked on Ebay and found tons of similar styles for around 8.99, but besides that, no complaints.

    As far as T-Mobile, I have had them for years and literally never had a single issue. I always have good coverage, never drop calls, and my 4g internet feels fast. They are getting LTE towers as well in the spring, and merging with MetroPCS is just going to give them even better coverage. The best part about them is the monthly plans are so much cheaper than everyone else.
  2. SaltwaterServr

    SaltwaterServr Blank Paper Offends Me

    8,124 Messages
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    That's everything I wanted to hear about it. That's going to be my next baby.
  3. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
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    One thing I don't like about GSIII is that it has weaker signal reception than HTC EVO 4G LTE. I know I'm in a dead zone but damn, I can't even send texts in the house, let along receive calls, unlike EVO 4G LTE. In order for me to send texts, I have to outside the house, lol
  4. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,891 Likes Received
    Good info, thanks.

    Interesting. The EVO LTE is another one I was considering because I like my original EVO more than the Motorola I got over a year later that was supposedly an upgrade.

    Another one I might consider after looking at several of them yesterday is the LG Optimus G. Quad-core 1.5 ghz, seemed pretty impressive.

    Not sure breaking my contract to go to a WP8 would be worth it. I didn't love the HTC 8x that much... The Lumia 920 seemed better. But that means switching to AT&T and I'd have to look into their plans. Plus a few apps I like aren't on there yet.
  5. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

    11,514 Messages
    2 Likes Received

    Here's one thing you can try:
    1. Turn off device
    2. Remove back cover and take SIM Card and Battery out
    3. Wait a few minutes
    4. Replace battery and back cover (but not SIM Card)
    5. Turn on phone
    6. When able to, turn phone off again
    7. Remove back cover and battery
    8. Replace battery, SIM Card, and back cover
    9. Turn device back on
    10. ???
    11. Profit!
    That troubleshooting sequence has helped several SGS3 owners that were experiencing connectivity issues. I hope that it works for you!

    Anopther thing, I read where folks have returned the phone for a complete swap and it resolved all of their connection issues they were having.
  6. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
    411 Likes Received
    I'll give it a try Dallas, thanks for the info. But SIM Card? I don't think SGSIII has a SIM Card?
  7. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

    11,514 Messages
    2 Likes Received

    I am w/ ATT. Mine has one. Maybe not w/ Verizon? Just throwing out some XDA stuff.

    Check XDA btw. If you don't mind rooting your phone, there are some great tweaks for it up today for boosting sig strength and tuning battery etc.
  8. 03EBZ06

    03EBZ06 Need2Speed

    7,979 Messages
    411 Likes Received
    Yeah, I'm with Sprint and it doesn't have SIM card. I've been reading XDA all morning trying to figure out how to improve signal. From what I gather, many people with SG3 is having reception problems. Oh, my phone got rooted 2 days after I got it :)

    One thing I did learn is "Do not death grip the phone", lol
  9. JBond

    JBond Well-Known Member

    6,740 Messages
    39 Likes Received
    Have you tried installing a different radio/modem?


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    31,769 Messages
    4,348 Likes Received
    You will love it. You will feel like the only person who has a REAL smartphone. Lol you will look and laugh at others while they play with their mini phones.

    Ok, maybe that's just what I am doing. Lmao

    My friend came up to me in Starbucks and showed me their iPhone 5. It got lost in my hand. Felt fake. Thought I could crush it with bare hand.

  11. TheCowboy

    TheCowboy The Teen

    2,628 Messages
    617 Likes Received
    I'm glad I saw this thread. My phone upgrade is coming up soon and I don't know what I'm going to do. I know enough about the iPhone 5, but I need help on some questions regarding Samsung phones.

    1. I use maps a lot on my iPhone 4, are there good map apps on Android phones that give directions and tell your current location?

    2. What the heck is the difference between the Note 2 and S3? I seriously do not know any of it, except for the Note 2 having a big 5.5" inch screen.

    3. How is the music on these devices? Great quality? Where does it run music through? Not iTunes obviously. Do they come with free headphones?

    4. Did the S3 come out recently? I feel worried with the iPhone that the 5s will come out in 2 months or whatever apple does these days. I want to have a phone that will be stable for a couple years.

    These are my only concerns with switching from my 4. I know they have similar apps such as weather, photos, Pandora, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, ect. All I use the iPhone for is music, mail, facebook/twitter and photos. I would love to learn a new phone but keep the same features I use on the iPhone.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Hunka Hunka Burning BP Staff Member

    66,377 Messages
    11,804 Likes Received
    Well one of the gripes about I phone 5 was them dropping Google as main maps and the one that replaced it not being as good. I think you will be able to get Google maps on them. You have Google maps on the Samsung and I assume other Androids so if yyou liked Google maps you should be okay. I really don't use maps never used it in my iphone4 and doubt I use it on my Samsung,

    It has the larger screen and is basically a criss between a phone and tablet what some have started to refer to as phablets, couple people T work have them and they look nice. I just found them to be a tad bigger than I want as I keep my phone in my front pocket and it was just odd feeling.

    You have a stock music player and you have a number of ones you can buy from the Google play store. If you switch from iphone4 to galaxy you can get a program to import all of your music, videos, pictures, contacts stuff from iTunes to your knew phone I used a free program called easy synch phone ( think that is the name if you need the apps name later let me know and I will find it for you). You will get moist of your apps from Google play store or amazon android market. The selection for androids are smaller compared to the iTunes store. Just more apps for Apple especially games. However you will find there are all kinds of widgets, and icon packs, roms and launchers that you will have fun learning new stuff to do that is just as entertaining as some of the games you might lose out on that you liked on iTunes. Although they do have some of the more popular game like angry birds and the like.

    The program that connects then phone to your computer for backups, and software and firmware update is from Samsung called Kies and frankly it sucks mightily compared to iTunes software. I have had troubles with it recognizing my phone and having to reinstall drivers multiple times. Today I realized there was a firmware update for the Android jellybean operating system and I couldnnot get it to work through Kies on my home computer so had to do it at work. It ducked because I did not have a backup at work so had to start from scratch until I could get home to put all my music ( 7-10 gbs) bCk on my phone and all of my contact . One nice thing about Google play store. Since you have to have an account it keeps track of what apps you have purchased and you can go back in and re download those apps.. :starspin

    I am not sure when the galaxy SIII came out, and want to early spring but really don't know. The note II just came out last month I believe.

    Of the things you mentioned ou wanted you can do on this phone ( galaxy SIII) j use twitter and Facebook a good bit also listen to a good deal of music also listen to podcasts like Adam corolla on his app. I you can use tune in radio pro to find stations and other podcasts

    You have messaging and even get an app to make the message in look like the iPhone messaging, I use it just because it looks familiar.

    You have a stock email program that you can enter multiple email accounts into but you can still get Gmail app

    I M happy I made the switch to Samsung galaxy SIII. I miss a few of the games on iPhone Nd I really wish that Samsung or android would make a better program to connect to your computer like apple has I am iTunes. But other than those two things I find this phone just better in so many ways that it is well worth the switch. The ability to switch out batteries and to add up to 64gbs of storage space with a micro sd card alone makes this a better phone.

    Oh and the phone comes with ear phones.

    Another advantage of this phone. The usb/micro usb cable, came with one and a plug in adapter for charging

    But you can buy more cables at cheap prices. Other products use the same type of cables so it is not just cables used for Apple products which means you can find them cheaper,

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    31,769 Messages
    4,348 Likes Received
  14. Bleu Star

    Bleu Star Bye Felicia!

    23,654 Messages
    4,349 Likes Received
    The truth has never been clearer. :D

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    31,769 Messages
    4,348 Likes Received
    Yeah but it should have been.

    Jobs wanted to stay ahead and defeat android. He should have released iPhone 5 last year(instead of 4s bs) and it should have been Note 2-esque.

    Not that he could defeat android but he would increased market share.
  16. SaltwaterServr

    SaltwaterServr Blank Paper Offends Me

    8,124 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Note 2 came out this past spring/summer. The first one I saw was in middle may.
  17. Dallas

    Dallas Old bulletproof tiger

    11,514 Messages
    2 Likes Received
    Odd because its only been out on TMobile-Sprint-Att a few weeks so far. Verizon has not even launched its Note 2 yet?

    Edit: Nevermind - Verizon does have it for 299.00.
  18. Bleu Star

    Bleu Star Bye Felicia!

    23,654 Messages
    4,349 Likes Received
    I think you're referring to the Note. I purchased my original Note in February.

    The Note 2 Was just released a few weeks ago on most major US carriers and just a few weeks prior overseas.
  19. Cowboy Brian

    Cowboy Brian 3.141529 Zone Supporter

    12,143 Messages
    423 Likes Received
    If anyone has an iphone 5 for Verizon and would like a SGS3 I would be interested in trading, send me a pm.
  20. TheCowboy

    TheCowboy The Teen

    2,628 Messages
    617 Likes Received
    You don't like the SGS3?

    I am actually leaning towards it over the iPhone 5. SGS3 looks very confusing though, hopefully I will learn if I do chose that.

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