the second coming of the moose?...and other tidbits from Colts game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by groo, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Just watched replay of the game and followed Hoyte every time they put him in. The guy is a really good lead blocker. He hit everybody in his path and stumped them. On Barber's first touchdown, Hoyte hit a Colts linebacker and spun him 180 degree. The guy didn't even see Barber running by. Got to give credit to the coaching staff for having the imagination to turn Hoyte from a LB to a FB. This is a great example of a guy willing to do anything to make the team. With how loaded we are on LBs, this was a great move for Hoyte. He could be the next Moose, although they haven't called many passing plays to him like Moose got.

    Also watched Carpernter every time he's in the game. He had really good leverage and seemed to always have his center of gravity below the guy blocking him. He held his position on running plays and rarely got pushed out of his space. What he still had problem with was disengaging the blocker to make plays on the RB. On passing plays I'm not sure what they asked him to do but he seemed fast runing around. So far Carpenter is not anywhere near the pass rusher that Ellis is.

    Watched Columbo alot and he is a huge improvement over what we had last year. I like Petiti's effort but Columbo is so much better, even with that head scratcher block on the FG in Washington. Does anyone notice that Columbo always pulls his pants up after every play? Maybe he should wear a belt or something.

    I wonder how long before defenses will catch up to Romo's misdirections. Almost every time he pointed left or looked left, he was already planning to throw that last pass before the half to TO where Romo pointed left as he was scrambling out of the pocket then cooly threw a nice easy pass to TO 25 yards down the right sideline.

    In the first half, the Colts sold out on the run and had 8 defenders in the box a lot. I was surprised to see not more play action from us to take advantage of that. Or maybe Romo didn't audible for the play action.

    Julius needs to finish his runs like Barber. In the 4th quarter, on our last TD drive, JJ had a run to the right sideline and stepped out just short of the first down. He had room to easily gained a couple more yards if he just turn inside and finish his run. Romo then had to get a 1st on the QB sneak. What if Romo didn't make it? Would Bill take his chance sending out Vandeclank?

    WHAT A GAME! Someone said this was the best Cowboys game in 10 years and I would agree. I haven't been this excited about a Cowboys team since the early 90s.
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    Columbo was supposed to be a stud and so he is finally living up to expectations. Hoyte, the converted linebacker, has the appropriate nasty streak for hitting that makes his position change a perfect fit because he isn't fast enough to start at LB. Carpenter is talented, he sarted for Ohio St. so he is an athlete, I don't think he'll turn into Andy Katzenmoyer and flop, I think he'll be a quality LB like Mike Vrabel in good time, it may take three years. Don't forget that Kevin Burnett was deemed a bust by fans last year.
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    As far as JJ finishing runs? He does it as well or better than Dorsett ever did and TD in in the HOF. It just isn't in some guys game to murder defenders at the end of a run. JMHO.
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    That was no linebacker. That was Dwight Freeney.

    Not being able to see the whole field, I wonder if it is all misdirection or if he is actually directing some of his receivers. If he is directing his receivers and the defenders don't react, then he would be able to throw to the open man to the left if his first read is covered.
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    That was a Nate Newton specialty. Nate was always hiking his pants up. We can only hope Columbo turns out like did while he was with us.
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    I was irate about that.

    It was so obvious he didn't put in the effort. I spent the next 20m afterwards *****ing to the folks I was watching the game with about it.

    The result was fine, but if the Cowboys had lost that would have been possibly the most defining reason why that day. I just don't get why a RB gives up free yards.
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    Jones running out of bounds was not on of his better moments I agree.
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    that's even better!
  9. groo

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    Early in the season, I forgot which game but I remember it was a loss (maybe it was the Jags game), there was a similar play where either Glenn or TO ran out just shy of the first down marker. We didn't pick up the first and it was a significant play in turning around the momentum of the game.
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    Phil Simms commented a couple times how Romo was looking defenders off to the left and then threw to the right
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    Nate was a walk on as well, I realize Columbo was drafted high by Chicago but he came to Dallas with zero expectations.
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    One thing about this, I remember years ago Robert Smith had season ending knee/leg surgery two years in a row, both years he was leading the league in rushing but quite a wide margin at the time. Both injuries occured trying to get every last possible yard on the sideline. The Vikings did some study of the NFL and found that RBs get hurt on the sidelines more than anywhere else or something to that effect. When Smith came back from those two surgeries, he was still the same awesome RB, he just didnt fight for those last 3 yards. There is a chance, JJ is trying to save his body. I just defended JJ...something is wrong with me:D
  13. Aikbach

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    Robert Smith retired by 29.
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    If Robert Smith was running out of bounds short of the first down marker in the 4th quarter of critical games, its no wonder the Vikings never won a championship with all that talent.
  15. Aikbach

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    They were the Colts of the late 90s.
  16. Catch-22

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    In my opinion, never.

    It's human nature to focus where someone is looking or pointing, I don't think any amount of defensive coaching can change that. Looking off the defense is one of those things that good QBs do that the defense can't really defend against.
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    And don't forget, he left at least 30 more yards on the field.
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    has anyone checked the spot of the ball on that play? i was cussing also, because it seemed to me he picked up the first down, but was given a bad spot. if he didn't make it, then yes he needs someone to point out to him its important to make sure he picks up that extra yard.
    i also noticed several times that he has the speed to break runs outside, and could go for big gains possibly, but he follows Bill's advice and follows his blocking inside nearly every time. Barber ad-libs more often and Bill criticizes him for it, but God i wish JJ would bounce outside more often!!!!!
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    This is the kind of in-depth analysis you just don't get from the play by play
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    JJ carried that LB at least 4 yds at the clinching TD drive. So questioning his willingness is stupid. As regards that running out of bounds, he was looking at the yd mkr and made it- but the ref was blocked from seeing it and gave him a bad spot. The only mistake he made the whole game was not seeing the safety on that run- he told BP he was looking elsewhere and just flat missed him. As regards barber- his ad libs get him in hot water with bp- remember that sarcastic gale sayers remark? You do it BP's way or sooner or later you are sitting or gone. I happen to think that JJ should be allowed to go with his instinct like he did in his rookie year- but thats just me.

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