The Sky is falling!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BigDDynasty, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. BigDDynasty

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    Man, it seems more than not the atmosphere is gloom and doom! Come on, it is like I shut an Eagles fan yesterday that told me that, "Man you guys suck you barely beat the 49ers!!!"
    I replied like this, "Any given Sunday anything can happen, this is a game of inches, it really is, don't come at me like that when you barely beat the winless Raiders at your own house! And remember the Niners beat the Rams soundly at home in week one!"
    He shut up.
    So look at it as we are 2-1. The only team in our divsion faring any better is the foreskins(2-0) and we all know how long that will last. So let's see some more support instead of all these chicken littles. HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!
  2. Canadian BoyzFan

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    Agree somewhat.......

    but I do have some concerns.
  3. Champsheart

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    We have a lot of good things happening right now. A lot of solid play from a lot of players. A lot of things that are just getting over looked.

    Really if we can just sure up that pass defense we will be looking pretty good by the time this season is said and done. I think we will!

    I am really happy about a lot of things right now.
  4. TheSkaven

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    I have concerns about this team, but you're right, a win is a win. Go to Vegas and look at the odds for road teams coming off a MNF loss and you'll see that we should be thanking our lucky stars for the victory. Next week is a real tough game, though.
  5. Sportsbabe

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    Sometimes, coming to this board the day after a win takes all the joy away. I couldn't be happier. I like to emphasize the things we did to win ... and listen to BP about what he plans to do about the areas where we apparently failed. We've got all week to analyze and over analyze that part. The joy of victory only lasts 24 hours ... then it's on to the next opponent.
  6. Vertigo_17

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    I'm happy with win, but we have a long ways to go.
  7. Sportsbabe

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    Trudat, I have my concerns also but I'm not tryng to go there right now. All I want to do is hear from Bill. Remember my motto (see below ;) )
  8. 1fisher

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    "Sometimes, coming to this board the day after a win takes all the joy away"... you might not want to come back for several weeks! This board is like that! :D

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